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barney walking down the sidewalk,chugging a bottle of beer

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I climbed into my car gritting my teeth.Madaline....I'm going to cause so much pain to this ideotic girl,who thinks she can date anybody she wants to....Wait,am I really going to hurt this chick for no reason,because she is supposedly dating the guy I want?I don't even know if they really are together.

What if they are exactly as Ms.Iero had said?Only friends...Pretty close friends to be staying the night with her I would say.There I go again,not even knowing the situation,but yet getting worked up over it.Why do I even care so much about this one person?He might not even be into guys for crying out loud!I'm probably just irritated from the lack of sleep....damn cat....mabey I should call animal controll....or buy a gun.A gun would deffinatly solve my cat problem.

All of a sudden,rain bulleted down on me and my car.And I just had her waxed her to.I threw the car in reverse and sped out of town.I have no clue where I'm going but I just need to escape my thoughts.

As my car sped down the deserted dusty road,my anger only intensified.I pushed my car faster,speeding away fro my problems,away from town,away from Frank.I turned on my radio and put in my Iron Maiden CD,filling the car with the ear busting volume.At first I was just humming along to the tunes,but after two songs I was all out singing with it.A smile full of venom had planted itself on my lips as I turned the car around,and headed home.

Hair flying carelessly around my face as I was headbanging along to the music,though I could feel eyes burning into me.It was starting to get irritating,the crapping red light needs to hurry up and change!I glanced over out my window at your usual house,but out the second story window,there was a hazel eyed boy staring at me.


For about ten minutes now I had been staring out the window,waiting fr something interesting to happen.You know,like a sewer monster climbing out of the man hole and eating the dog sitting on the neighbors porch.I sighed and looked to the cars.A disgustingly bright pink bug with a equaly
disgusting slut driving,cakeing her face with probably the tenth layer of makeup.A black car was beside it,and a guy headbanging sat in the drivers seat.An oddly familiar guy.

Thats Gerard.No doubt in my mind.Thats my gothic dream angel look-a-like!And what do I do?I stare at him,mouth open,looking like I had just seen freaking barney walking down the street,chugging a bottle of beer.He stopped his headbanging,looking more than slightly uncomfortable.Then his head turned,and his beautiful,entrancing eyes,landed on me.

He looked at me confusedly for a moment,probably wondering why some kid was looking at him like
he was barney chugging beer.....

After a moment of akward staring,the recognition finally hits him,and a cross of anger and happiness firmly plants into his face. "Frank?" he mouthed my name to me,and I nodded my head and mouthed back "Gerard." Wasn't so much a question,I was positive of who he was,just letting him know that.

He smiled a little and when to say something else,but a horn sounded out,as the light had been green for at least a whole minute.I started giggling manically,and his look goes agitated,and he sicks his middle finger out the window,for all to see.Well that certainly helped my giggling.NOT.I fell over to the floor as he sped off.
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