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Emily's day out

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Gerard takes Emily out for the day, does it all go to plan?

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Hey guys. I haven't updated in a while but I have been writing I have about three new chapters to put up so sorry for keeping you guys waiting:)

Emily’s POV
Meddy dropped me and Gerard back at Frank’s house at about 6pm, we had a really great day, we went to Belleville and Gerard showed me where he grew up, we also went to visit his mum and dad, they were really kind. We also went to mall and I went into my first Hot Topic shop and bought the MCR wrist band ‘the aftermath is secondary’, Gerard laughed when I saw it and picked it up immediately, almost running to the tills.
“I’ll pay” He offered, I shook my head and paid before he could,
“You can buy us some coffee” I replied, Gerard laughed,
“Aren’t you a bit young for coffee?” he teased,
“Aren’t you a bit old to have to be driven around?” I joked, making both Gerard and Meddy laugh.
It was weird, Gerard got quite a lot of attention but not as much as I’d suspected he would get, one girl came up to us practically in tears,
“……is it true?” she stuttered, we stopped and I turned to Gerard who sighed,
“Yeah,” the girl burst into tears, “don’t cry” he tried to comfort her,
“ you promise me something G..G..Gee..?”
“I’ll try”
“Don’t go back” she wiped away her tears and looked into his eyes,
“I promise” he smiled, causing the girl to smile and then cry again, she asked for a hug and then a picture and then walked away, and we walked in the opposite direction. Most people that stopped and stared at us just took pictures, I’m guessing they’d all end up on the internet somewhere. I didn’t care, I was with Gerard and Meddy. Gerard. As in Gerard Way.
I waved at Gerard as he walked into Frank’s house, and then at Meddy who drove away. I opened the door and walked into the house, greeted by the lovely smell of mum’s homemade lasagne,
“Just in time!” Mum shouted, I smiled to myself and took off my converses and gently kicked them into place and walked through into the kitchen, my mum sat at the kitchen table, along with Jay, as I opened the door they looked up at me and waited,
“When’s food?” I asked, Jay laughed,
“In about five minutes” she paused, “No Gerard?”
“No…He went back to Frank’s…Why?”
“Just wondered,” She stood up and walked to the oven, I sat down in her seat and Jay looked at me,
“What happened then?” he asked,
“We went to Belleville. It was cool”
When we were all sat having dinner, they all asked me questions, I just laughed and replied with very vague answers, teasing them.
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