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You Can't Define Love

by DisenchatedDestroya 17 Reviews

Frank's got an impossible question. Can Gerard give him an answer? FRERARD one-shot. Read, review, rate and feel my love :P

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2011/11/17 - Updated: 2011/11/18 - 1934 words - Complete


  • You Can't Define Love

    (#) PartyPooperX 2011-11-17 10:56:23 AM

    This is really sweet and really well written! I like how they're competitive boyish rally turned into something much more deep, and the last line was perfect. Great job :)

    Author's response

    Thank you very much - I'm glad that you liked it! :)
  • You Can't Define Love

    (#) DisenchatedDestroya 2011-11-17 11:24:48 AM

    Thank you very much - I'm very glad that you liked it! :)
  • You Can't Define Love

    (#) xxPanicFanxx 2011-11-17 12:30:31 PM

    Aww! So sweet! But if I was Gerard, when Frank asked 'what is love?' I would've said 'baby don't hurt me! don't hurt me! no more!' I do believe that that would be the correct answer xD

    Author's response

    :D Thanks - I'm pleased that you liked it! :)
  • You Can't Define Love

    (#) XxPerfectTomorrowxX 2011-11-18 02:14:58 AM

    Loved it! So excellently written and so sweet! :)

    Author's response

    Thank you very much - you've made me smile! :)
  • You Can't Define Love

    (#) aweirdtree 2011-11-18 07:53:44 AM

    um... so, how could i put this right...


    thank you! you know, i just absolutely fell in love with your writing style, i don't even know why :D it's just something... god, i can't explain it, but just know that i love it (:

    i liked this one especially because we had just spoken about "what is love" with my friends :D i came to a conclusion that it's kinda like depression, just the other way around. cause it's clearly not an emotion; emotions come and go, but love is a state of mind. or something...

    haha, whatever. this is going to my favourites and thank you still one more time! this made my day even better! :D

    Author's response

    Thank you sooo much! I'm very glad that you like the way I write, it's very nice of you to say! I wasn't sure if I liked this, but I'm very happy that you did. Your definition sounds pretty good - I think it's the closest I've heard to what love is. Thanks for taking the time to review! :)
  • You Can't Define Love

    (#) CosmicZombie 2011-11-18 09:25:30 AM

    This was just awesomely awesome. You rock.
    Really liked the whole idea, it was really original and so cute :3
    Into the favourites it goes!
    thanks for writing such a great story!!

    CosmicZombie xo

    Author's response

    Thank you very much - I'm soooo glad that you liked it! Thanks for reviewing! :)
  • You Can't Define Love

    (#) Death-wish 2011-11-20 12:43:41 AM

    :D that was an awsome story! And I've gotten in some deep shit with my parents for doing what Frak had bee doing all day. They were the substatutes for the jocks and nerds that chased Frankie!

    Author's response

    Thanks, I'm glad that you liked it! I went around like that too after studying Socrates in a Critical Thinking lesson, neeless to say, my friends were thrilled. Anyway, thanks for reviewing! :)
  • You Can't Define Love

    (#) tortillachip 2011-11-20 04:46:54 AM

    This is so cute!! You rarely see an author that can write so many different types of stories. It's either cute or depressing or hot or whatever, but you don't really see an author that can write all types. So anyway, I like how Gerard is so confident in his answers and then Frank keeps questioning him. I can imagine real life Frank doing that, but not because he wants an answer, just because he wants to play around, and I can also imagine Frank in this story with his legs crossed and his hands clasped together and making that little "hm" sound in his throat to show that he's unsatisfied. I really like the idea of this story. It's very clever and interesting, and it really grabs the reader's attention. I also like the flow of the story. It doesn't jump from Frank asking what love is to Gerard kissing him and that's the end. Not that that would be a bad way to end the story, it just wouldn't tie in with how Gerard seem in this story, kinda shy, definitely not bold enough to make that big of a move on Frank. Also, that line about angering the nerds was funny. I can imagine Frank and Mikey running from the nerds and then the nerds and jocks make a plan to get revenge. Great job, as always.

    Author's response

    Thank you VERY much - I'm so glad that you liked it. The whole thing was kind of based of one of my Critical Thinking classes at school (apart from I questioned hope and there was no kissing involved)when we learnt about Socrates and how he philosophied back in Ancient Greece. I'm glad that you think it flowed well; I kinda wrote it as it came, so I wasn't too sure if it flowed right. Thank you soooo much for reviewing - it really means a lot! :)
  • You Can't Define Love

    (#) SyraStrange 2011-12-11 12:25:44 AM

    Whoa. It's so simple and cute and- AHHHH! I can't explain it! What is it with a gay romance about our favorite band? I don't know; but it seriously makes great stories. It's official; you made my favorite people list. You go in the favorite authors list.

    Author's response

    Thank you so very, extremely much! I'm really glad that you liked it!
    I dunno what it is about the gay romance, it just kinda works especially well in this fandom and I know that I don't really do the pairings justice, but I still love writing them!
    Thank you very much for putting me on the list; it really does mean a hell of a lot! :D
  • You Can't Define Love

    (#) snake56tongue 2012-01-08 10:36:40 AM

    So. Freaking. Awesome.
    I actually came across this a while ago, and it's been in my 'favourite stories' for a while now, but I thought, "Let's go review all of my favourite stories!" ..... So yeah .... That's what I am doing now :)
    Annyywwayy ..... I love how thoughtful and deep it is :)
    And it just makes me smile like a drunkard :)
    Now, I would rate it, and give it as many points as I could, but my rate button is being a fucking asshole and hiding from me.
    Sooo .... As soon as it stops playing hide and seek, I promise to rate it :)

    Author's response

    Thank you. So. Much.
    It's sooo awesome that this is in your favourites; that is such an uplifting thing to hear!
    I'm realy pleased that it made you smile, most of what I write is really depressing (as you have probably gathered by now) so it's really nice to hear that it made you smile.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to leave such a friendly review! :)

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