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The morning after

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I awoke the next morning with a sick feeling in my stomach and a banging headache."Ughhh" I groaned, the pain of my hangover kicking in. I turned over, reaching for my phone but instead felt a body next to me. I quickly withdrew my arm and turned over, trying to figure out what had actually happened last night. I looked at the girl who lay with her back facing me. She had long half brown, half blonde hair and tanned skin. I sat up and half leaned over her, trying to recall what had happened last night. Seeing her face shocked me. She was a picture with her pixie shaped face and cute button nose. I couldn't believe she was lying next to a guy like me. It seemed too good to be true. I'm nothing special at all. I've got brown curlyish hair, brown eyes, I'm roughly 6ft 3" tall and I've never been the girl everyone fantasized about.
I laid back down and turn my back on her. As I did so, I felt her turn and face me and then I felt an arm wrap itself around my chest. My heart was racing and I stayed as still as I could, worrying about what would be said when we both woke up. She pulled herself closer to me and I felt her lips brush my back. She let out a sleepy sigh before she fell still again. I could feel her breath on my back and my heart began thumping in my ears. I slowly turned my head to peek over my shoulder at her. The morning light that was shining in through my curtains lit up her face. There was no denying it; she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. I rested my head on my pillow and closed my eyes, trying to relax myself, but I couldn't hep thinking that this was too good to be true...
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