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Wedding Day

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I stood next to my big sister as she adjusted the silver flower into my black velvet top hat. She adjusted black flowers and feathers around it to match the rest of my ensamble. Gently she pulled the black and silver lace veil over my face. I had a full length black dress on with a sliver satin tie around the waist. It was a long sleeved dress with silver buttons that started at the top of the ribbon and went up my chest. my long brown hair as down and scattered in it were pieces of tinsel. I had a smal silver lace train dragging from the back of the dress. under my dress I wore high top black Converse with silver laces. After adjusting the last feather my sister stepped back.
"Beautiful. A little dark and creepy, but I wouldn't expect it any other way." Corinna smiled. I looked at myself in the full length mirror, examining my creation of a wedding dress. i had done exceedingly well. I had also designed what the bridesmaids were going wear. Corinna was in a full length black dress with a neon lace that poofed it up a bit. She had a neon orange ribbon around her waist too. Above the ribbon was like a corset top with neon orange lace over the black. Orange spagetti straps kept her dress up and orange strings kept it tied in the back. She had a black headband keeping her hair out of her evenly tanned face. Attached to the hedband was an orange veil that covered her hazel eyes, but not so much that she couldn't see. She wore neon high heels on her feet, hiding the Toms tan that she had. I didn't want my bridesmaids wearing the same thing. Suddenly Seggie burst through the curtains dressed fully in her outfit.
"Did I put this on right?" Seggie asked looking at herself. She was wearing a long black dress with a neon green ballet flats. She had a ribbon around her waist like my sister and I, except green. The sleeves on her dress were green like the ribbon. Her slightly red hair had green streaks in it that weren't extensions. Neon green lace rimmed the bottom of her dress. I had told people to wear black and a neon or metallic color so they can be seen. We were at a resort called The Hollywood Castle. Still at nighttime, with platforms covering the motes so the guests could sit.
"You look great Seggie, stop worrying. Is Charlie with you?" I asked Seggie as she straightened out her dress.
"Not at the moment but yes he is here." Seggie said giving me a confused look. I nodded and stared at the mirror. I was wondering if the baby was showing at all, not yet, thankfully. It had only been a week or two since he proposed. It was the nearest full moon. I hadn't seen Mikey in 24 hours. I wanted to see him, I was so excited. He and were both wearing silver and black, or at least we were supposed to be.
"You look stunning." Seggie said as she hugged me tightly.
"Thanks, you lok great too." I said looking at her smiling face, her orangey brown eyes shining in the faint light.
"Yes but... I look amazing1 As usual." Corinna laughed as she handed me my bouquet. My bouquet was 13 roses of all different colours, to represent different things.
Have either of you seen Mikey this evening?" I asked Corinna and Seggie hopefully.
"Yeah." Corinna answered.
"What does he look like?" I asked with wide eyes and excitement in my voice.
"You'll just have to wait and see. But... I'll tell you what he looks like anyway." Corinna said, making me smile eagerly.
"He looks like... Mikey Way." Corinna laughed and fell on the floor.
"Thanks sister." I said kicking her lightly.
"Oh come on, I have never hung out with you guys once without you fighting over stupid shit. Your getting married today, to our favorite bassist, of your favorite band. You used to always talk about him, now he's yours. Good luck." Seggie finished with a smile as she hugged me tightly. I felt warn tears fall on my cheeks and could smell the faint salt.
"Thanks Seggie." I said letting of the older girl and sniffling back my tears. Gerard burst in, his hair making the dimly lit tent brighter. he was wearing an all black suit with a single red rose in the pocket on his jacket. He was also wearing a pair of red boots, that were probably from Blackbird.
"It's almost... wow." Gerard hesitated as his eyes roved my outfit.
"You look beautiful. Mikey truly is a lucky man." Gerard said as he stepped closer.
"Thanks, you look amazing too." I said blushing slightly. he smiled and looked to his bright shoes.
"Seggie and I are going to check on everything. When you here the music start to play step out to the isle. Bye for now." Corinna said giving me a sweet smile.
"Are you ready?" Gerard asked pushing my bangs out of my face juts to have them fall back.
"Yeah, a little nervous though. Should I be?" I asked gerard. He gave me a look that made me feel like a kid again.
"Yeah, that's completely normal, or so I've heard." He giggled.
"I'm scared." I whispered to him as my cheeks turned pink.
"Of Mikey? He can be temperamental sometimes, but he would never hurt you." Gerard said with a thick Jersey drawl.
"That's good to know." I giggled, he took his hands and cupped my face. He lightly kissed my nose as if I was a kid.
"I promise you're going to be just fine." gerard smiled. I nodded acknowledging his comment.
"Thanks. Why did you choose red?" I asked him.
"It matches my hair and I've always liked red and black as a combination." He smiled his adorably tiny teeth. I heard a vibrate and my eyes shot to his pocket. He took out his phone and his eyes scanned over the technology in his hand.
"I have to go, I will see you very soon." Gerard laughed. He gave me a peck goodbye and left me standing alone. My mind was cluttered with negative thought that are bad on a wedding day. Faintly I heard music start to play. The wedding march on guitar. I stepped out of the small tent into the subtle moonlight. I linked arms with my Nonnie and she smiled at me. Her blue gray eyes watering she smiled through the tears.
"You're beautiful darlin'. I'm glad I got to walk you down the isle." She laughed as she patted me hand. I grasped my bouquet and swallowed the lump in my throat. I lifted my head to see my prince standing at the end of the isle. Our eyes locked and he smiled the biggest smile I've ever seen. I took the first step and everyone turned to look. Seggie and Corinna smiled at me and it made me feel sure, that this was right. Ray, Gerard and Frank smiled at me just as everyone else was. I felt the butterflies flutter in my tummy. This was possibly the biggest decision I'd ever made, what if I couldn't do it?
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