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Fan Fic Idea

by MCR_punk 4 reviews

I have this idea, but I want to know if it doesn't sound cliche or boring or something.

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Basically, here's the plot:

1) Frank is a popular guy at school. One of the few bi sexual rockers accepted in the whole school. His parents are divorced, after his mom found out that his dad is gay.. He faced a whole bunch of bullshit, but people stopped.

2) Gerard is also bi, but he's not so accepted. He's artsy, and real quiet. He really likes Frank, but he doesn't know he exists. Gerard's mom died in a car crash when he was seven. His dad tries to cope with it, and is real understanding. But he sends Gerard to a church run by his aunt and her wife. It's a church that accepts everyone.

3) One day, Frank runs home when he finds out his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend while he was on a trip with his dad and his boyfriend. He runs from the school, and when he gets home, he discover's Gerard's dad wrapped in a towel with his mom.

4) Pretty much, Frank's mom tells him that he's her boyfriend, that they're getting married, and there's a baby on the way. Frank runs once again, and ends up at the church where Gerard is at. He left school because he couldn't stand the bullies.

5) They talk a little bit, but they don't find out their soon to be step siblings until later.

Yeah, that's the basic beginning plot. I have more planned out, but don't wanna give it away now do I?

Hehh, that reminded me of Give It Away by RHCP.
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