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Blinded by Misery

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A young lady does all she can to keep herself on her feet. Unfortunately the only thing available was to dance and sing in a show room in front of wolf whistling men. What happens when someone spec...

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"It's five o'clock in the morning, the conversation got boring. You said you'd go into bed soon, so I snuck off to your bedroom. I thought I'd just wait there, til I heard you come up the stairs. I pretended I was sleeping, and I was hoping..."

I stopped on the last word only because I was at lack of a better word. That night was the last night I saw you because of her. Our relationship was so strong yet so weak all at the same time. I loved you with all my heart and I get stabbed in it with guilt, pain and tragedy.

"...that you would not bring her to bed that night. You really killed me. How could you do that when I loved you so much it hurt?"

I continued with my last letter to him before I left New York. I felt a tear droplet glide over my cheekbone down to land on that thin sheet of paper I called misery. Never had I been so embarrassed and ashamed to the point I felt guilty for doing this to him.

"I'm sorry Gerard but I'm leaving. When you wake up in the morning I won't be here. On the other hand she might have been just what you needed. I guess you fall in love with all the wrong girls, you did fall for me. Good luck on life and all it holds for you."



That was the last night I saw him after he tumbled in drunk with that..that..I don't even know what or who she is. Sadly enough I saw myself in the young lady in her twenties. She is walking in my footsteps if only she knew what kind of trouble that life would lead to. It was the eighth night it had happened. The pain just finally wanted to explode within me to only lead to this pathetic excuse of a final goodbye to the love and still is the love of my life.

~All credit for the lyrics in the first paragraph go to T Paine, Wiz Khalifa, Lily Allen for the song 5 o'clock. I hate rap but for some reason that song just sticks. Reviews? Comments? Whatever is appreciated but I will post the second part just for more of a filler.~
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