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You're Not Alone

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"I can't believe I came with you."
"Oh, perk up. This center treats boys, too."
"Even I would think twice before dating a manic-depressive."
"I wouldn't really call it dating. We just do normal things together."
"So, dating?"
"Hey Gee!", Lunette cried as she walked out of the building. She came up to Gerard and wrapped her arms around him as tight as possible. He couldn't really breathe.
"Lunette", he gasped. "This is my roommate, Matt."
"He's gay."
"OH! Do you want to know who in my group session is gay?"
"Yes, does he have tattoos?"
"That's enough, Matt. Begone."
Matt took Lunette's hands in his.
"You're too good for him. Get out while you can." Then he walked away.
Gerard chuckled nervously.
Gerard began to lather the hot pink dye onto Lu's hair.
"So, Tommy's father told him that no son of his would be accepted as gay in their Catholic community. And he started crying in the middle of therapy."
Lunette began coating Gerard's fingernails with heavy, black polish.
"And I told him to suck it up because he's not the only one with problems. Like, my mom. She wouldn't buy me a car. I have to take the bus!"
ICP blasted through the speakers as Lunette attempted to talk over it.
"And then my therapist attacks ME! I wasn't in the wrong!"
Gerard stumbles around and sinks to his knees next to a cactus. He was dehydrated and out of breath. It wouldn't be long. He could feel it. No. It couldn't end like this.
"So. Alone." He fell on his face and shut his eyes.
"You're not alone."
He opened his eyes, startled.
"You're just having some idiotic dream." It was a girl on rollerskates. She had long black hair and it was up in pigtails. Her skin was very pale. She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.
"Does that mean we can make out?!"
"You sang two words that entire song", said Ray.
"Is your girlfriend distracting you?", asked Frank.
"My girlfriend?"
"I'll be quieter", piped Lunette.
"We're gonna go through this one again", said Ray.
"I'm sorry- what are we doing?"
"We're going to Christa's party, retard."
"I told you three times in the last hour, Gerard", complained Ray.
"I thought you two broke up?"
"We got back together."
"Why are we even going?"
"So that we can have something to complain about", said Frank.
Gerard and Mikey stood in the middle of the dance floor.
"This sucks."
"This sucks", Mikey copied.
"I have to go pee, due to boredom." Gerard walked away, due to boredom. Mikey remained.
"I have to pee."
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