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The second the dream started I could feel that something was about to happen. I was super excited and nervous all at the same time. Thoughts were racing through my head--I was going over certain dances, remembering all my manners--and how my parents were expecting me to prove myself at my very first ball.
I looked in the mirror one last time. My white and black dress went well if my black hair that was pulled to one side, down in curls. My lips were painted in the brightest shade of red. I hoped I looked appropriate. I had so many people to prove myself to. So many people wanted to see me mess up, to see me embarrass myself. I had heard that from many people, anyway. And even though I may not even know who these people were, I wasn't going to give them that satisfaction.
I pulled my mask off of my bed to complete my look for the Annual Masquerade Ball. It was black, matching the black flowers on my ball gown.
Masquerade balls were very tricky, I heard. Unless you knew the person very well, you had no idea who you were talking to. That's why the main rule of balls like these was to not gossip (one of my favorite parts.)
Also, you had no idea who you were dancing with. You had no idea who was escorting you in. You had no idea who anyone was!
My mother sounded quite terrified at the thought of not knowing who anyone was--but I loved it. Who cared if the woman you were talking to was the most important woman in Italy? Who cared if she was the poorest? And no one could know to care. It was the one night that all people could be brought together, just from a secrete identity.
"Evelina, it's time for the party," My nurse said, entering my room without knocking. It annoyed me when she did that, but I learned to keep my mouth shut about it...
"Your carriage is all ready. You should get in now so your mother won't have to wait."
"Yes," I said, taking one last glimpse at myself, hoping I would be good enough for what I was about to encounter... "Thank you."
"Hurry up now!" She yelled after me, though I was scurrying through the hallway, "And hold up your dress! Don't let it tear!"
I ran the way to the carriage and flopped in, I prayed to God she didn't see me just do that. Only moments later did I see her approach the carriage. She sat in very slowly and very lady like, unlike me...
The carriage accelerated before she looked at me.
"Remember, Evelina. Do not dare to gossip…-"
"I don't like to gossip anyway." I looked at my mother. She had done our make up the same, making us look very alike.
"And do not interrupt anyone as you just did to me. If you show such disrespect to people there you shall become the biggest disgrace to our family since your great aunt. from your father's side, I remind you."
"Yes," I whispered so quietly I wasn't sure if she could have even heard me. I decided to stay quiet for the rest of the trip there.

When we arrived, it was twilight. Candles were lit everywhere. It was stunningly beautiful. She led me into the building, filled with women in beautiful ball gowns and masks on. The men were all dressed in the same black and white suit with masks of their own. The excitement of it all was amazing. People were already dancing; it looked like we were a bit late.
My father (I could tell from his mask), who left earlier, came up and offered my mother his hand. They went to dance and I was left alone. A bit unsure what to do. This was my first ball; my mother could have stayed a bit longer.
I began walking, I didn't even know how to start conversation with people I didn't even know. I passed by a group of large women all in dresses that did their figures no justice at all. In the middle of all these large women, was one very scrawny one.
"Oh, Evelina," One said in her stuck-up voice. I could tell right away that she must be very, very wealthy.
"Oh? How did you know who I was?"
A few of the women giggled.
"Oh people could spot you from a mile away. You have your mother's looks…" She looked me up and down, "and her figure."
A smile appeared on my face, "why thank-"
"Though, you got your father's clumsiness. There's not one person in this building who won't know who you are. You're going around just as awkward as…"
"And look at that dress," the scrawny one chimed in. The group laughed.
I looked down at my dress--I had loved it until now. Now I loathed it.
"If you'll excuse me…" I walked away with a lump rising in my throat. Looks like I was wrong. I had only been here for a matter of minutes and I already knew that I was wrong. People here were just the same as they would have been without the masks. I had hoped that people were going to see it the way did. That these masks would make everyone become equal, it would stop people from thinking too highly to low of themselves because of the amount of money they had. I had hoped family names didn't matter anymore…or the type of dress you wore. I wished for just once that everyone could just be valued as a human being.
I also wished I could escape to the bathroom, or better yet, to escape out of this entire building. I didn't want to be here, not in a building full of such cruel people… But I stuck to what I said before--I wasn't going to let anyone get that satisfaction.
I continued to walk around, though I had no sense of direction? I had no idea where to go… I wandered around aimlessly until I head a voice behind me.
"Excuse me miss," I turned around to make sure he was talking to me just to be sure, I had had enough embarrassment tonight already.
His eyes were staring straight into mine, I figured that he was indeed talking to me."Yes?"
"Would you like to dance," he asked. His blue eyes twinkled from behind his mask. He already had his hand out waiting for mine.
I smiled and put my hand into his and he led me into the dance floor. We began twirling like others around us. I prayed constantly that I was getting all of the moves right, that I wouldn't trip, and no one was thought of me as a joke…
We danced for quite a few songs, he was a marvelous dancer. I began to feel more confidant with him as the time passed. He spun me around, though as I was about to go back to him--someone else grabbed my hand.
"Wha?" I said, surprised.
The new boy gave me a mischievous smile. I found myself smiled back, intrigued by this new guy.
Like the other guy we began dancing like everyone else, but he wasn't as good a
s a dancer; he was a bit sloppier. But that just made it more fun.
I laughed with joy; actually laughed I already liked this guy since he made me feel better... and I soon found it hard to look anywhere but at him. I was lost in his emerald eyes that I could see through his white mask. His black hair was slicked back, though a few pieces fell back into his face, making him even more irresistible than before.
Just as I was getting a bit too lost probably, I was snatched once more. It was the blue-eyed boy. I wanted to stop dancing and go back, but I wanted to see just how much green-eyes wanted me. I was back to the super-formal dancing again...boring.
After a few moments, I figured out that he wasn't going to twirl me so that green-eyes wouldn't have been able to steel me, but soon enough two arms went around my waist and pulled me back. I laughed and immediately wrapped my hands in his.
I prayed that blue-eyes would just leave me here. But he was quick and soon stole me back. Blue-eyes suddenly gave me a queer look, I then realized just how much I was smiling and laughing. Though his look of disgust made the smile fade off of my face.
Green-eyes appeared just in time and grabbed my hands, "I'll never give up." He said firmly. Blue-eyes put another disgusted look on his face. His eyes switched from me, to green-eyes, then back to me. He dropped his hands from me and marched away. I gladly put my arms back around green-eyes and welcomed back my smile.
"If a man doesn't fight for you, then he doesn't deserve you." he raised an eyebrow. I couldn't think of anything to say back, I was too hypnotized by him. At the end of the song, we decided that we were too tired to begin have another dance .
He took my hand and lead our way to the balcony--where we happened to walk by the women from earlier.
"You do realize who that was, don't you?" The scrawny one said.
I stopped, "who?"
She rolled her eyes, "The blue-eyed, blonde hair boy were just dancing with."
"Oh. Him? No, I don't know who he was. I can't much say that I care."
The woman looked taken back. "Do you know who I am?"
"No, I don't."
"I am the governor of Milan's wife.
"Oh, really." I pretended to be interested. She nodded. "Now I REALLY don't care about him." I added and continued walking with Gerard. My mother was going to kill me, but I didn't care at all.
Under the twinkling stars and waning moon, Gerard stared at me with an innocent smile on his face. He then removed his mask, then reached to mine and did the same.
I had never seen a man so...beautiful. Everything was about his face seemed perfect. His bright green eyes, his adorable tiny nose, his perfectly shaped lips (I noticed how he seemed to talk mostly by the right side of his mouth: adorable)
"Gerard," he bowed, introducing himself.
"Evelina." I curtsied.
He grabbed my hand and kissed it. Then he just stared at me. I got closer and gazed up into his eyes. He kissed me on the lips, and for a second everything seemed perfect; until things started to turn black again.

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