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Chapter One - Meg's POV

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Meg and Kirrah meet My Chemical Romance, Do the boys bring luck or does being friends with the boys come with a price?? (I made this with kirrahdiviney. The AMAZING MCR writer :) :3) ENJOY! :D

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I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock screaming ‘Hang ‘Em High’ by My Chemical Romance. I glanced at the clock, it was 7:30 in the morning, I was to be there in half-an-hour. I sighed and had a quick glance around my room and looked at all the posters. There were movies, bands, games and all sorts. I had a quick look at my calendar whilst I turned off my alarm and saw it was Saturday, and on my calendar, in the very middle, was a giant red circle around today.
Oh My God!! I’m gunna see Kirrah again!! I haven’t seen her in ages!

“OH MY GOD!!” I screamed.

As I ran to my closet I tripped over my Xbox controller and face-planted about a centimetre away from my Xbox consol. I sighed a breath of relief and quickly got up. I managed to get to my closet without face-planting or tripping over and started randomly grabbing things and chucking them onto my bed. Maybe I was over-reacting, but I didn’t care. I was seeing Kirrah. And shopping!! YAY!!

“Shut up Meg.” My mum yelled at me from down stairs. “You nearly made your sister choke on her cereal!”

I giggled. “Sorry mum.” I called back down.

“It wasn’t me who nearly choked.” She called back up.

I chuckled and put on some destroyed charcoal washed skinny jeans with a gray tee-shirt with the ‘Batman’ sign-logo thing and some high-top black converse.

I put on my eyeliner and teased my hair a bit before running down the stairs and wolfing down my choc-chip pancakes.

I hugged my mum and little sister good-bye, before grabbing my bag that I had packed the other day and ran outside. Kirrah only lived a few blocks away, but I didn’t want to seem like an idiot running all the way there. So I sighed and grabbed my IPod from my back pocket and put the earphones in my ear before setting off for Kirrah’s place.

When I got to Kirrah’s place it was pretty quiet, so i assumed they were all still asleep and decided to wake them up.

“Kirrah! Kirrah!! KIRRAH!!” I called out, knocking on the door slightly louder then necessary.
I heard a rustling from inside the house and decided to quit my extremely loud knocking. Kirrah answered the door looking tired.

“Hiii!” I said waving alot and pulling her into a hug.

“Hey.” She replied. “What's the time?” She asked.

“8:00 why?” I replied, smiling like an idiot.

“What!?” She replied. “I thought you were coming at 9:30?”

“Ummm, No?” I said, feeling kinda sheepish.

“Yeah.” She laughed, but let me in anyway.

“I am so sorry! I can go if you want.” I said, talking very quickly.

Kirrah laughed again, “No, is fine. Just let me get ready.”

After a little bit Kirrah was ready, and I had put all my stuff in her room on the floor, we wrote Kirrah’s mum a note telling her where we where and headed off to the park which was about 10 minutes away from here. We were going to go to the mall after we had gone to the park; we just needed Kirrah’s mum to be awake to drive us there, and I wasn’t game enough to wake her up. That’s my number one rule in life ‘Never ever EVER wake up a parent unless it was an emergency.’ Well, proberly not my number one rule, but it was in my top ten.

As soon as the park was in view we both looked at each then raced to the swings. Kirrah got there first and I had to swing in the baby seat. I sighed and plopped myself in the seat and crossed my arms. Kirrah walked up behind me and pushed the swing so I face-planted into the ground. I scowled and looked at her before chasing her all over the park before finally catching up with her and tickling her until she surrendered and shouted out her defeat. What we didn’t know was that as we chased each other around like two year olds, someone was watching us.

HELLO!!! This chapter was written by moi! :3 I hope you liked it!! The second one should be up soon!! :3
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