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oooh la la

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of course they didn't fancy us.

we r slitheens lol

oooopz, no we r not...................

bak to the story

"hey sexy ladies, thnx 4 cumin" said stef and amelia melted

it was messy. i had to scoop her up in a poopa-scoopa

"hey stef. you wer so gd! (y)" i replied, keeping it kewl

i took amelia out of the fridge and she was normal again :~)

"hey boiiiz. reli gd show!" she said, also keeping it kewl

Y WE SO COOL?! xoxoxoxoxo

dru was dancing in the background by himself so Ashley put him in bin lulz

'oh hai dere ashley, u R so fitttttt!" i said, totally not staring at his penis

"u R fit too lol jk, ur ugly" he said lagging

wut a prick, h8 him so i go cry and jump of the kerb and die


"oh ash,y u so mean" i said, crying. i'm so unhappy with my appearance and Ashley just made my self confidence lower:////////////////// jk, i'm sexii n i no it

"only joking, your so pretty"

"thanks ash, but you spelt your rong" awks

"oh shit"

we turn around to see amelia eating stefans face, literallii. she had ketchup and all

silleh cannibal

"i'm alice and this is amelia, hi"

u R stupid if u don't know what will happen in da future k.
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