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Chapter 1

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No good, a filler that sets up the rest.

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Mikey's P.O.V.

"Do you ever get sick of watching this?" Ray asks. Ray's awesome, he's a white dude with an afro after all. "I mean, can't they get a room?" He asks, pointing to my brother and his boyfriend Frank, Frank sitting on Gee's lap and kissing him like there's no tomorrow. But then, with the past threats, their might not be.

We were supposed to be watching Lord Of The Rings, but Gerard got bored. He's seen this movie a million times, having a little thing for Legolas. I look over at Gee and Frankie, wondering if they'd suffocate in each other if vampires actually had to breathe.

I sigh. "Give 'em a break. For Gee at least, it's been a while since he's been with someone, his third love if you count Ed, the torturous bastard, he's only had three boyfriends." I sigh again. I do tire of watching them (Not in that way, eew!) being all lovey-dovey, but after the shit Gee's been through I'll cut him some slack. The only thing that really bothers me is that I don't have a Frank like Gee does, someone I knew I wanted to be mine from the beginning.

Except Areya. The mystery girl from my dream.

Areya might not exist! You just had a dream about a fucking girl you've never met, and never will.

But she does, you know she does.

I don't even know what she looks like, so shut up consciences.

Oh. I'm not your conscience. I'm a mind reader from half way around the world.




i sigh, pulling out of my mentally deficient mental conversation. This must be what Gee feels like, being crazy and all.

"Gee?" I ask. He reluctantly removes his face from Frankie's, a little frown on his face. I'm relieved, I thought they might be stuck to each other forever. Literally, not figuratively.

"Yeah?" He asks.

"Can we go to the mall? I wanna get new stuff." I hope.

"Sure. A mall, or the mall?" He asks. I grin.

"The mall. The Mall Of America. We are in Minnesota, it's like, the biggest tourist attraction around." I half say, half complain. I wanna go to this epic mall-ness.

"Oh! I wanna go!" Frankie says, raising his hand like an excited schoolboy.

"Sure. Franks and I don't start school for another week or so, so we can go tomorrow." Gee says, smiling a little at Frankie. Frankie groans, his good mood dying a bit.

"Don't remind me." Franks says. I grin. He hates school, but Gee thinks it's important. Gee's probably right.

"You gonna take the train?" Ray asks.

"Sure. Gee and Frankie'll be taking the train to school, anyway." I say, grinning at the thought of Frank and Gee at a school. I've never been to one, but I've seen them on TV. They're usually portrayed as hell.

We slowly get back to watching the movie. (Well, Ray does. I play with his awesome brown 'fro hair, and Gee and Frank suck face.)

The movie ends, not that it makes much difference to me.

"Let's watch the second one!" Ray says excitedly.

"No!" I groan. I don't think Frankie or Gee really care, they're too...tongue tied.

"C'mon! Why not?!" Ray begs. I sigh.

"Because I've seen them a million times! You can blame Gerard and his Legolas infatuation for that!" I exclaim. If he'd noticed, Gee surely would have blushed. But then, who doesn't have a thing for Legolas? (Who is into men, I mean. I certainly don't get off on him.)


Sorry, this was really a filler. But the mall is like, the whole story. SOo next chapter will be the kick off! Yeah, I'm excited about this. I think I need a character, so if you'll please R&R, I'll chose the chara. most suitable. Tell me age, sex, name, appearance, and other. I really already have a personality, I'm just to lazy to think up a description. Hee hee. My friend told me I sounded like a unicorn when I impersonated Bellatrix Lestrange. Hm. I need to work on my impersonation skills.
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