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Auditions for Killjoy Story

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Killjoy story

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011/12/02 - Updated: 2011/12/02 - 49 words


  • Auditions for Killjoy Story

    (#) Cookie_monster 2011-12-02 01:01:23 PM

    Name(Killjoy and real): Artistic Accident/Hozzie (Hollie) Nicole Bareham
    Looks - Dark brown hair with red streaks, just past shoulder-length with a side fringe, wavy. Pale skin. Bright blue eyes. Long nails, currently painted pink, that people usually assume are fake but they're not.
    Killjoy Outfit - Pink tartan jeans, David & Goliath 'Toasty' tee-shirt, white converse (, rainbow leg-warmers, grey arm-warmers just above the wrist.
    Tattoos/Piercings: No tattoos. Piercings - Nose piercing, both ears pierced just once.
    Personality: Shy around new people but never shuts up around friends. If BLI insult me, I pretend I don't care when I really do. If BLI insult my friends then they're dead. I care a lot about my friends, I'd die for them. People think I'm quite a moody person if they're not friends with me, because I look down I daydream (Which I do quite a lot) but my friends know me as quite a happy person because I'm nearly always laughing.
    Party Poison, Kobra Kid or Jet Star?: Kobra Kid:)
    Back story: BLI killed my entire family when I was eleven but I managed to survive because I was hiding in a closet. From the crack in the closet I saw him killing my parents and older brother. I swore revenge.
    Anything else: I'm scared of being in the dark on my own.
  • Auditions for Killjoy Story

    (#) MCRFREAK1996 2011-12-02 01:32:08 PM

    Name(Killjoy and real):
    Scream Teen/Onyx Ryte

    Look/Killjoy outfit:short pixie bob onyx black hair with plurple block side fringe, vibrant pink eyes(contacts),purple eyeliner, black lipstick, studded black leather vest Jacket with various band badges, purple tank top, black studded skinny jeans,dark purple converse, black bandana with purple broken hearts and black ray gun with a black and purple broken heart, fingerless black and purple striped ripped gloves.

    Tattoos/Piercings: 6 tattoos;heart on back with wings spreading around hips, skull on her right shoulder, letters 'BTYLS' on side of left hand, Rage&Love on her left and right knuckles, 5 stars on back of her neck, small black star inbetween thumb and index finger,spiked horseshoe snakebites,black nose ring, purple belly bar with a black diamonte 'O' dangling from it.

    Personality: head strong, defencive, funny, dirty minded, kind to fellow killjoys and youngsters.

    Party Poison, Kobra Kid or Jet Star?: Party Poison

    Back story:family were kidnapped by BL/ind wandered the zones until she found Dr.D and told him her story and he took her in and renamed her Scream teen after Kobra annoyed her and she blew her top in front of all the killjoys which made Fun ghoul and Jet star laugh and she would just storm of to her room and pick up cherry a acoustic she rescued from her old house before BL/ind kidnapped her family she still has nightmares about her family and Party tries to help her with them.

    Anything else: is 16 years old has a vendeta against BL/ind for kidnapping her family and hopes she will find them alive and will be able to save them, holds grudes for as long as she deems acceptable on people who upset her.

    i haven't really audtioned for anything on here before let alone a killjoy story but i hope you choose me pretty plz jkz you don't have to but it would be nice to see one of my characters in a story i didn't write lol thanks Amy-Beth x
  • Auditions for Killjoy Story

    (#) detonationmouse 2011-12-02 01:32:50 PM

    Names: Detonation Mouse/Allie O'Connor
    Age: 14
    Look: Red hair (like Gerard's in DD only darker), dark cobalt/navy blue eyes lined by smudged eyeliner (like Mikey's in the Revenge era :D), pale, a couple freckles on nose, medium height
    Killjoy outfit: white lace tutu, grey tights with pink bows up the sides, grey ankle-length boots, grey leather jacket over a white tanktop that says DETONATION! on it, pink mouse ears in hair, grey paw-like mittens. My ray gun is a metallic pink with white stripes on it
    Tattoos/Piercings: snakebites
    Personality: shy, usually calm, a little ditzy, confused easily, gullible, curious, friendly, observant, loyal, easily surprised, sometimes really quiet. My personality is how I got my killjoy name.
    Party Poison, Kobra Kid or Jet Star?: Kobra Kid please? :3
    Back story: My parents were killed in one of the explosions made by BLI, which left me and my older brothers. I was 12. My brothers left me in the care of a group of killjoys while they went on a mission to kill Dracs. The promised they'd come back, but they never did.
    Anything else: I have a slight Irish accent.
  • Auditions for Killjoy Story

    (#) DangerousAmber 2011-12-02 01:33:19 PM

    Name(Killjoy and real): Dangerous Amber / Amber Simmons
    Look/Killjoy outfit: Black shorts with fish net thights, red tee shirt black boots and a bandana that says DANGER on it, a black mask with a red X over the eye on the right side, bright red hair. black nail polish along with black fingerless gloves, and my ray gun is all black expect for the red X on it.
    Tattoos/Piercings: a lipring, and a tattoo of the danger days spider on my left arm
    Personality: Sweet, caring sarcastic at times and very nice
    Party Poison, Kobra Kid or Jet Star?: Jetstar
    Back story:Dangerous Amber is one dangerous Killjoy, She's aloner and has her secrets she battles Dracs by herself and will help any Killjoy who is in trouble even if it means getting Exterminated she doesn't know her parents so she's been on her own all her life. She's traveled to different zones but is happy to be in Zone 26 but fears she'll leave even if she doesn't know any Killjoy there, She keeps her gun close incase of trouble. She isn't really known but when she is known Killjoys will remember her for being Dangerous. Her motto is Dangerous as Venom, tho people disagree that it isn't a motto but she says otherwise. She's always ghostin' Dracs, She wishes she had a Killjoy to talk to insted of being alone all time. She enjoys writing and drawing and is always rocking out to some kind of Rock/hardcore/punk/alternative Music she will help any Killjoy out with problems, Her Killjoy colors are simple they are Red, Black and grey . If you see her in the zone don't hesitate to say hello and get to know her, She could use a friend. (Sorry its best as i can do for my backstory.)
    Anything else: she loves to draw, write and sing and goof off
  • Auditions for Killjoy Story

    (#) GotSparkle 2011-12-02 01:47:01 PM

    Name(Killjoy and real): Neon Rose.

    Looks: blonde, like platinum (which is her naturual color) with streaks of turqouise, black, pink, and purple through out. Purple eyes (yes, it's possible) black eyeliner, and glittery eyeliner on top of it. Tan-ish, and tall.

    Killjoy outfit: skinny jeans or short shorts. If skinny jeans, then bright pink, with black lace bits where it's ripped and torn (kinda destroyed denim) with a black lace tanktop she layers over anything in the neon variety, usually her blue tanktop. If not the black lace, a white tank top with the BLI smiley on it, crossed out in bright red lipstick. She always has her bomber jacket (cut into a vest) with her, and a pair of gold frame aviators.

    If she's in her shorts, she's wearing a yellow top with purple lace on the front, and blue on the back.

    Tattoos/Piercings: for tattoos...
    - on her back, angel wings.
    -on her right wrist. "Never have I ever"
    -on her left wrist a top hat, with 27/5 on it, like the mad hatters.
    - on her hip, a rose with neon rainbow petals, with the quote "to make it beautiful" on the stem.
    - last one (I swear :D) is on her side, and it says "there is freedom in vunerability" in cursive.

    Pericings: ears, and belly button. Belly button is a heart with a treble clef through it.

    Personality: bubbly, funny. Usually witty, and is always feircly loyal. She takes some getting used to, cause she's super opinonated. She's also radically honest, in that she isn't able to lie about who she loves. She's a huge flirt, but never cheats. Smart, but hides it because she is SLIGHTLY insecure. Okay, she's insecure, but she refuses to show it out of pride

    Party Poison, Kobra Kid or Jet Star?: Party Poison. I will give you massive amounts of skittles for him. Massive. Amounts. (Not to mention rating points! :D)

    Back story: she's a dancer. A good one. All musical, including singing, are her talents. She had a best friend killed by a Drac, and she vkwed to take down every single one she can find because of it.

    Anything else: mask is like, party posion shaped, but it's black, witth diffrent paint splatters on it, and "look alive" framing the sides.
    Ray gun is black, with neon and silver lines all over it, and the number "49" on the side.
  • Auditions for Killjoy Story

    (#) GotSparkle 2011-12-02 01:47:24 PM

    Real name is going to be : Juliet McCoy.
  • Auditions for Killjoy Story

    (#) xxPanicFanxx 2011-12-02 01:58:02 PM

    Name(Killjoy and real): Daytime Rose/ Gabe Rae (female)
    Look/Killjoy outfit: Firetruck red hair(kind of like Gerard's) down to her waist with an emo finge from the right side, 5'2", 115 lbs, usually wears black eyeliner on top and bottom of her eye and red lipstick, black and red nailpolish, long eyelashes, big boobs(38 D), big grey eyes. Red t-shirt, black skinny jeans, red and black beanie hat, red and black fingerless gloves, knee high black boots, a black mask with a rose on the very top of the right side, a red bandana with a black rose, and her ray gun is black with a red rose on it.
    Tattoos/Piercings: Lip ring, 'Keep Running' on her right wrist, and 'Keep it ugly' on her left wrist.
    Personality: Quiet, won't speak until spoken to, she's usually hiding, since she's so small she can't really fight her own battles but won't hesitate to kill a drac, tries to put up a 'tough girl' act, nice once you get to know her, if she doesn't know you she'll be a little skeptical of you, she get depressed easily but that gets fixed quickly if she has someone to talk to.
    Party Poison, Kobra Kid or Jet Star?: Party Poison
    Back story: Her house was raided by dracs when she was young. They killed her parents while she hid in the closet. After they left she ran until she reached zone 6, eventually running into more killjoys. Her killjoy colors are red and black.
    Anything else: She can sing, draw, play guitar, play piano, and play the drums. She loves to pull pranks on people.

    Anyways I know what you're thinking while reading her outfit 'OMFG LOTS OF ROSES!' Well yes, but that's only because that was the last thing her mother gave her before she died.

    AANYWAYS hope you consider this and even if I don't get picked I'll still read it because it sounds pretty interesting. :)
  • Auditions for Killjoy Story

    (#) CatscanFlyy 2011-12-02 03:08:54 PM

    Name(Killjoy and real):Fae Night and Kyrptonite Kid (Krypto for shorts)
    Look/Killjoy outfit:big black goth boots with leather tight trousers ripped baggy vest tops, black material eye mask and an upsidedown crusafix neclace black lipstick and green eyeliner pale skin forest green hair very long and wavey with no fringe green eyes very tall and skinny-boyish figure
    Tattoos/Piercings:a ring on the back of her neck
    Personality:dry sarcastic, very cut throat, always looks board doesn't show much emotion and seems slightly arrogant though actualy she is quite unsure of herself and is a good person (though you's be damned to ever see that)
    Party Poison, Kobra Kid or Jet Star?:Kobra Kid C;
    Back story:Raised by zone rats in a leathle and brutal groupe of outlaw killjoys gotseperated in battel when she was young and went off to live by herserlf on the outskirts of batter city
    Anything else:studies witchcraft and meditates, good luck with picking and writing! C:
  • Auditions for Killjoy Story

    (#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2011-12-02 03:56:00 PM

    Name-Toxic Rose nicknamed Rose or sometimes gets called Rosie even though everyone knows if annoys her. Is named Rose in memor of her little sister and because se finds roses romantic.
    Real name-Dakota Nyx (Dakota means friend or ally, Nyx means night)
    Looks-waist length black and red hair-black underneath red on top. Cut into lots of different layers, never too neat. Threatens to cut it off as it annoys her but Jamie won’t let her. Is either left down or tied into a messy ponytail or sometimes two bunches/pigtails. Emerald green eyes often outlined with black or red eyeliner, red lips, pale. Average height and weight but very underdeveloped-no hips/breast. Very self conscious of this and maybe gets teased about it a little?. Tattoo of a rose on her foot and the name “Dakota” on her left wrist and “Rose” on the other. (Rose was her little sisters name) nose, tongue, lip, belly button and ears pierced-twice on the lobes and a rook. Has two black bats tattooed behind her ears and a music note on her left wrist.
    Outfit- Bright red ripped at the knees skinnies, black knee high studded boots-keeps a knife in left one. A black top with random bits of silver and a bleeding red rose on it surrounded by skulls. Wears a silver locket tucked into her shirt with an old, torn photo of her, her sister and old best friend, Jamie in a group hug. Pinkish red wristband saying “fuck all authority” written in black. A long sleeved black leather jacket that has quite pointed shoulder with spikes on that is covered in patches and the occasional spot of blood.
    Personality-kind but thinks worst of herself. Loyal friend. Crazy and random, morbid. Not someone you want to get on the bad side of. Don’t piss her off if you enjoy living, as she will kill you, slowly. Seeks revenge a lot-doesn’t forgive easily. Very protective of her friends. Very sarcastic. Can be quite violent and doesn’t always think things through before acting. Speaks her mind. Secretly may be in love with Toxic faith-not really too sure as she has never been in a relationship before as her parents didn’t work out well. Has a bit of a trust issue but is a good person to know. Not the most affectionate person as she was never shown much by her parents, loves music and animals, kids (she is surprisingly goo with children) and hates being told what to do, not a leader but not really a follower either. Has her own opinion and very difficult to change her mind. Can sometimes hurt people by accident by her “I`m gonna live life the way I fucking want to” attitude but has a kind heart. Is a little afraid of love and becoming too attached to people in fear of losing them, but secretly likes and wants to feel loved and important to people. Stands up for her friends and others all the time. brave, can be quite reckless and hot headed, can talk her way out if pretty much anything and is a quick thinker. Smart-as in school smart and street smart, a good fighter, never turns her back on someone. Regrets easily and blames herself a lot. sees the bad in the world far too easily and cant always see the good, but she tries her best to. Believes there is good and evil in everyone. hates spineless people, all the isms and being told she can’t do something.
    Ray gun-matches her top-skulls and bleeding roses on it.
    past-she was born in BAttery City but doens`t remmber it much, all she knows is that she didn`t think something was right about it. Her father and mother were killed, and they were left homelss so she, Toxic Faith(her old best friend, James/Jamie) and her little sister (rose) ran away out into the zones. She and Toxic Faith/Jamie got away but Rose was killed. Thlae both regreted it and blamed themselves. The two were seperated and she wondered about on her own for a while.
    Mask- red with a black rose (fake) on the top left hand corner of it. The eye holes are in the shape of stars.
    erm...I don`t mind, either of them.
    I hope I can helo, this sounds cool.
  • Auditions for Killjoy Story

    (#) Love_it_or_leave_it 2011-12-02 08:13:28 PM

    Name (Killjoy and real): Nitrogen Angel (Angel for short), Jessalyn Carter
    Look/Killjoy outfit: fairy floss pink long, braided hair, blue eyes, 6'2", average weight, neon green jacket with Killjoy symbol on back (like PP) and orange zips, fluro pink skinnes, dark grey combat boots, blue singlet, fluro pink ray gun, green fingerless gloves, green RayBans, fluro colored cap and a link paint splattered bandana
    Tattoos/ Piercings: lip pierced (like Frank's in Black Parade), seconds in both ears. Tattoos: 'I believe' across fingers, Chinese dragon down left arm (full arm), 'forgive me' on right side if neck, lace down upper right arm, 'to be or not to be' on right forearm, 'Je T'iame' on inside of right wrist, lyrics down back, two revolvers with roses around them on lower back, a heart with a dagger vertically through it above guns, American widow on left shoulder blade, 'Killjoys never die, they just join the Black Parade' on inside of right forearm, the Black Parade marching band conductor on inside of left ankle and 'FTWWW' down the back of right thigh
    Personality: happy, cheerful, lively, talkative, bubbly, energetic, works well under pressure, kinda psycho when angry but rarely gets angry, doesn't like to fight but does when necessary, smart and witty, usually the one to make a joke out of any situation, good or bad
    Party Poison, Kobra Kid or Jet Star?: Jet Star (cuz he's awesome and like no one else picked him ;D)
    Back Story: father died of cancer when she was young, mother died in a car accident, raised by older brother unil he was killed by BLI, wandered the desert until found barely alive by Show Pony who brought her back to Dr. D
    Anything Else: loves to play piano, used to be a tattoo artist (hence all the tattoos) and she loves to read both comics and novels.
    Thanks and I really hope you pick me!! :D

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