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Party in the Nurse's Office

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Mikey is planning a party.

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The very words makes me want to hurl. I’ve got school. I don’t have my little ball of happiness. I’m alone in the darkness that is out high school. It’s not that I get bullied that much but then again I was always with Amber. How are things going to be without her here?

Standing in front of the doors I can’t force myself to go in. I don’t want to face the questions and stares that will greet me. Suddenly I feel a soft hand in mine. Looking beside me I see no one but I already know who it is. My guardian angel…Amber is here to keep me safe.

With her by my side I walk into school, head held high. A few people glance at me before turning back to their friends. I can hear the whispers but do my best to ignore them. Amber was in almost all of my classes. How will it feel to have an empty desk beside me now…no one to cheat off of or ask for notes.

Sliding into my seat I try my best to avoid making eye contact with anyone. It’s so much easier this way. If you don’t make a target of yourself people normally leave you alone…Amber taught me that one. Just as I’m about to put my feet in the seat Amber normally sits in a girl with brown hair streaked with red. What is this? No one ever sits next to me.

“Can I help you?” I ask figuring she’s new. I’ve never seen this girl before.

“No I’m fine…my names Emily,” she answers with a bright smile, offering me her hand.

“Frank,” I mumble as Ronnie strides into class a big smile on.

“Sup little man,” he say, tapping my hand with his fingers before sliding into the seat behind me.

I turn to talk to him, leaving Emily without another word. I don’t really know her and I’m not in the mood to start a conversation with any girls. Ronnie, for once in his life, doesn’t look high. I wonder if he ran out. Normally Amber was able to score stuff but without her Ronnie’s got to do it himself.

“How’s life Ronnie?”

“Super Frank,” he answers. “I didn’t think I’d see you here.”

I shrug as the teacher walks in, “Mom forced Amy and me out the door this morning. I might leave after lunch though.”

“Mr. Iero turn around and pay attention,” the teacher says hitting the top of my desk with a ruler.

Ronnie flips her off, “Fuck off bitch, his best friend just died.”

The dark haired women just glares at him. No one opposes Ronnie, he’s a crazy man. Most teachers are scared he’ll command demons to attack them or something. He’s really not as scary as he looks. People are just too judgy. Sure sometimes Ronnie scares the shit out of me but it’s good to know he’s got my back.

“You were Amber’s friend,” Emily speaks up, her blue eyes wide.

I turn my attention to her, “Yeah…did you know her?”

“Oh no,” Emily whispers as the teacher continues on with the lesson. “I read about her suicide in the paper.”

“Frank cut the article out of the paper,” Ronnie butts in, shoving his head between Emily and me. “They loved each other.”

“You dated Amber?”

I blush, “No, I never asked her out.”

Emily just nods before turning around, her eyes following the teacher as she paces back and forth.

Second period is gym. I fake a sickness and make my way down to the nurse’s office. I’ve always hated gym. If I can I’ll skip it. The nurse’s door is open so I just walk right in, plopping down on the couch next to a girl in a black goth looking dress, her dark hair covering her face.

I pretty much ignore her, playing solitaire on my phone. The nurse pays no attention to me. We’ve gotten into a routine that unless I actually look on the verge of death she doesn’t ask questions. I come to her office a lot to get out of random classes I don’t want to be in.

A few seconds later Amy stumbles in. I can’t even look at her. It’s disappointing that she is so drunk. I thought she was stronger…we all did. I guess some things never change. Amy has been drinking since she met Amber in the summer before ninth grade. I should probably hate A’s guts for turning Amy into a drunk but I can’t. Amber was always so responsible. The only person I blame for Amy’s alcoholism is her. She should have gotten help when mom offered it.

“Frank…do you have water?” Amy slurs, slumping down on the floor.

I just stare blankly at her for a while. I really can’t believe this. Suddenly the girl beside me tosses my sister one of those mini sized water bottles. Amy manages to smile weakly at her before unscrewing the lid. Water never helped me sober up but I guess it helps my sister.

“I’m Jez, why the fuck are you so drunk?”

I laugh as my sister looks up at the dark haired girl. Amy tilts her head to the side, squinting her eyes, “Friend died…saw…don’t wanna…can’t….stupid shit.”

Jez laughs her hand hitting my knee. I eye her as she blushes a little putting her hands back in her lap. I’ve not seen her either. Maybe there is a new family that moved in. This Jez girl does kind of look like Emily. Then again maybe I was just not very observant before. I had my group of friends and I never felt like branching out.

“I’m Frank and my sister is Amy. She’ drunk because she’s an alcoholic. Our friend recently took her life. If you can’t tell Amy isn’t taking it too well.”

Jez nods, biting at her red, polished nails. She’s an interesting character. I’ve never seen someone so dressed up just to come to school. Then again she’s different and sometimes different is good. People who blend in with the crowd never get special chances…Amber told me that one too.

“Right,” Jez answers looking between us. “I read something about a girl killing herself in the paper. I just moved here so I don’t really know what goes on in this town.”

“Lots of stupid shit,” Mikey answers as he walks into the room, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I hate those stupid fuckers.”

“Language Mr. Way,” the nurse says as she hands him a tissue. This is his tenth bloody nose in like two weeks. For some reason people like beating up on Mikey...maybe its cause he’s kinda scrawny.

Mikey offers his non bloody hand to Jez, “Michael James Way…most people call me Mikey. Wanna come to a part on Friday?”

I laugh. This is just like Mikey. He’s trying to throw some big party for Gerard but no one wants to come. This is mainly because Gerard is kinda shy and will probably wind up drawing in the corner instead of having fun at his own party.

Jez just shrugs, “Sure, where is it?”

“Frank will pick you up,” Mikey answers before plopping down on the floor next to my sister. She lays her head on his shoulder, groaning a little.

It’s almost comical to have everyone just hanging out in the nurse’s office. This is a safe spot for all of us. We aren’t harassed and the nurse is too nice to ever kick us out. As long as we don’t cause any problems and pretend to be sick when the principal comes around we’re fine.

“Who beat you up this time Mikey?” I ask giving up on my game. I’ve got people to talk to now.

“Same shit head as usual…David,” Mikey answers as he grabs another tissue. I swear that kid is gonna pass out from blood loss one day. “He said I looked at his girlfriend. Too bad his girlfriend is an ugly slut.”

“Plus you’ve already got a girlfriend,” I add on.

Jez is watching all of this quietly, her eyes darting between each of us. I wonder what she thinks of my strange friends. I can’t really say that our group can be labeled…we’re just a bunch of awkward people who chill together. I bet she thinks we are beyond mental.

“You don’t have to be friends with us,” I whisper so the other two don’t hear.

“What makes you think I was considering being friends with you guys,” Jez asks her emerald green eyes on my face. “For all you know I could hate all of you already.”

“Right,” I answer a little confused. “Sorry.”

Jez just rolls her eyes before standing. Right before she leave the girl turns back, “Then again Frank, I never said I didn’t want to be friends.”

Shaking my head I lean against the back of the couch. I swear to God this school gets weirder and weirder every day.

“Who was that girl?” Mikey asks making sure his nose has stopped bleeding.

“Jez, I have a feeling she’s new,” I answer.

“Cool, maybe she won’t go to the dark side.”

Just then Ronnie and his girlfriend walk in, “I thought we were the dark side.”

“Not really,” I answer wishing Amber was here…she always knew how to respond to Ronnie’s random comments. “What brings you to the nurse’s office?”

“We heard there was a party,” Hikari says dully, head resting against Ronnie. “I guess we missed it.”

“Well fuck,” Ronnie grumbles as he sits next to me, his girlfriend perched on his lap.

“Language,” the elderly nurse says, glancing over at all of us. “If I hear the ‘f’ word one more time you’re all being forced to got to class.”

I salute her before turning back to Ronnie, “Mikey’s having a party…for Gerard. You should go because it’ll be fun.”

The dark haired boy looks at me, blinking his eyes a few times, “I guess I can go for a bit…wouldn’t want Geetard to be lonely on his eighteen birthday.”

Mikey smiles, “This is gonna be the best party ever.”

Note: Hey guys...another chapter. :) You guys should look up the song Imperfect if the perfect by Caitlin Crosby because its pretty awesome. Anyways, hope you enjoy :)
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