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Chapter Two

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I stared blankly at the board, not being able to take my mind of the teacher. Every so often, I studied him; the way his lips curled up into a slight smile while he was teaching, the way his eyes would shine when someone asked a question and the way he would nibble on his lip ring when he was concentrating. “Mr. Way?” said teacher asked, breaking my thought bubble.

“Hmm?” I slowly turned to look at the pint sized teacher, standing with his hands on his hips.

“Pay attention,” Mr. Iero raised an eyebrow as a playful smirk tugged on his lips.

“Probably day dreaming about sucking off some fag’s dick” Ryan sneered, earning giggles and high fives from his ‘crew’.

“He can probably pull more lads than you can girls,” Mr. Iero commented, smirk growing. My cheeks flushed as ray dug his elbow into my ribs, raising an eyebrow suggestively. Ryan looked at the teacher, speechless before re-composing himself and scoffing. The lesson passed pretty quick after that, I actually paid attention. I never pay attention in class! I also found out that I have all of my classes with ray, which is a relief.

“You like him” ray states as we walk to math.

“Like who?” I looked at him, utterly confused.

“Iero,” ray had never been a man of many words, so blunt answers weren’t uncommon for him.

“Oh” I flushed again, keeping my head down. It was times like this I regret cutting my long ebony hair off; then id at least have something to hide behind. “I guess so, he’s really hot though, don’t you think?”

“I don’t swing that way, so no... No he’s not,” I looked up at ray with wide eyes before colliding with something and falling onto my ass.

“ there’s” laugh “ a door” laugh “ there” sniff “ Gerard!” ray managed to choke out before doubling over in laughter. I scowled at him and opened the door, rubbing my head. I shuffled through the empty math room and occupying the seat in the far corner. The next few lessons dragged on, but soon enough the bell rang for lunch. I practically jumped out of my seat and ran down the corridor towards the lunch hall.

“Hey! Fag!” I stopped dead in my tracks, cringing at the voice. Suddenly, my arm was yanked from my side and I was pushed up against the locker. “Don’t ignore me, Way!” I doubled over coughing when Ryan punched me hard in the stomach, knocking the breath out of me. “Aw. Little faggot boy cant breath!” Brendon cooed. I glared at them both and stood upright. A few more punches were thrown my way before one of the pair kneed me in the crotch. I crumpled to the floor as searing pain radiated throughout my abdomen. My vision clouded as pain took over my senses, leaving me unable to stop the beating I was receiving. I wrapped my arms around myself as they continued to kick at my already-bruised body.

“Hey! Get off him!” Brendon and Ryan were pulled away from me by their shirts, “go to the office. NOW!” my savoir said in hysterics, as they scampered off down the corridor. “You okay, man?” I groaned in response and pulled myself up into a sitting position, only to be faced with the ever beautiful face of Mr. Iero.

“Hmmph...h-hi” I blushed, ducking my head. A girly giggle came from the teacher beside me before he stretched out his hand.

“c’mon, let’s get you up. Your friends will be wondering where you are” I slowly took his hand, ignoring the shivers it sent down my spine, and let him pull me to my feet.

“Unughh… t-thanks… Mr. Iero” with his hand still firmly clasped around mine he pulled me down the corridor and stopped outside the cafeteria

“Call me frank, sugar. Now run along, go find your friends,” with that, m-Frank turned and walked in the opposite direction. I stared dumbfounded at the place where the voice-thief once stood, mulling over our conversation. I walked through the cafeteria doors in a trance like state and sat beside Mikey at our usual table. I gazed blankly at the stained table top, completely ignoring the world around me.

“DUDE! What is wrong with you?! You’re like a zombie!” Mikey, my awkward-kneed brother asked, his poker face faltering slightly to show his amusement.

“He found someone” ray said, looking more interested in the mush the school called food, in front of him. The fork that Mikey had been twiddling in his fingers clattered onto the table as Mikey and bob stared at me wide eyed.

“Spill it!” Mikey squealed, practically jumping out of his seat. “Is he hot? How old is he? What’s his name? Is he in here? Is he nice? What’s he like? Does he like you back?”

“Very, 19, Frank, hmm… no, very, smart, gorgeous, muscely, pint-sized, tattooed and I don’t know” I said monotone, hopping he wont question me anymore.

“That sounds like-“

“The science teacher,” Mikey was cut off by ray’s big mouth.

“A teacher?! What the fuck are you thinking?!” Mikey was out of his seat by now, turning red in the face. Each word he said was louder than the last as he yelled at me. Most of the cafeteria were looking at us, curious of Mikey’s outburst.

“Mikey… sit down… people are staring” my brother was always afraid of large amounts of people staring at him so he immediately sat down.

“What were you thinking!” he whisper-yelled, failing his arms about.

“Calm down, give him a break. He doesn’t like many people; you of all people should know that, mikes. If he likes Iero, let him like him. Its not like he’s 30 years old,” I think that was the most ray had ever spoken at once. His voice was so full of authority it was unbelievable. Mikey shot me a look as if to say ‘we’ll talk later’ and began to eat in silence. Boy am I gonna get it later; it was hard enough Mikey accepting the fact I was gay, but now I like my teacher? I don’t think I’m gonna be let out of this easily.


Just as I thought, Mikey continued to rant at me about why I shouldn’t fall for a teacher, the entire car ride home. “Its illegal, Gerard. He could get sent to jail if anything happens. And yes, I do know you’re both over the age but he’s still your teacher! It goes down as seducing a student!” Mikey said for about the third time.

“Whatever, nothings going to happen, but tell our parents and it will be the last thing you do. Got that, Michael?” I gripped the steering wheel tighter, seriously pissed that Mikey can’t accept that I might be attracted to this guy. Mikey weakly nodded, knowing that the only times I used his full name is when I’m deadly serious or upset. Which, in this case both. I walked through the front door and stalked down to my basement-bedroom. I dumped my bag on the floor and lied face down on my bed. I let out a scream which was muffled by my pillow and punched the bed with my fists. Why him? Why not someone else? I bet there’s others out there exactly like him. Why do I have to crush on my teacher? I whined and shut my eyes tight; hoping that when I wake up it will all be a dream.

“DINNER!” my mother called from upstairs. I groaned before running up the stairs and occupying my usual seat at the table. Mikey gave me an evil grin and I knew he was going to pull something.

Once we were all sat down and happily tucking into our dinner Mikey perks up. “Hey mom, you’ll never guess?”

“What, son?” she asked, looking up from her plate.

“Gerard’s got a crush!” he squeaked like a thirteen year old with the juiciest gossip.

“Oh?” she raised an eyebrow, looking at me. Much to my annoyance, my mother spent the rest of the dinner bombarding me with questions, most of which I didn’t know the answer to. Thankfully, frank being my teacher didn’t crop up. Looks like Mikey lives to see another day.


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