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Chapter 3

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I needed coffee. I was about to drop, i swear. I was in a horrifically bad mood now. I'd finished my shopping and was planning on heading to the nearest costa when i walked into someone in the doorway, hard. "SHIT! Do you people not see others?! For F**cks sake!" My bag had broke and the food was all over the place, it was mainly crap food (Crisps, chocolate, biscuits...) so it wasn't too hard to pick up but now i didn't even have a bag! I angrily started gathering all my stuff up but he'd already done most of it for me. And he placed it in my arms, he touched me. Strange feeling. "I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there!" I looked at him, he had curly black 'fro, it was so cool, hold on, i knew someone with hair almost like that? It was a few years ago so it would have grown I suppose... But it can't be. I looked into those familiar eyes and yes. Yes it was him! "Its fii- Hold on. Your not... Stef-?" "Lily?!" This was surprising. He remembered me! Heartbeat increase by about 200%... "HIIIII" We both said at the same time. "Heey how've you been Lill?" "Erm, good good, sorry to be rude but do you mind if i go get some more bags? I'm sorta failing here, Hopefully see you again!" I picked up the last of my food, and walked away.

Oh my life i'd just ran into Stefan Abingdon. We were in the same class at school, we'd got close but then he pulled away. It broke my heart, so i'd never really forgiven him. After that we never really spoke again, then we'd all gone to uni so we lost touch. Never expected him to remember me... Woah. Funny moment then, i pushed the heartbeat increase away, ignored my shaking legs as i walked away from him and tried not to turn around...
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