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Chapter 5

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"Err, well it was nice too see you again after like, 3 years!" I extended my hand for him to shake, but he ignored it and said, "Unless you wanna get coffee and chat?" Oh my life. YES YES AND AGAIN. Yes. "That'd be cool" Casual Lily cassssual... I was dancing inside as we walked to costa, funny, it wasn't awkward anymore at all, after all it was just two friends catching up. He asked me about my old boyfriend, so i told him about George (Just not the abusing part...) and I asked about his controlling girlfriend, "As of approximately 2 weeks ago, i broke up with her. I was fed up of loosing all my girl mates because of stupid rumors she'd make up to get rid of them. Sorry about what she did too you" "Its in the past Stef... I got over it eventually."
When i looked at my phone, it was 3o'clock and i had 2 missed calls from Katy and 5 from George... Why doesn't he take a hint?
"I'm so sorry, but i've gotta go..." He immediately looked sad, damn. "Have my number, call me if you like?" Woahh i had his number!? Great! "Yeah, thankyou! I'll call you!" I grabbed the paper he was writing it on and he caught a glimpse of my arm. Oops. I'd been trying to hide the worst of the bruises all day. Stupid girl! "Wait, what the hell are those...?" "BYEEEEEEEEE!" I shouted and ran out.
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