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Chapter 1

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9am. Eurghhh... I woke up with the biggest hangover known to humanity, I had one of those headaches where you can't concentrate on anything, and I was in one of those moods where you get annoyed at EVERYTHING. Yep, my mood exactly. I wandered into the kitchen, still half asleep, in desperate need of food. There was NO food in the cupboards, no exaggeration... Who the hell ate all my food?! I was absolutely starving! There was alcohol bottles all over the kitchen, guess i know why i can't remember anything now then! And where was katy, my room mate. Why wasn't she up?!

Okay, so by now i was seriously pissed off. I dragged myself to the shower and then peeled myself away from the warmth into the freezing air, threw on some jeans and my Ninja top, couldn't be bothered with make-up, there's no fit boys likely to be about anyway.
"KATYYYYYYYYYYY GOING FOOD SHOPPING GET UP YOU LAZY PIG!" I yelled through her door, not sure whether she heard or not. Grabbed my purse, iPod and ran out the door "OH AND CLEAN THE KITCHEN!" Hehee
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