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Chapter 8

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(Ray's P.O.V)

I dragged Frank back to Gerard's place ignoring his constant moaning. I was concentrating on getting back as soon as possible. Walking around, at night or as early as this, where we live in New Jersey is NEVER a good idea. A pair of suspicious, very drunk, teenagers were behind us, quite far away thank god, who I noticed when I turned around to tell Frank to shut up again. "Frank let's get moving. Now." I whispered harshly to him. He frowned at me but the drunks laughed loudly at something making him get his act together.

We didn't run back but we were close to it. We slammed the door behind us as soon as we got inside Gerard's house. "Fuck. Never doing that again." Frank moaned as we walked into the living room. "So now you gain some sense?" I asked. Before Frank could comment the living room/kitchen door was shoved open. "Oh fuck. It's just you guys." Mikey said, the swelling on his face had gone down a little it seemed. "Mikey, dude, what the fuck happened to you!? You look like you got beaten up." Frank yelled sounding very shocked, understandably. "Door. Gerard." he replied bluntly. Fantastic explanation retard I thought as Frank continued with the questions. "Gerard did that to you? With a door? Why?" Mikey glared at him. "I don't think that's any of your business, do you?" he said spitefully.

"Why are you pissed with me?" Frank said finally. "You have made my brother so upset he didn't notice he slammed a door in my face. You also made him cry. Hard. Maybe nearly as much as when Elena... Passed on." he murmured the last part. The brothers may no longer cry when it's mentioned but that doesn't mean it's easier for them to talk about it. "Why the fuck was he crying? He was the one fucking with my head!" Frank yelled. I sighed. I was NOT getting involved in this. "Maybe because not everything is fucking about you and you're too fucking dense to see it!" Mikey yelled back.

I phased out of their shouting match. I noticed the odd swear word and Gerard's name was mentioned a few times but other than that nothing interesting, not that that was interesting. I was surprised the neighbours hadn't come around complaining about the noise yet. "Look guys can you quiet down a bit please?" I finally asked. "Why the fuck should we!?" they asked simultaneously, freaking me out a little. "Well it's not our house for one thing." they glanced away "It's very early in the morning for another." they flushed a bit "And the guy you're having this argument about is right behind the door. Right Gerard?" the door opened slowly and he stepped into view.

A/N: so the next chapter is finally up! Hooray! :D sorry it's been taking so long and the original idea for this story should resurface again soon xD
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