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Jennifer has an interview with the people that are trying to adopt her

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I'm walking down the hall with Mary to my left side."In this room," she said. Once I walked in I saw who was trying to adopt me.There was a woman with brown hair,hazel-green eyes,small nose, and small lips.I guess that's the mom.Then there were two teen guys with her.The one on her right has short borwn hair, big hazel eyes, and everthing else like his mom.

The other to her left had hazel-green eyes, raven shoulder length hair,and everything else like his mom.Wow,that's kinda creepy ,but the black haired boy is sexy.STOP IT! "Jen, can you take a seat please?," said Mary.I sat down and stared at them for a while."Hi sweety, my name's Donna," the mom said."Hi, I'm Jennifer, but I'd rather be called Jen," I said. I looked at Mary and she gave me a surpised look."Boys don't be rude, introduce yourselfs," said Donna."Oh sorry, I'm Michael, but I prefer to be called Mikey," said the boy on Donnas right.

I gave him a greeting smile. I looked at the boy on her left, waiting for him to say something,but he just stared at me.What the hell is that creep staring at?Donna bumped his elbow, but he didn't even react to it.Come on dude,hurry up."Gerard can you please co-operate?,"whispered Donna."What's the point?, you just said my name," he said."Gerard," she said angerily. She gave him the 'I am your mother and you will do as I say' look.I remember when my mom gave me that look.Ah, good times.He sighed and finally said "I'm Gerard".FINALLY!I smiled at him, but he just rolled his eyes at me.

What's his problem?"So,Jen,tell us about yourself,"said Donna."Well, I'm 15 years old, my full name is Jennifer Rosa Harley, uh, when i grow up i really wanna become a therapist to help children with what I'm going through and not having them do something they'll regret, my favorite colors are red and black, and i do really want to be apart of a family to complete with what I'm missing," I said.WOO!I give myself props.I looked at Mary again and she looked shocked."Wow,that's nice that you want to be a therapist, but what is that your missing?,"Donna asked.Okay, time to put my acting skills to the test.I looked at the ground for a while, waiting for tears to form in my eyes, then i looked up with my best puppy eyes and said,"Love".Donna looked like she was seriously about to cry.

Nailed it."Oh, come here,"she said, getting up and opening her arms. Of course I was ganna hug her. I got up, letting the tears flow. I hugged her and she hugged back really tight.Okay,so I'm ganna die by being hugged to death....not a good way to go."Um..I..I c..can't..breath,"I said."Oh, sorry," she said letting go. "Well, times up, time to go Jen,"said Mary."Okay, it was nice to meet you all,"I said."The pleasure was ours,"said Mikey.I looked at Gerard, but he had the same face.Wow, he really doesn't like me...I'm cool with that.Haters gotta hate."Bye,"I said."Bye," said Donna and Mikey. I walked out and Mary kept staring at me."What?,"I asked."That was, wow, you should really be an actress,"she said."Oh stop,I'm blushing,"I joked."Did you really mean what you said about becoming a therapist?,"she asked."Of course not, you know what I wanna be,"I said."Yes, you wanna be a serial killer,"she said rolling her eyes."Or an assasin,either one, are they the samething?,"I asked.

"No,"she said."What's the difference?,"I asked."A assasin is someone who is payed to kill someone or they have a reason to kill them and a serial killer is someone who's obssesed with killing, so they kill all the time,"she said.Oh, I thought they were the samething."Like the Zodiac Killer?,"I asked."Yeah,"she said."Ok then, yeah, I wanna be a serial killer,"I said proudly."Congradulations, I wonder what goes on in that brain of yours,"she said.We finally made it to my room and I opened the door and walked in, turned around, and said," Lots of things that thou shall not find out about"as I slowly closed the door. I jumped on my bed and thought about the family that I just had a interview with. Does Gerard hate me? If he does. then why? I didn't do anything to him. He probably just has anger problems against everyone, but fuck he is one sex ass mofo.I descided to start writing in my journal again.

Well, I'm back like i promised and i just meet the family and they seem really nice, unlike the other people who come around here.The mom's named Donna and she has two sons named Mikey and Gerard, but Gerard seems to hate me cause he just stared at me with a mad face. He totally hates me, well write to you tommorow, I'm tired.
Jennifer R.H.
"Well time to go to bed,"I said to myself.I changed into my pajamas and crawled into bed.
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