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Day of unmaking. Prelude p.1

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A dark cloud hangs over the kingdom. What will happen, when that which once protected them is no more?

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Prelude:The day of unmaking.

Seven warriors stand, immobilized by foul magic.Another warrior approached,crowned as he was and fully iron clad. He drew a breath.
"How long must I wait? The kingdom is in ruins and the devil king will soon be among us.. May the Divine have mercy on our souls.." The warrior king glanced at the seven warriors, each with seven swords embedded in the ground. "It will be our undoing to forget what ought not to be forgotten.." The warrior king, startled by a messenger almost instantly brought his sword up to the messengers throat. "M'lord Enix, tis just me!"the messenger exclaimed,shaken.
"Oh, Please do forgive me."The king lowered his sword."Speak then, with utmost haste."
The messenger took a breath and recited the message."M'lord, the Shadow Knights have broken into the castle, it will not hold. Fortunately no sign of the devil king or his general, Absolix."
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