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Here is Ray

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Ray meets Frank.

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Sorry about the long wait, but I am very busy with life right now lol ok well back to the hospital!

‘Patient is adjusting well, gets along well with other patients. Shows no outward signs of suicidal thoughts or actions. Roomed with Gerard Way. Shows signs of patience with Way’s illness. Friendly but shy demeanor.’ I lean away from the computer.
‘My back needs to be cracked’ I try stretching. Nothing. I look at the clock. Only an hour before I can clock out and go home to enjoy complete isolation. I look out the window to the lovely view of the parking lot I have.
“Dr. Way, Raymond is asking for you.” I look up to see the nice blonde nurse that I always forget the name of. Janet? I think Janet.
“Thank you Janet.”
“Its Dana.” She says quietly and walks away.
“Fuck...Dana. Right.” I get up and walk to Raymond’s room.
“I heard you talking to him.” He was standing right at the door and scared the shit out of me.
“What? Who?”
“New guy. I heard what you said.”
Raymond glared at me before walking into his room.
“What did I say?” I was getting hot from embarrassment hoping he didn't hear us flirting.
“You said you would visit me. I waited. And waited. And waited. Why did you not visit?”
I sighed in relief.
“I was going to I just had to finish my report on Frank. I was working on it when you sent for me. But now I am here, so how are you?” I sat on the end of his bed.
“I feel replaced. No one talks to me since the new guys been here. New toy. Lots of new friends here. Where’d my friends go? Where were you all day? Where are all my friends?” He was freaking out.
“Ray. I was working all day. Frank has only been here for a day and there are alot of people he has to meet. You still have friends but they are going to be busy sometimes.”
Ray looked at his lap.
“I don’t like him.”
“Have you talked to him at all?”
I got up. Getting excited to see the shrimp again.
“Come on. Lets go talk to him.” Ray sighed but followed me out the door.
We walked in silence to 109, and I knocked. A little ‘come in’ sounded and I opened the door to see Gerard painting a giant S for superman on Franks bare chest.
I didn’t know what to say. I just laughed. I laughed hard enough to have to sit down. That was my big brother. Gerard told me to shut up and looked at the door.
“Oh hey Ray! Come on in my fro bro.” Ray smiled really wide at his nickname and walked in. “What are you doing in my neck of the woods?”
“We aren’t in the woods Gerard. We’re in a mental hospital.” He said and sat down and looked at Frank.
“Right the hospital. Forgot how literal you are Ray. Have you met Frank?” Frank looked at Ray and smiled.
“No but I don’t want to. Mikey says I have to. So, hi my name is Raymond.” Ray held out his hand. Frank frowned but shook it.
“Ray, Be nice, give Frankie a shot, you will like him.”
“Shots are given to people who misbehave like Gerard when he bit the doctor. Does Frank need a shot?”
I sighed and scolded myself for not using blunt words.
“No, I meant give him a chance to be your friend. He is a really nice man who is in a new place.” Ray nodded in understanding.
“Gerard bit a doctor?” Frank asked me quietly while Gerard filled his canvas again.
“Only a little, he’s okay really it was an accident.”
“No it wasn’t. Gerard’s friend Craig told him that Dr. Locke was beating his wife and Gerard needed to take care of him so Gerard took care of him and yelled justice as the gave him a need-”
“Okay Raymond. Thank you.” I interrupted. Raymond smiled and turned back to Frank.
“Gerard is a good friend. He is a little irrational sometimes but he loved his brother and his friends and will take care of you.”
I smiled as Gerard puffed his chest out.
“I should be the one with the ‘S’” He proclaimed proudly and I nodded in agreement.
It was quiet for a little and then Gerard told us he was done and looked at Frank shyly.
“I always kiss my artwork when I finish a new painting. Would you be offended? Nothing funny I sware. Frank smiled and told him to go for it. Gerard gave Franks stomach a quick kiss and then started to clean his stuff up. Frank turned and looked at me.
“How do I look?” Frank had painted on muscles under the blue, red and yellow and the biggest smile on his face.
“You are Clark.” I said and laughed as he struck a pose.
“No he isn’t. He’s Frank. Clark Kent is a fictional character and Frank, as far as I can tell is not from planet Krypton.” We all looked at Ray.
“RIght again Ray. How silly of me.”
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