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*** Yes it's even shorter than the others but i really wanted this part to finish here, so yeah... here it is :)***

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It was 09:04 am when they were woke up by Mikey laughing. They both jumped up when they realised they’d slept on each other.
“Aw’h so cute.” Mikey teased.
“Shut up Mike’s” Frank said throwing the pillow at him. Mikey being Mikey, dodged it.
“Chill out I was kidding.” He laughed and chucked the pillow at Gerard who had fallen back asleep. Or so they thought. Gerard caught the pillow and threw it at Mikey, but this time he wasn’t quick enough.
“Yes after all these years, and I got him!” Gerard seemed proud of himself. Frank couldn’t stop laughing and Mikey frowned at him, which made Frank drop his grin. They heard Donna shout from upstairs.
“Kids are you up yet? We really better get going.” You could tell she wanted them to hurry up.
“Yeah mother, we’re coming now.” Gerard shouted back up. They all got changed and went upstairs to grab a slice of toast then make their way out of the house. Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Donna all got in the car, and set out for New York...
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