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Baking with a Pervert

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All I wanted was to bake a fucking pie!!!!!

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I just wanted to make a pie for tomorrow. But, thanks to Gee and his dirty mindedness, it burned.

I pulled out the pie crust and the tin. Arms wound around my waist tightly. “What ya doin?” Gee purred.

“Making a pie.” I kept working, opening the box and pulling out a crust roll. He chuckled quietly behind me.

“Mine's bigger.” he whispered in my ear. I shook my head and unrolled it into the tin. Mikey walked in and over to the fridge.

“God Frank. I'm shocked you're even trying to bake with him in the room. He'll make anything you do sound dirty.” he grabbed a bottle of water and took off.

Gee snickered and let go of me. He lifted himself up onto the counter. “So, what's the pie for?” he swung his legs as he watched me.

“My mom is coming tomorrow. You know that she loves cherry pie.” he giggled. “What?” I looked at him.

“No wonder you came out bi. Your mom likes cherry pie.” he covered his mouth with his hand and laughed.

“God, you perv!” I shouted and threw a hand full of flour at him.

“Wow, Frankie. You usually hit me with something else white.” I gaped at him, my eyebrow twitching. He wrapped his legs around my waist and pulled me closer. “What's wrong, my little sex slave?” he put his arms around my shoulders as my face burned.

“W-we're out in the kitchen, Gee. Where everyone can hear whatever you say.” I murmured, ducking under his legs and arms.

“Oh. You're only fun in the bed room. So serious.” he smiled and got off the counter. I have no idea what made me back up. Maybe the way he was smiling like a cat. His green eyes shining.....

I shook myself as my back hit the fridge door. “Come on. Lets get this pie started.” he gave me a look I've only seen in our bedroom.

“O-okay.” we got the pie done and in the oven in minutes. I set the timer and sighed.

“Now that we have free time...” he trailed off, his hands moving around my back and down my shoulders.

“W-what?” I stuttered. That look in his eyes made me gulp. He picked me up and set me on the counter. I gasped as his hands moved up my thighs.

His lips captured mine. My arms found their way around his neck like a horse to water. God, that was a bad simile.

My butt lifted for a second as his hands slipped under it. And, like that, we made out for a good while. We didn't even hear the timer buzz.

What felt like minutes later, there was an awful smell. I ignored it at first. “Ugh, what is that god awful stench?” he pulled back.

“What the hell?” he looked around the room. Smoke was billowing out of the stove and oven.

“The pie!!” I jumped off and ran over to open the oven. Smoke burst into the air. “Open the window!” I coughed at Gee. “Be-” the smoke alarm went off loudly.

Mikey and Ray ran out. “What the hell?” Mikey shouted at me.

“Go turn off the alarm, Mikey! Ray, hand me hot pads!” They obeyed. Mikey ran off and a moment later, the alarm was cut to silence. Two hot pads were shoved into my arms.

I waved one into the smoke and turned off the oven. The second I saw the pie, a heavy groan ripped through my mouth.

“What?” Gee tried to look over my shoulder. The smoke belched out around me as I picked the blackened pie up and shut the oven door.

I glared at him and threw the pie into the trash can, tin and all. Mikey and Ray walked out without a word, leaving me alone with Gee.

Two doors shut loudly upstairs. They clearly didn't want to hear me killing Gee. “Dammit Gee!!!” I threw the hot pads at him.

“Sorry.” he looked around awkwardly. His eyes fell on the red crust box and the pantry. “Guess we'll just have to start all over.” he gave me his trademark devil smile and pulled me against him.


Gee can actually bake pretty well, when he's not groping me or shoving his tongue down my throat. The second pie turned out perfect. Mom had looked at us with curious eyes when I told her we'd made her a pie.

“Frankie, what did you do now? Get arrested?” she asked, clearly worried about me and a little mad, Why is it every time I do something nice for her, she thinks I'm trying to butter her up for something?

“Nothing! I just thought I'd be nice. I hate when you leave here empty handed.” I handed her the pie. “I know you love cherry.”

Her stern look fell. “I'm sorry, dear. But you are my son.” She stressed son a bit too hard. I rolled my eyes and hugged her before she left. “I love you, Frankie. Never forget that.” she whispered as she nearly choked me out.

“Mom, can't breath!” she loosened her grip a little. “I love you, too, Mama.” She kissed my cheek.

“Frankie, what is this?” she pulled my shirt away from my neck a little. I gasped and clapped my hand over the red hickey, my face going red.

Gee laughed and put his arms around my waist. “Sorry, ma'am.” he kissed my neck. “I didn't mean to leave marks last night.”

OHMYGOD!!!!! Did he really just say that to my mom?! Yep, he sure did. Oh, god, please kill me now.

My mom's face went red and she coughed awkwardly. “Um, bye boys.” she left quickly.

“Bye Mom!!” I called after her. She honked and drove away. I shut the door and rounded on Gee. “Really?!” I shouted.

“What?” he put his arms back on my waist and pulled me against him. “I'm not gonna lie to her, now am I? Besides,” he nipped at my neck “she has to get used to seeing these on you.”

He pulled me out of the living room and to our room before I could say a word. Which, I really didn't mind.

THIS...came from me making the cherry pie and thinking of how pervy it all looked. Goddess, I don't know what's wrong with me lately. Maybe it the face I have a bf and a gf!!!! Ah! Sorry, I'm really happy about that. XDDDDDDD

Hugs and Rolls,
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