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Chapter 1

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My first vampire story. Involves Mikey and Gerard for now, might gain more members later on.

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Alli P.O.V.

There was a sickening crack as I was thrown backwards against the alley wall; his body soon followed mine so that he was pinning me against it and I was unable to reach the stake pressing against my side. His eyes glowed red as he realised he had an advantage over me and a smirk worked its way across his face showing off his fangs as if in warning.

"I've been told to give you a message." The vampire sneered at me, "he wants to see you again as he said - and I quote 'it's been too long'. I wonder why he's interested in you." He leaned his face into my neck and brushed his fangs against my skin before whispering. "You're only human."

Suddenly he pulled awway from me and looked down at his stomach which was now bleeding through his shirt; he turned and looked over his shoulder to see a stake sticking out of his back. "You shouldn't bully girls - it's not nice." A voice came from out of the darkness. Max. My hunting partner. He stepped out of the darkness with a grin on his face. The vampire hissed at him and then span around, grabbed me and jumped onto the roof of the building next to the alley.

I grabbed the stake out of his back and pressed it against his skin where his heart would be beating. He froze and just looked at me. "You tell him from me that if he wants to see me that he should come and find me himself instead of sending you." Before he knew what I was going to do I oushed the stake through his shoulder. "He knows where and how to find me. Now go before I do kill you." I said to him and he didn't need telling twice.

As soon as he disappeared Max burst through the door out of breath and I fell to the floor. I heard him run over to me and drop to his knees next to me. "Alli! Are you okay?" He asked me.

I responded with a simple, "my head hurts." Before my eyes fluttered closed.

I was round at my best friends house watching movies with him and his older brother, we were messing aroound like usual when a cushion was thrown at me. I ducked and it hit a vase on the table behind me knocking it off and causing it to smash. I jumped out of my seat and started picking the broken pieces up off the floor.

"Alli, you don't need to do that. It wasn't your fault." My best friend told me. I turned and smiled at him.

"It was my fault, I ducked causing it to hit the vase." I replied to him. While I was facing him I continued to pick pieces up and I must have missed the edge slightly and cut my finger. I turned to look at the damage, "oh damn. Blood."

I went to put my finger in my mouth to get rid of the blood when I was suddenly pinned to the floor. I turned and saw my best friends brother straddling my waist with my bleeding finger in his mouth and I could feeel him sucking my blood out.

"Get off her! You're scaring her!" My friend shouted at him pushing him off of me and pinning him down.

"What's going on?" I was terrified at what was happening - but I needed to know, he turned his head to lie it on the floor and look at me. He smirked at me, showing me two fangs. I took a sharp breath in.

"Alli! Please, let me explain." My best friend begged me while still retaining his brother.

"You're vampires! You should be dead!" I shouted at him while keeping an eye on his brother.

"Alli, I planned on telling you. You weren't supposed to find out like this." He told me, he sounded like he was begging me to believe him.

"Tell her the best part bro," his brother piped up earning him a glare from my friend. Vamparic friend, "you've either got to become like us or let us drain you dry." He looked like a maniac. I flicked my eyes between the two brothers and whispered, "never."

Then I ran. I ran away from them and I knew I'd have to pay the price sooner or later.

I sat up in bed panting and covered in sweat. That nightmare hadn't bothered me for months, why now?

Ow! Trying to think about it brought my attention to the fact that I had an absolute killer of a headache. I instantly remembered why as well. "That mother fucker is going to die for this." I muttered to myself.

A/N I'm back! After a year. Opps. I should be also updating Starting Over In NJ soon, well, that's if I can be bothered to actually update it. Hope you like this. :)
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