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We Found Love

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It's actually Gabilliam but it mentions Peterick so deal ok

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“Hey Billiam, what’s up?” I said, leaning against the locker next to William’s. He shut it and sighed.
“Can you come over tonight?” He asked, looking at his shoes. I looked at his shoes as well. They were covered in mud from where he’d taken a short cut over the football pitch to the art block, but they weren’t particularly interesting.
“Yeah sure, like after school or what?” I said, looking at him more intently, trying to work out what was wrong with him. I’m not very good with being able to tell when people are sad and I always make a bit of a dick of myself, but with William I can always tell. “Look, seriously, are you okay? You can tell me you know? Well of course you know; I’m your best friend. Well, at least I think I am. I hope so. Okay I think I should stop talking right now.” I said, wrapping my arms around his skeleton like figure.
William laughed. “Yes you are, you big idiot. But yeah just after school if that’s okay?” I stared at him. I would drop everything for him if he asked me to.
“Of course yeah. You know that I’d cut my own leg off for you if you asked right?” I said quietly, holding him at arms length.
“Well you don’t have to worry about that because I won’t be asking you to do that. Although I’m pretty sure even you could totally rock that look.”
“’Can totally rock that look’? Who are you, Mr Baxter?”
“Fuck you asshole.”

I sat slumped in my chair, looking at the board. Who cares about algebra? Like really, who actually uses that in life apart from maths teachers to torture students?
“Is there something wrong Mr Saporta?” Miss Green asked, looking at me over the top of her glasses. She’d be hot if I wasn’t gay.
“No, miss.” I said, picking up my pen and pulling it apart.
“Then can you tell me why exactly you’re pulling your pen apart rather than doing the equations on the board?” She queried, putting her own pen down and crossing her arms on the desk. By this point all the boys had stopped working and were staring at her chest.
“I don’t give a fuck about this, that’s why,” I sighed, crossing my arms as well, imitating her. A loud “Ooooooh” went round the class and she glared at them. Suddenly everyone was very interested in finding what x was when 8/x + 14 = 170.
“Well I’m afraid you have to give a fuck as I’m going to give you your own test on it after school tomorrow,” she said calmly, writing out a detention slip.
“Right-o miss,” I said, standing up and slinging my bag over my shoulder.
“And where exactly do you think you’re going Gabriel Saporta?” she shrieked at me.
I turned around on my heel. “I have better things to do than this shit.” I said, before closing the door. The last thing I heard was everyone in the class cheering and laughing.

As it turns out, the better things I had to do were lying on the top field above the football pitch, smoking a cigarette while Pete and Travie shared a joint.
“All I’m saying is; Miss Green is a total bitch.”
“I don’t know man, she’s pretty hot,” Travie said, after taking a drag of the joint he was holding and passing it to Pete.
“Yeah, I agree with Travie. But I also agree with you Gabe. I mean, she gave me a detention because I was kicking Patrick under the table. But like, in that lesson Vicky-T was giving Ryland a hand job. But what did they get? NOTHING.” Pete said, taking a drag after his speech.
“Thing is though, I can imagine Travie making a move on Miss, you Pete, I can not.”
“That’s because he’s so in love with Patrick dude. And thanks by the way.”
“Hey fuck you asshole, I am not in love with Patrick!” Pete shouted, punching Travis feebly on the arm.
“Dude was that supposed to hurt him? And anyway, is that why you texted me the other week and was like ‘Oh Gabe, I don’t know why I feel this way about him. He’s my best friend and he won’t feel the sameeee!’” I laughed, reading his text out in a very high pitched voice that was obviously not Pete’s.
“Why am I even friends with you two? You do nothing but BULLY ME!”
“You know we love you really man Pete. It’s only a bit of banter.” Travie said, blowing the smoke out of his mouth in smoke rings like on Greece.

I looked at my phone. I was a bit early but I hoped William wasn’t going to be too late. I was determined to find out what was bothering that boy. The bell rang and I nearly died, but I covered it up casually before anyone saw me.
“William!” I shouted, waving frantically at him as he was coming out of his English class. He smiled and ran up to me. “Ready to go Bilvy?” I asked.
“I just have to go to my locker to get my psychology books but then yeah.” William said, raising his voice above the noise of the hall way.
“Okie doke.”

The car journey to William’s house was long. Not distance long, but long as in time. I don’t know how Bilvy can put up with getting the bus everyday. The thing is; it was weird. Me and Bilvy are never silent with each other. In classes we have together the teacher usually has to threaten us with detention before we’ll shut up, and even then we’ll be whispering and giggling about something or other.
“Put your glasses on Bilvy, you can’t see.” I said, without looking at him, but I knew he was staring out the window.
“Fuck you, I can see perfectly fine. Plus I look like a total dork with my glasses on.” William pouted.
“No you do not, take that back. You look absolutely adorable and I love you with your glasses on.” I said, not taking my eyes off the road, but knowing he was glaring at me. I could feel it.
“Gabe.” William said, quite firmer than I thought necessary.
“What my beautiful Bilvy?”
“You just missed the turning to my street you idiot.”
“FUCK!” I yelled.
“Jeez calm down.”

When we finally got to Bilvy’s house, after us nearly falling through the door from laughing so much, William led me up to his room. Here, he sat on his bed, and I took my favourite position of sitting on the bean bag with my feet resting on his desk chair.
“I’ve always meant to ask you why you have a bean bag.”
“For when you come over and take over.”
“Fuck you I do not take over. You don’t try to stop me anyway.” I dejected, flailing my arms.
“True. Very true. Smart cookie you are.”
“Anyway, why did you want me to come over?” I asked. William’s expression darkened, his eyes lost the sparkle and his face looked closed. “I’m sorry did I say something wrong? You don’t have to tell me; hey do you wanna do that psychology homework we have? I looked at the last question and it looks so hard.” I babbled, trying to grab my bag to get my books and falling over sideways off the bean bag in the process. I always, always do something stupid. Without fail. Luckily William giggled slightly.
“No, it’s Friday night man! And anyway, I need to talk to you about…stuff,” he said vaguely.
“Oh okay,” I said, struggling to sit back up on the bean bag. “So what’s up?”
“It’s just…” William started, crossing his legs, and fiddling with the bracelets on his wrists.
“It’s just what?” I prompted.
“I think I’m gay and I’m really scared and if everyone at school knew I’d get beat up in the corridors and no one would talk to me especially not you because I think I like you and I’m so scared and I don’t want you to hate me because I’d be lost with you and I know I have Patrick and Sisky and everyone but it wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t talking to me.” William babbled in a rush, throwing himself back in desperation.

I took a minute to let that information sink in. William gay? William liking me? What? I crept over to his bed and got on as lightly as I could, each of my legs on either side of him so I was hovering over him. I knew William knew I was there because he stiffened, but he didn’t open his eyes. I took advantage of this, and leaned down, catching his lips with my own. It felt like we were both made to do this, our lips seemed to mould and move together perfectly.
“Bilvy, do you know how long I’ve fucking waited for you to say that? To fucking long. And now you have. No one will beat you up in the corridors, and if they do, they’ll have me on their backs, or Travie. I would be totally lost without you.” I whispered in his ear, while he gasped for breath. “You have no idea what you do to me. You existing makes me want to kiss you so fucking much all the time. William Beckett; I want you to be my boyfriend so I can do that as much as I want and be allowed. I want you to be my boyfriend so I can touch you in ways I thought I would only dream about. I want to be your boyfriend so I can love you more than anyone else and be cute with you with and make everything perfect for each other.” I kept whispering in his ear. His breath kept hitching in his throat, and I had no idea I could have this affect on him. “But I don’t want to sleep with you tonight, I want to make that perfect. But I’m happy to sleep with you. As in share the same bed and I’ll cuddle you until you fall asleep and I’ll watch you looking even more beautiful than you already are and be happy.”
“Come on then,” Bilvy said, catching his breath and pulling his shirt and jeans off, so he was just in his boxers.
I agreed by doing the same, and we slipped into his bed.

“Did you really mean what you said?” William said sleepily into my shoulder, his arms around my torso and mine around his waist.
“Why would I lie about that?” I replied into his hair, holding him closer, our legs tangling together.
“I never believe anyone when they say nice stuff about me.” William mumbled again into my shoulder.
“Well you should always, always believe me now.” I said, before he drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to the William’s lips on mine, my arms still around his waist, and the sun streaming through the window, highlighting us. “Morning gorgeous,” I mumbled groggily into his mouth.
“Morning yourself,” William whispered, smiling into the kiss.
“I could get used to this,” I laughed. William rolled us both over so he was over me and grinned at me. He leant down and I met him halfway. I allowed his tongue entrance and he explored my mouth. There was a knock at the door and before we could do anything let alone register what was happening William’s mom had walked in.
“Oh. Oh dear. I didn’t know you were staying over Gabe, let alone doing um that,” She gestured wildly with her hands.
“Yeah, hey Mrs B,” I said politely, considering a couple of seconds ago her son was getting me hard, and was still doing so.
“Oh well, um, I’ll just leave you to it then. Come down for breakfast um whenever. BE SAFE!” she shouted after closing the door.
Bilvy rested his forehead on the pillow and groaned.
“I was very polite with her, even though you were getting me hard and still doing so.” I said.
“Fucking parents,” Bilvy sighed.
I just laughed into his neck.
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