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A lot happens in this chapter. read to find out :)

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And this takes place right after Asuka lands at Misato’s house, the afternoon after that.

Oh, and Touji will properly always be at school, I don’t follow the storyline that much.
I might make him a pilot sometime during this story, but I haven’t decided yet :-)


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I’ll properly also fail at Rei, so in advance, SORRY! (Geez, I’m starting to sound like Shinji… OH NO!:D)

Alright! This chapter is the fight with the Angel! GET READY! :D
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I also noticed that the EDIT I did to the chapters before putting them together into the story, is fucking with me… It totally discards the blue lines, ignores any, and all, spaces.
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Chapter 8

Once they were at the lift, Shinji removes his head from the shoulder it was on.
He looks to see who’s shoulder it was.
‘It was… Asuka?’
“thank you… Asuka” He says, looking at her surprised.

“Don’t mention it Third. Can’t have you failing on the field! Then you wouldn’t be able to see me beat the crap out of your pathetic Sync score!” She says, but not in her usual, ‘you are pathetic, and needs to grow a spine’ voice.

“Nevertheless I needed that…”
He smiled to her, and shrugged his shoulders.

“Don’t sweat it” Asuka said, blushing faintly.
“Let’s go kick some Angel ass BAKA!” She suddenly jumps out of the car, throws one hand up in the air, points towards him with the other, and yells out.
After saying that, she stomps off towards the elevator, which would take her down to the Prep rooms.

‘Wh-what was that all about?’
“I wouldn’t worry too much about that Shinji- She CAN be quite… Mood swinging. More than other girls at least.”
Misato said, looking knowingly at Shinji.

“Why are you looking like that at me?” Shinji said, confused.
“Don’t pretend like it’s nothing!” Misato said, winking at him.
“You have crush on Asuka…” Here Shinji blushed, only to prove Misato’s point.
“It’s quite understandable. I mean, she’s not that bad looking. Bet she is a good kisser too!”
Shinji were now crimson red, and clutching his hands tight.
“Ah well. Young love.”
“I’m sorry…” Shinji said, looking quite interested at his shoes.
‘not again’ Misato thought to herself.
“Let’s get going. Don’t want to keep that darling Angel waiting, now do we?”

They entered the elevator, and went down towards NERV HQ in silence.
Apparently Asuka had gotten tired of waiting for them, and had taken the elevator down sooner than them.

Once down, Shinji ran towards the Locker rooms to change into his plug suit, and Misato went towards Central Command.


Shinji thought to himself, while he was running.
He was already tired.

Once he reached the locker room, he quickly dropped all of his clothes, grabbed his plug suit, and pulled in on.

Once it was done, he pulled out his A10 clips, clammed them in his hair, and drew a long breath.
‘It’s now or never’
He thought, closing his eyes shut for a few seconds, before opening them again and heading towards the door, which lead out to the Entry Plugs.

Once out he looked around, noting that Rei was nowhere to be found, and Asuka were already suited up and in her Eva.

As he got in, he had to force himself to breathe in the LCL.

‘It still smells like blood…’

“Shinji, are you there?”
Ritsuko’s voice cut through Shinji’s thought.

“Yes, what is it?” He answered.
A window opened on his HUD.

Shown on the window, is the same Angel Scorpion as he dreamed about.
Only this time. It was much, much more terrifying.
Its claws had spikes all over them, it’s head had HANDS waving around, and its sting had needles.

It looked directly into the camera, seemingly to laugh at their puny effort of bringing it down.

“This is your target”
Ritsoku says, before cutting the link to Unit-01.

Asuka sighed, and opened a window to Unit-01.

“Baka? You there?”
“Yes, what is it Asuka?”
“I… I had a dream about this thing last night… It just wasn’t so damn well equipped!”

Shinji’s eyes bulges out, as he stares at Asuka.

“What is it Baka? Stop staring!”
“I… I had a dream too”

Now it is Asuka’s turn to stare at Shinji.

“About this Angel too” Shinji says.
“No way! That can’t be!”

Asuka shakes her head violently, seemingly to shrug off a bad memory.

“No way! Did you then also dream about that dinner?”
She asks, still looking shocked.

“Well, yeah”
He answers, hoping she wouldn’t ask him about what happened during the dinner.

“What happened during dinner in your dream?”
She asks, looking at him curiously.

“Hey! Pay attention! We don’t have time for that! We have an Angel to beat!”
Ritsuko scram to them, over the comms.

“Alright alright! Shinji, we are going to talk afterwards!”
Asuka said looking determined at Shinji.

‘Oh no! She’s going to chew me out!’
Shinji thought, as he waited for the Eva to be transported out to the lifts.
‘She isn’t going to be happy, if I tell her the ending either! She’ll properly call me Hentai, and kick me in the crouch… Oh no…’

Suddenly Rei’s face appear on Shinji’s left side.
“Something wrong, Pilot Ikari? You seem… In distress”
She says looking at him.
“No… It’s nothing. Don’t worry”
He answers, smiling at her.

She blesses him with a small smile of her own, before closing the Comms window.

“All right! Everybody ready?”

“Hai!” The Pilots reply in unison.

“Launch the Eva’s!”


Shinji feels the well known feeling of being compressed, and he frowns.
He hates flying up these damn lifts.

‘Maybe I should talk with Ritsuko about a more nice lift system?’
He thinks to himself, before smiling.
‘Yeah, I’ll just do that… And hear her call me a child again. Not going to happen! Though it would be fun, watching her expressions’
He keeps smiling for himself, until he reaches the top.

Once up, he quickly dashes towards one of the weapon caches spread out in the city.
He grabs an Assault Rifle, and turns around to face the Angel.

Meanwhile Rei had grabbed hold of her Positron Sniper Rifle, and had already gotten a good sniping position, which she now where adjusting her body to fit in.

Asuka on the other hand, had just rushed towards the Angel.

“Asuka!” Shinji yells over the comms, before giving her cover fire, trying to pin the Angel down.
The Angel however, is NOT impressed.
Rather, it seems as though it is amused.

“STOP GRINNING AT ME!” Asuka screams, as she jumps into the air, grabs her Prog. Knife spins around, and stabs towards the Angels face.

She is immediately stopped dead in her tracks, as the Angel raises it’s AT-Field.

A window opens on Asuka’s HUD.
“Asuka! You need to be at least 2, judging by the AT-Fields strength, to break it! Retreat, and wait for my signal!”
“Tch, Verdammt Blecheimer!”

Asuka dashes away and turn’s around to run, when the Angel makes its first move.

It grabs her right leg and spins her around, before sending her flying towards Unit-01.

Unit-01 however has enough time to brace for impact, and manages to stop Unit-02 before it does more damage the necessary to Tokyo-3.

Meanwhile, as Unit-01 and 02 is getting up after the throw, Rei lines up to a shot.
Waiting patiently for the right moment to strike, she doesn’t notice her fellow pilots attempt to communicate with her.

‘Why are they just standing there?’ She thinks to herself, before focusing on the Angel.
Her eyes widen in shock.
‘it’s… gone?!’

She opens a comm window to both Shinji and Asuka, but is met with nothing but silence.

She then looks towards their last location, but no one is there.

“Re… Rei! Do yo… Dam…. There must be som…. oise…”

She then realizes. The Angel isn’t just for show. It uses it’s AT-Field to disrupt communication.

Looking around, she notices a large shadow a few hundred meters from the Angels last location. She stumbles to her feet, and walk towards it.

The Angel, and Unit 01 and 02 are in combat, but the 2 Eva’s seems like they can handle the situation.
She quickly lines up for a shot, and takes it once the opportunity is there.

The Angel screams, as it now has to use it’s AT-Field to block the incoming projectile, rather than block out their communication systems.

Quickly she contacts Shinji and Asuka.

“We need to keep it under fire at all times. It is using the AT-Field as a disrupter. We need to use that against it. I have a plan. Shinji you will…”

The rest is cut off, as the Angel jumps to its feet, and charges against Unit-01, throwing it in the air, before landing 600 meters on a mountain side.

Misato yells, before closing her mouth shut.

Shinji is once more on his legs, and charging back into the battle.
Meanwhile Asuka is trying to avoid getting hit by the sharp pinchers.

Once Shinji reaches back, he can clearly hear that Asuka is getting worn out.

“Baka, where were you? I need you, so we can take down this piece of shits AT-Field”
She smiles, as she sees his expression.
“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you tonight… Argh I’m so damn tired! Well get ove- ARGH!”

Her face is suddenly changed from tiredness to pain, as the scorpion attacks her, effectively cutting both her Cable, and her Backup generator.


“Unit-02 is out of power!”
Maya says, looking in shock.


“Ayanami! I’ll distract it, get Asuka out of here!”
Shinji says, strain showing on his face.

While Unit-00 is towing Unit-02 away, Shinji is dancing a fast paced dance, as he tries to avoid getting squashed by the pinchers.

Shinji yells, as he drops down under one of the pinchers, rolls to dodge the other, and charges straight at the Angel, negating it’s AT-Field and cutting it’s left Pincher off.

“Shinji! Watch your language! Or else there’ll be HELL to pay when we get home!”
Misato says, looking a bit happier at the situation.

“Rei, once you are done I want you to rush back, help Shinji negate that AT-Field, and take down that Angel!”


As soon as Asuka were on her way down, Rei turns around, and sprints towards the Angel.
The Angel doesn’t notice her, as it is having a hard time dodging Shinji’s attacks against it.
It doesn’t have time for its AT-Scrambler, so it makes it fairly easy for Rei to tell Shinji about her plan.

“Alright Rei, that sounds like a good plan!”
Shinji smiles to her, and starts the first stage of the plan.

First stage, is making the Angel only look at one, Shinji in this case.

Second stage, is getting one of the Exp. Prog. swords out, grabbing it and charging back at the battle.

Third stage is stabbing that son of a bitch down, and killing him for good.

The Angel is soon ignoring Rei again, leaving her with an opportunity to go and grab the sword.
She quickly charges towards the Weapon Cache which was just brought up, cuts open the locks on the cache, and grabs the sword.
She then turns around, signaling to Shinji, that it will soon be over.

She then starts running towards the Scorpion.
But when she is within 10 meters of it, it turns around and stabs her in the right shoulder using its tail.

She screams out in pain, and throws the Exp. Prog. Sword to Shinji with the other hand, which grabs it, spins around to gain extra force for the strike, and cuts the Angel open, exposing its S2 core.

Waiting for nothing, he quickly goes in for the kill, and stabs the S2 core, killing the Angel.




(Graphical/Gore stuff could properly been fit in here, but. I refuse. There’s enough gore stuff in the TV series as it is…. :D)

“pff pff pff…”
Shinji gasps exhausted.

“Nice work out there Shinji, Rei!” Misato says, showing up in their HUDs smiling.

“Now, get your asses back to base for debriefing!”


NERV HQ, Debrief Room.

The debrief room is a small cramped room, filled with tables and a single large screen.
The chairs even seem to go in one with the floor.

All the pilots are assembled, and are now listening to Misato’s rambling, on how Asuka were doing it wrong, and that Shinji and Rei are doing it perfectly.

‘She’s going to murder me, without a trial…’
Shinji thinks to himself, as he gets eye contact with Asuka.
She is not happy about this, AT ALL.

‘I could easily have beaten that stupid Angel! Baka Shinji just gets all the honor, as usual! He’s in for a world of pain once we get home.’ Asuka thinks, looking at Shinji.

She then looks at Rei.
‘And little Miss Perfect… Wondergirl never cease to wonder eh?’
She shakes her head.

“Is something wrong Asuka?”
She hears Shinji say.

She looks up, and sees a look of concern in his eyes.
‘Did he genially care?’

“No Baka! And I would not have been knocked out, had it not been for your incompetence!”
She sighs.
“Let’s just get home, okay?”


“You’re going to have to walk” Misato says to them. “I’m going to have to stay here, and complete the paperwork you left…” She says it seriously, but winks at them.
“Just no funny business while I’m not home, okay?”

“What do you mean?”
They ask, looking confused at each other.

“I believe Major Katsuragi is saying, that you have no sexual intercourse, before she is at the location”
Rei says, causing all to stare wide eyed at her.
“Am I correct in that, Major Katsuragi?”

“Uhm, somewhat. Just don’t do anything naughty!”
She looks knowingly at Shinji, who just looks even more confused.

“Misato! What are you implying?!”
Asuka screams, looking more and more angry.

“You know what I mean”
Misato says before she winks, and runs off towards her office.

Asuka looks at Shinji, and smiles a small evil smile, causing everybody in the Debriefing room to jump in fear.

“Baka?” She says, in a singing yet scary voice.
“Y-Y-Yes A-Asu-k-ka?” Shinji stutters looking like he is about to wet his pants.
“Let’s go…” She grabs his wrist, and drags him off.

They quickly reach the elevators, and Shinji is finally let free.
He quickly presses himself as flat up against the wall, as Asuka moves towards him.
She stops short, 20 centimeters from his face, and smiles.

She then looks up, to see if there are any cameras.
‘I can’t believe I’m doing this… Well, no cameras. I SHOULD JUST HIT THAT BAKA!’
‘But… NO! I WON’T let my pride get in the way!’
She turns back to Shinji, and…

Hugs him.
A tight embrace which he quickly answers.
They stand like that for the remaining time it takes for the elevator to reach the bottom.

“Don-Don’t tell anyone about this okay?”
Asuka says, blushing faintly.
“This is only my way of… thanking you, for keeping me alive”
“I-I won’t. Who would believe me?”
He answers, tears in his eyes.

“Baka? Why are you crying?”
Asuka asks shocked.
“Because for once, I’m happy with you!”
He says, smiling as a few tears fall from his eyes, and trace down his cheeks.

“Baka…” ‘Am I really that much of a bitch?’
Asuka says grabbing him by the wrist again, as the door opens.

She gasps when Shinji has the nerve to hold her hand, when she lets go of his wrist.
‘Why you BAKA! HOW CAN YOU… Ohh, it feels nice…’
“Baka, I’m only letting you do that today, and only because I’m happy. So don’t go getting any funny ideas okay?”
She says looking at him, with a smile, secretly happy that he holds her hand.
‘This feels very nice… Whats going on with my stomach?’
“Let’s go home Baka”

They walk home hand in hand, both thinking the same thing.

‘I wish it could stay this way forever!’


But eventually they reach home, and both reluctantly lets go of the others hand.

Shinji is still surprised. ‘Why is it she doesn’t let go, or hit me, or something like that?’
He thinks for himself. ‘I don’t understand…’

He sets his shoes down, and walks into the apartment.
He notices that Asuka is not sitting in front of the TV as she usually is, but is instead sitting at the table.
When he looks at her, she signals for him to sit down across the table for her.

‘Here we go… Punishment, a la groin kicking…’
He steels himself for the pain that must surely come, but when he sits down, nothing happens.

He sneaks a peak at Asuka, and she is looking straight at him, with an unreadable expression on her face.
“Tell me about your dream”
She says, startling him.
He looks up and sees she had tilted her head.

He hates it when she does that. It improves her, already, lovely looks, and leaves him dry in the mouth.

“Uhm, there’s not much to say…” “Liar, if your dream is just a small fracture of similar to mine, there’s a lot to tell”
She says, smiling her small evil smile again.

“Start talking Third!”
She says, again motioning for him to sit down, and this time he does it.

“Come on!”

Shinji then tells her about his dream. (Chapters 1-7)

Her eyes widen in disbelief, as he nears the end of his story.

However, Shinji wisely chose NOT to tell her about seeing her naked in his dream, and him touching her breasts.

She smiles, when she notices that he left out those details.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” She says, smiling.
“You touching my breasts, and you seeing me naked?”

Shinji’s face explodes (like in the dream) and Asuka sighs.
“Damn, you can be a Hentai in your thoughts, but when it comes to talking about it, you can’t even hear breast…” A loud splattering noise is heard, as Shinji’s face explode once more.

“TAKE YOURSELF TOGETHER THIRD! Just… Jesus… Clean that up” She says demanding, looking like her old self.

She then stomps of towards her room, and slams the door shut, leaving behind a confused and dizzy Shinji.
‘What did I do this time? Well, I should just be glad I survived this’
He thinks to himself, as he gets some paper, and tries to get his nose under control.

He actually hadn’t thought very much about the dream, until Asuka mentioned it.
‘What happened? I dreamt of today, but today ended totally different then the dream?’
He finally gets his nose under control, and starts wiping the floor clean.
His shirt is already ruined, so he threw that out as soon as he got his nose under control
He sighs.
‘Well no wonder that today weren’t like in the dream. Dreams aren’t suppose to show the future. But why did I dream of a scorpion Angel, and then a scorpion Angel appears? This is very strange’
He finally finishes wiping the floor, and begins the job of cleaning the cloth.
‘Maybe I should talk to Ritsuko this. But then I’d have to ask Asuka to come too, and I doubt she would do that’

Suddenly something embraces him from behind.
‘Wh-Whats going on?’

But right as he is about to panic, the hands lets go, and before he can turn around, he hears a door slam.
‘Who… Was that? It must have been Misato. She is home, and I didn’t hear her. But why would she sneak up on me like that?’
He sighs again.
‘Life is complicated’

Meanwhile Asuka had been doing some thinking.
‘Why in the world did I let him hold my hand?’
She turns to face the wall.
‘I guess I should try being nicer… But… Does that also mean towards Wondergirl? I bet Shinji has a crush on her’
She turns again, this time to face the ceiling.
‘I could go and ask him how he feels about me and Wondergirl’
She smiles, and gets up.
‘That’s what I’ll do’
She walks to the door, opens it, and pokes her head out.
Shinji is sitting up against the couch with his SDAT, properly trying to forget something again.
‘He can’t live without that SDAT…’


He doesn’t notice.


He looks up, and closes stops his SDAT.
“What is it?”
He looks curiously at her.

“Do you have a crush on Wondergirl?”
She asks bluntly, noticing his blushing.

“N-NO! It’s not like that! Why are you even asking?”
He says, shaking his in.

“It’s obvious, isn’t it?”
Misato suddenly said out.
She had been watching them from her door.
“Asuka has a crush on you! So she is jealous!”

Asuka blushed furiously, and looked at Misato angry.
“Misato, keep your nose out of this”
She said, giving a killer look to Misato.

“Alright Alright… Geez. But you never did deny that you have a crush on him you know? I’ll be out with Ritsuko, don’t wait up”
She left, grinning wildly walking towards the door.

Asuka quickly snaps her head back towards Shinji, causing him to flinch.
She looks at him, curiously head tilted.

“It’s not like that! Not at all! Rei and I are just… Friends! Just friends!”
He says fast, blushing wildly.

“But you want to be more then that with her don’t you?”
He looks at her, puzzled.

“I thought so not long ago, but no. I don’t have a crush on her. She’s just a good friend-“

“What about me then?” She interrupts.
“Do you have a crush on me?”

‘Fuck’ Shinji thinks.
‘I mustn’t run away, I mustn’t run away, I mustn’t run away!’
“Uhm, I don’t know?” He says quiet.
‘I need to get out of this… I’ll faint!’

Asuka stares at Shinji, as he goes pale white in his face, and suddenly falls forward, not even trying to negate his fall.


He slams his head against the couch.
Asuka stands perfectly still, staring.

‘Well… That went well…’
Asuka thinks as she tries to lift Shinji.
“Gah you are heavy Baka Shinji!”
She eventually gives up, and lets him stay on the floor.

After thinking for a bit, she goes in after Shinji’s futon, and grabs it.
She then places it on the floor, and drags Shinji to it.
She gently tugs him in using his blankets and smiles at the look of innocence he has.

‘What’s up with those blankets? They look hilarious!’
She thinks to herself, grinning as she sees Shinji’s blankets have pandas on them
‘He’s SOO going to hear for that!’

‘Might as well lie down’
She thinks to herself, as she gets the spare futon, and lies down next to Shinji.
She tugs herself in, and turns to face Shinji.

‘I’m going to get him once he wakes up!’
She yawns, and soon falls asleep.

An hour later Misato returns home.
‘Hmm, they usually turn off the lights at this time?’
She looks around, wondering where the others were.

‘Well, the kitchen is fine. Nothing wrong with the table either’
She moves into the apartment.
‘Nothing wrong with the doors… Wait… WHAT IS THAT!?’
She now notices the 2 teens lying. That was not what shocked her. What shocked her was, that while Shinji were lying facing Asuka, he kept his hands for himself. Asuka on the other hand, had grabbed Shinji, and pulled him closer to her.

‘Better take a picture, so Shinji won’t be killed without a trial…’
She grabs her camera, and takes a few photos of the two.

‘They do look good together. I just hope they would stop denying their feelings’
She sighs.

Shinji were lying about 10 centimeters from Asuka’s lips, and he didn’t know it.


When he woke up, he didn’t know where he was.
He felt hands holding him, but couldn’t recognize this room, from his current position.
‘Unfamiliar ceiling’ He thought, before checking whose hands it were holding him.

He looked to his side, and saw that he were mere centimeters from his doom.
He blushed deeply red, as he noticed how close he actually was to Asuka.

She was slowly waking, which he didn’t know.
She opened her eyes, right as he moved in to kiss her.
“Baka, what are you doing?” She yelled, causing him to flinch backward, as much as her grip on him allowed him to.
“I-I-I ju-just want-wanted t-to check if you were bre-breathing!” He stuttered.

“Why am I holding you?” She asked him, looking at her hands.
“I don’t-t kn-know. I just woke up, and you were holding me in a death grip…”
He said, smiling at the thought she might need him so much.

“Don’t go getting any funny ideas!”
She said, looking him square in the eyes.

She then sighed, and looked down.
“Wanna… Kiss?”
“I’ll take that as a yes”

She pulled him towards her with all her strength and pressed her lips against his.
The sensation she felt, was indescribable. She felt warm and cold, she felt lost and found, she felt comfort and discomfort.
And she felt a hand, gently caressing her cheek.
She moaned low into the kiss, hoping it would never end.

However, she needed air at some point.
Right when she thought she was going to faint, Shinji pulled away from her, blue in the face.
He looked at her, with a look of utter happiness.

“Asuka… That was… Amazing!”
He said, blushing at the depth of the kiss.

She was blushing herself.
“Don’t expect anything like this soon though! You’ve got to earn it Third!”

He sighed.
“Guess I know what I will be dreaming of for the next few months”
He muttered low to himself.

Asuka smiled, blushing a bit redder.
“What do you mean by that?”
She asks, looking at him smiling.

He says, terror printed on his face.

“Come on! Explain it!”
“No, I really don’t want to!”
“Uhm. Sorry…”


Shinji sighed. Right when things were going right he had to screw up.
He rubbed the cheek which got smacked with the one hand, while he with the other, touched his lips, where Asuka had kissed him. He sure weren’t going to forget about that for a long time.

“I’ll make breakfast”
He said, trying to stand up.

“No, don’t… Stay down here, with me”
Asuka said, snuggling up against his chest.

“Hmm… That feels nice…”

Soon they both drift off to sleep, snuggling up close to eachother.

NERV HQ, Commanders office.

“Is everything ready?”
Gendo asks, looking at Ritsuko

“It would seem so”
She answers.

“Good. Call Rei in. I need to talk to her”

“Yes sir”
Ritsuko turns around and walks slowly out of the office, leaving a thoughtful Gendo Ikari behind.

“Did I do the right thing when I started all this?”
He says to no one in particular.

He smiles.
“The end must justify the means. I’m sure the scientist in you agrees my dear.”

Misato’s apartment – 3 hours later.

Slowly Shinji awakes.
He slowly opens his eyes, and looks down at his shirt.

‘Why is it all wet?’
He looks down, and sees Asuka holding it tightly.
She is drooling.
‘Okaaaay… That is both disgusting and cute…’

He tried to move, but was stopped by Asuka which pulled him closer every time he moved.
‘Ahh well. Might as well enjoy this as much as possible’ he thought, snuggling up to Asuka again, and closing his eyes, enjoying the warmth she was giving off.

‘Hmm, I could get used to this. Better not mention it to Asuka. She would properly rip my head off, should I suggest we slept together this close again…‘

He looked down at the sleeping girl, and felt a strange sensation in his stomach.
“Uhmm…” He moaned lightly.

“What are you doing Baka?”
Asuka’s voice suddenly burst out.

“No-Nothing, Just… Enjoying the feeling, that’s all”

She lifted her eyebrow.
“What feeling? WHY IS YOUR SHIRT ALL WET?!”

“You seem to have… drooled a bit on it…”
“If you tell anyone I WILL kill you”
She said her right eye twitching, blushing a deep red.

“You can drool on my shirt, anytime!”
“Okay, that came out wrong. I don’t care if you drool in your sleep. I actually find it a bit cute…”
“You are weird…”
“So? We all are!”
“No, I’m normal…”
“As if!”
“Hey! What’s that suppose to mean?!”
Her eye started twitching again.
“That’s my Shinji”
She then said smiling.
“Now! Don’t move!”
She said, before moving up his body, until she was face to face with him.

“If you want something like this to happen again, you better not tell anyone about this okay?!”
“Of cause not!”
He said in disbelief.
“I don’t want anyone to spoil this moment with you! Or laugh at me for liking this!”

“Well… Then I guess I won’t comment”
They heard Misato say from the kitchen.

“I’ll just go to my room then, and leave you lovebirds alone”
She winks to them.

Asuka and Shinji looks at each other in horror, both blushing.
They mutter in unison.
They yell in unison.

She pokes her head out.
She winks at them again.
“What is it?”
“What do you mean with lovebirds?!”
They asked in unison.

“What do you think I mean?”
She answers, smiling.
“You are clearly in love with each other, therefore, lovebirds”
She winks at them again, before she retreated to her room.

They couldn’t say anything to that. They were just staring at each other, jaws reaching the floor.
“Do you love me Shinji?” Asuka muttered.
“I-I guess I do?” He answered, looking down at his hands as he spoke.


“Auch! What was that for?!”
Shinji asked angry.
He looked up at her, and saw tears had formed in her eyes.
“What’s wrong Asuka?”

“Don’t touch me”
She said, retreating away from him.

She suddenly yelled, as he tried to embrace her.

“I don’t deserve your love! Nobody does!”
She was beginning to dissolve in tears. She couldn’t keep her Façade up anymore.
She was a bitch, had always been a bitch towards him, and she didn’t think she could redeem herself. Therefore she thought she didn’t deserve his love.

“But Asuka!”
He tried to calm her down.

“Don’t! Just! Leave me alone…”
She stood up, and went into her room, to lie down on the floor.

Shinji just looked confused after her, tears forming in his eyes after the rejection.
Once more he had extended his love towards her, and once more she had rejected him.

He stood up, looked once more at her door, wondering what she was doing, and then went to cleaning up.
He took the spare futon and placed it back in the closet, and got his own.

He then went into his room, with his own futon, placed it on the floor, then grabbed his SDAT checking to see if there were any power left, before dumping down on his futon, pressing play on his SDAT.
He could drown many hours in his SDAT. Somehow, the SDAT gave him a place, where he could be himself. Were he didn’t have to care about anyone else. He could be one with the music and nobody would even know it.

He closed his eyes, and relaxed as the tones of his classical music filled his ears, taking him away from this world of pain, and into a world of peace and quietness.


‘How could that Baka just say it so naturally?’

Asuka shook her head.

‘I don’t believe it! It’s just his try at getting my out of my panties. It must be. Why would anybody care for me? I’m the only one who cares for me!’

‘He did say it was cute you drooled, not many guys would do that if they only wanted to get in your panties’
A voice said in her head.

‘Who… Are you?”

“I’m you, but you, when you are nice and happy’
The voice answered.
“I’m you when you dream of Shinji. I’m you, when you let him hold your hand. I’m you, without barriers. I’m you, when you care, I’m you when you-‘

Asuka thought repeatedly.

‘You’ll have to. I won’t let you hurt him one more time. Do you have any idea of what your rejection did to him?’
The voice asked, sounding angry.


‘You don’t care? I’m you, and I know you care!’
The voice suddenly bursted out, seemingly irritated.

‘Don’t try and lie to me. I know you care deeply for Shinji Ikari’


‘Then why are you thinking of the pain you did to him?’

‘I’m not! I’m not! I’m not!’”I’m not! I’m not! I’m not!”
She had started yelling.

Suddenly her door slammed open, and Shinji stood in the doorway, looking at her nervously.

“Go away…” Asuka growled.
“No” He just said.

He moved in, and closed the door behind him.

“Leave Baka” She growled again.
“No, not until you tell me what that was all about

He took a closer look at her.
Her hair, which normally were combed to perfection, were messy, and her A10 clips were nowhere to be seen.
Her clothes were messed, and seemed like they were on their way off.
Her face showed pain.

He felt a shiver coming up his spine.
This was bad.
She was going to break down.

“LEAVE!” She yelled, tears now falling down her cheeks, leaving a wet trail.
“NO!” He yelled as he forced himself to move in the room, and fall down beside her.

He lifted his hand up to her faces, and caught the tear, before it reached her lower lip. He then follow the trail it had made all the way up to her eyes, where he then put his palm on her cheek, and moved her closer to him.

Her eyes had gone wide.
‘Shinji is growing a pair? It’s the end of the world…’

She leaned into his chest, and felt him embrace her.
She then let the tears fall, wetting his shirt, but he didn’t care.

‘Maybe… Maybe he does care…’

‘Told you so. And you care for him’
The voice said again.

‘Do-Do I care for Shinji? Yes I do, but not in that way!’

‘Who are you trying to fool? I am you, I know what you think, what you feel, and your deepest desires. There’s no fooling me. Or that would be fooling you. YOU LOVE HIM!’



The magnitude of that revelation hit her like a tsunami.
Where she seconds ago was ready to stop crying, she now felt even more tears coming.
Her body was trembling, and she was shaking uncontrollably. And yet Shinji didn’t pull away in disgust.

“Don’t Asuka; we’ll talk when you can control yourself”
He said, concern present in his voice.

“I need to say it now, or else I might never say it”
She withdrew a bit from him, and looked him in the eyes.
Blue meets Brown.
(I’m not sure, but I think Shinji’s eyes were brown?)
“Shinji I-“
She took a deep breath, and looked him in the eyes.
“I love you”
As she let those words come out, she looked at Shinji’s expression closely.
His face flickered with many emotions.
Shock, then Happiness, then Doubt, but when she didn’t falter in her stare, Happiness showed again.

Suddenly she was pulled towards him.

Normally just that would have earned him a slap.

But then he kissed her.
And she felt nothing but his soft lips against her own.
Butterflies began flying in her stomach, and she felt blood rushing to her cheeks.
She moaned quietly into the kiss and pulled Shinji down on top of her, as she fell back against her bed.

(She did have a normal bed right? She didn’t like the futons did she? I remember it so!)

She didn’t pull out his embrace when she needed to breath; instead she kept him pressed against her.
She smiled a smile full of happiness.
Suddenly she felt something against her leg.

“Uhm Asuka?”

“Yes Shinji?”

“Don’t get mad”


“Uhm…” He gestured towards her leg, and his crotch.

“Is that what I think it is?”
She said, her face showing shock.

“Unfortunately it is, yes”

She began yelling as she tried to push him off her.

Suddenly they heard the door open.
They seemed to have waken Misato.

She looked at them in horror, as she saw their position.
Then she relaxed as they were still wearing clothes.

“Decided to ride him, eh Asuka?”
Misato said, grinning and winking at them.

Shinji instantly went crimson red, and jumped up from Asuka.
She looked angry at him for leaving her alone down there.

He then extended his hand to help her up.

‘Oh no…’
Misato thought to herself.
‘This is going to end badly’

Then her eyes widen in shock.

Asuka had looked at the hand for about 4 seconds, then grabbed it and let Shinji lift her up.
This was never heard off. The Great Asuka Langley Soryu had accepted help from Shinji Ikari?

Misato yelled, startling them both, before she began running around in circles I the living room, hands in the air.

Both teens just looked at her, shocked and confused. They looked at each other, to see if the other had an description to what was happening.

“Asuka Soryu accepted help, FROM SHINJI IKARI! We’re all going to die!”
She kept running around.
The teens just stared at her.

Pen-Pen had decided to see what was happening.
He waddled over next to Shinji, and tapped his leg.

Shinji looked down, and saw Pen-Pen.
“Oh hello Pen-Pen. I’m not sure what is going on with Misato”

Pen-Pen looked at his roommate once more.
Then he shrugged his shoulders and waddled back to his freezer.

Shinji and Asuka looked at each other again, both looking equally confused.

“Well Shinji. g‘night”
Asuka said, before she went into her room.

Shinji just smiled.

Everything was working out fine. Except for Misato’s doom day talk.

He suddenly shouted at her. She stopped and looked at him, before opening her mouth wide open, and letting out the most bone shattering scream ever heard by man.
She screamed, before charging at him, fist clenched.

He stopped her, by putting a hand on her head, so she was well out of hit range of him.
“CALM DOWN! For god’s sake…”

She didn’t. She kept trying to hit him for another full 5 minutes, before collapsing on the floor, the strain to much.

‘Geez… Women…’
Shinji thought to himself, before walking into his room, SDAT in hand.
He smiled of the thought of today. It wasn’t such a bad day after all.

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