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Let's get down and dirty (=

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a drunken night ^_^ Frerard

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Flash Back

"Just kiss me" he said drunkinly.
I couldn't help but giggle.

"Hahah, no!" I said poking my tounge out
"You, You will tell Mikey!" I then giggled again.

We were at my parents house, In my room to be precice.
We were drinking because we went on Tour with Revenge tomorrow..

Me and Gerard were quiet really plastered.

"Frankie, Your eyes are absolutely gorgeous" Gerard smiled sweetly.
"No Geebear!" I breathed as I swept his hair behind his ear.
"it is your eyes, that are gorgeous"

I had the most uncomfortable, yet sensational feeling coming from my pants.
I was pulsing for Gerards touch.

Gerards face drew closer and closer to my own.
His lips collided against my own,
Instantly they began to move in time.

My fingers interlocked with his long black hair.
He began to kiss slowly down the side of my neck.

"Oh Gee"

Lower and lower, he began to kiss slowly up and down my neck.

"You are hot property!" Gerard giggled.
His hands were franticly trying to undo my jeans
I've waited so long for this moment to come.

"Off with your top Gee" I smiled underneath the body of a god.
"Off with your pants first!" Gee called pulling my pants from their snug fitting.

Off with my pants, Then off with his top.

I felt Gerards hands slide down the front of my pants
Leaving my erection throbbing for his touch.

"You're being a very good boy Frankie" Gerard cooed in my ear
"And good boys, get good rewards" he whispered taking me in his hand.

His hands were unbelievably soft and just so delicate.
My hands grabbed at his shoulders as he began to go fast then slow down.

My nails scratched down his back untill my hands found his ass.

"Oh Frankie, you sexy little bastard" Gerard growled making his hand go even faster.

"Uh Gee bear. Ohh, that feels, uhh!"
I pulled Gerards boxers down and began pumping him.
I felt his arm give way as he collapsed on my chest

"Harder Frankie, Harder!" Gerard panted
I did as he wished when I felt a finger go inside me.
Then it came back out.
Then in again.

I could feel Gerards penis twitch as I touched new spots

"Oh fuck baby.." Gerard breathed.
"are you ready?" he smiled as he sucked on my nipple. Giving it a playful bite every here and there.

A second finger then entered and began to strech me.
I heared something click open.
When I look, Gerard was opening a bottle of lube.

I felt Gerards head rest at my enterance.
Slowly, He began to push himself foward

"Uh, Gee" I wimpered as he pulled out then rushed in again.

He took my raging erection in his hand while continuing to thrust himself in and out.

"Does that feel good my princess?" Gerard smiled slapping my ass.
"Ye,uh, Yeah.."

"ahhh!" I screamed pushing Gerard off me.
"Mikey what the fuck are you doing?!" Gerard cried throwing a pillow at his little brother.
Who just caught him having sex with his bestfriend.

"I could ask you the same thing" Mikey smiled shutting the door.

"god dam it" Gerard cried falling on the bed half giggling.

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