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Absolix learns hidden power.

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even as he said that he began to feel a surge of power flow from the sword into him, secrets, Millennia of generations secrets passed by demons and humans alike.
"Yes.. perhaps I shall hold onto it for safe keeping until I can find a proper way to dispose of it."
Within Absolix's recesses of his mind, the fire lord was rummaging around through his memory's, and had allowed a 'third eye' to open up in Absolix's mind so that the fire lord could see what events take place through Absolix's eyes.
'Something isn't right with that old man,Absolix.'
"Bahamut? Is that you?"
Lynaria looked quizzically at Absolix.
"What are you talking about boy?"
"I can hear him.."
'Hey! Human did you even take notice of what I said?!'
It's hard to think when your in my head, Bahamut."
'Better get used to it.'Absolix's head began to sting as he realized the fire lord was laughing. He had imagined a giant hand to grab the fire lord in his mind and mess with him. Bahamuts eyes widened in shock, mind racing to comprehend what the teen had just done, he had conjured up something in his mind, that ended up affecting the fire lord. Aye this is no ordinary human. Far from it.
'Hey cut that out!!'Absolix grinned.
"My mind, my rules."
'No.. please!' The fire lord had steamed from the feeling of helplessness, a lord of the realm, he was being treated as a infants toy. And it baffled him.
But Absolix's joy reigned short when he soon smelt burning flesh and turned to see soldiers being strung on contraptions of the devils work, and lit ablaze  as the instruments of death did what they were design to do, ripping men apart.
One of the twelve priests had flung himself into the midst of the scene and began chanting incantations but was stopped short when a demon flung itself onto him, tearing away at his abdomen. And suddenly, everything went quiet. The demons halted their attack and back away from the dead soldiers and priest alike, and soon stood still as a statue until a shadow appeared, not of demon but of man. A single warrior emenating dark energy strode through the crowd of demons, his sword strapped to his back and he stopped walking in front of a priest crouched in feeble position.
"Why are you so afraid? What's there to be afraid of? Isn't the carnage just absolutely magnificent?!"
The priest slowly looked up at him and cast him a scowl.
"You... you fiend! How could you help the demons kill your own kind?!"
The warrior simply laughed. A horrible, twisted laugh that the priest hoped he would never have to hear again for the rest of his life, or at least the last couple minutes of it.
"Wrong, on both claims. I am not killing my own kind, for I am not human."
The warrior dropped his sword, and gave a pained screech as he dropped on all fours and began to transform, a horrible sound of bones breaking and then putting themselves back together was deafening, and the warrior, who resembled nothing of a human began to grow larger, and larger, as big as the church itself, if not bigger, and soon he appeared to be a giant black dragon with red eyes.
"And second... I'm not helping the demons, I'm leading them."
As he finished that statement he began to shift back to a human form and grabbed the priest by the ankle and dragged him into the middle of the camp where all the villagers and the wounded people could see.
"I could kill you right now, but then that wouldn't set such a good example now would it?"
The unknown man brought out his sword.
"Where are your gods now, mortal?"
The priest glowered at him.
"Oh please Divine, save me from the devils horrible wrath!"
The priest looked up towards the sky, as if expecting the same thing to happen as when Bahamut appeared to save him, but it did not. 
"I suppose I should tell you my name before I kill you, as is formal for slaying your opponent. I am lucifer, Devil king,
your TRUE lord."
The priest glared angrily at the sky.
"You have forsaken me divine?!"
Lucifer began to circle around the priest, sword in hand and crouched into a feral prowl, like a predator stalking his prey.
"This just goes to show you how quick one who has devoted his whole life to a god who doesn't even come to his aid can lose their faith."
Lucifer aimed his blade down at the back of the priests head, but was shocked when his sword struck another blade, Absolix had intervened.
"Ive let you have your fun long enough, Lucifer."
But it was not the voice of Absolix, but of Bahamut.
Lucifer hissed."Bahamut.. What a lovely turn of events, I was just looking for you, considering you, Terra and the Divine are the remaining Lords alive, I guess I have my work cut out for me then, But that's not the only thing I've had cut out, is it?!"
Lucifer took off his shirt revealing deep red scars on his back.
"You took something from me, Bahamut, My freedom to soar the sky, and now I'll take your freedom to have a conscience."
Absolix scoffed. "Your actions to lead us to cut your wings off is none of my concern."
Lucifer just smiled."But it will be, When I cut off yours. Tae nam ne skril, Bahamut."
Bahamut just sighed. And translated the words into Absolix's mind.
'He has just challenged us to a match, Loser gets ripped out of reality, Sounds fun enough right?'
Absolix thought a reply back at him.
'Oh, unfathomable death looming in front of me, sounds great. Just great.'
A dome made of shadow engulfed Luficer and Absolix  and they began to duel, Absolix slashing and feeling Bahamuts instructions through his mind.
Lucifer had began to pant, while Absolix had still kept composure.
'Damn, How the heck is this kid so powerful? Time to stop playing.' Lucifer had mused in his mind and commanded the demon inside Absolix to take over Absolix.
"Wha.... what's happening to me?!"
Absolix became rather clumsy as the demon invaded his thoughts, blocking out any help that Bahamut was providing as the demon began to seize control of Bahamuts body.
"Ah. Aegis you finally decided to show up."
"Sorry Lord lucifer, Bahamut put up much more of a fight than I had anticipated. I suppose the child was feeding him power with his thoughts."
Absolix, or Aegis began to say.
"Sorry Aegis, it's gonna take alittle getting used to to see you in Absolix's body. What of Bahamut?"
Aegis shuffled his feet.
"He lives."
Lucifer formed a ball of pure darkness and slammed it into the side of Aegis's head.
"You let him live?!
"I'm sorry lord lucifer, I could not beat him."
Lucifers rage calmed.
" I suppose that is understandable considering he was too strong for even me to overpower when I was still an angel.. but it is what it is."
"So my lord, Should we continue with the siege on the castle?"
Lucifer pondered that statement.
"Nay, I'd much rather burn it to the ground."
"As you wish, lord lucifer."
Aegis has sent all remaing troops of the demons back into hell and after he had done so, lucifer flew up in his dragon form and burnt the whole castle and everyone in it to cinders, including Absolix's family.
Deep down in in Absolix's heart, he knew his mother had died, and the pain for him was so great that it had affected the demon controlling his body, Aegis. The pain overwhelmed Aegis.
"My lord, lucifer.. what am I feeling?!"
"Nothing more than the boys rage and sorrow. It is not your own emotion, surely."
Aegis grimaced.
"His rage must be strong then if it's hurting you. That could prove handy to us in future battles, learn to harness his rage, and his true strength shall be yours."
Lucifer turned and took a step forward then stopped.
"I can feel him and Bahamut inside my brain.. They are.. gaining strength. Absorbing my own."
Lucifer sighed, He knew that would happen.
"Of course, just like how you drained his power while he was in control of his body, you two are doomed to keep repeating in that cycle, Taking turns with his body if you will."
Aegis stared wide eyed."So your saying he will eventually overtake me?"
Lucifer turned alittle."Yes."
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