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Auditions :] :) :D :{)

by MemoryWolf 9 Reviews

Auditions lah :D

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  • Auditions :] :) :D :{)

    (#) ChemicalKilljoy 2011-12-04 05:13:31 AM

    Audition with:

    Part: Hyper one :D

    Name: Jem Silvertongue (yeh so I stole it from the Golden Compass..)

    Nickname (if you have one): Jay

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Personality (try and match the parts :) : clearly hyperactive, cares about everyone, short temper but doesn't hold a grudge, trigger-happy

    Weapon (that means like a weapon with fire or any special effects, i picked bow and arrow) : any - i don't mind

    Outfit: black ripped skinnies, white shirt, red, yellow, green and black body-warmer, black biker boots, fingerless gloves, red bandanna

    hooded cape colour ( the servers and nobles need it): black

    Looks, split for details

    Hair colour: electric blue with black tips

    Hair style: shortish but not too short, messy- bedhead

    Eye colour: yellow

    skin tone: pale

    height : 5'4

    body size: small and slight

    tattoes or piercings or anything else for looks : lip ring and the word SCARECROW tattooed across knuckles

    Reason you're a noble or a server : need to defend the music, man & protecting Frankie :3

    Voice (soft or rough or something) : soft but gets a metallic edge to it when angry

    Likes: Music, nature, the people close to me, skittles :3

    Dislikes: moths (eww) two-faced people, being stereotyped

    Fear: really deep water

    anything else: ehm, i'm vegetarian

    Hope that's okay :D Thanks!

    Author's response

    can you elaborate on the 'Reason you're a noble or a server', it's something they were forced to do when they were alive, like they were forced to by someone to kill or they will die themselves or something.
  • Auditions :] :) :D :{)

    (#) Lenorebear 2011-12-04 07:32:44 AM

    Part: the quiet but tough and kickass of the 'noble' friends

    Name: Sam Davies

    Nickname (if you have one): Sammie

    Age: Whatever fits

    Gender: Female

    Personality: She likes to keep her self to herself but can let people know she there when she wants to. Tells people when enough is enough. and goes down with a fight if she has to

    Weapon: A belt across her torso diagonally (i can't remember what there called) with bullets and 1 gun. But wears knuckle dusters she doesn't like to get her hands dirty

    Outfit: Grey distressed skinny jeans, Black and red striped top, Black doc martins, Sometimes wears aviator sunglasses (Pilot sunglasses) with mirrored lenses

    hooded cape color: Black or Dark blue

    Hair color: Dark purple

    Hair style: Just below shoulders, messy and hardly ever brushes it

    Eye colour: Hazely

    skin tone: Slightly pale

    height : 5'5

    body size: doesn't look like the kind of person that could take down a full grown man

    tattoes or piercings or anything else for looks : Ears pierced and small tattoo on wrist of barbed wire with hearts wrapped in it (very detailed sorry)

    Reason you're a noble or a server : She was forced by a gang to kill and innocent man and never let it go and so she that is why she became all tough but she knows she will doesn't want another innocent person to die

    Voice (soft or rough or something) : Soft and caring when needs be. But when angry she has a harsh slight Scottish accent and sounds very Scary like you don't want to go near her

    Likes: Music, Scary movies, Reading and drawing but keeps that to her self

    Dislikes: two faced people and pumpkins

    Fear: Spiders and tight spaces

    anything else:She has only ever killed one person but that was forced and she hates seeing people die but likes to see her enemy suffer and when you first meet her you think she is very shy and if you offend her you will know about it
    I hope that is ok and thanks you xx :D
  • Auditions :] :) :D :{)

    (#) ChemicalKilljoy 2011-12-04 08:17:49 AM

    Oh right, sorry, um:

    Reason you're a noble or a server: she was forced by a drunk man with a gun to murder two schoolkids or he would murder her brother, and is haunted by the memories. She doesn't want to see anymore innocent people to die or suffer..

    Please if this isn't what you meant, could you just make something up cos I haven't seen the movie and don't really get it. Thanks

    ChemicalKilljoy xo

    Author's response

    Don't worry, it's not based on the movie, it just kinda gave me the idea :)
  • Auditions :] :) :D :{)

    (#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2011-12-04 08:18:27 AM

    Part: I have two a girl and a boy for the twins. But if you want to change it or only use one that’s perfectly fine.

    Name: Jezebel Webb

    Nickname (if you have one): Jez.

    Age: whatever fits but is around mid teens to early twenties okay?

    Gender: girl

    Personality (try and match the parts ) : she loves pulling pranks, joking around, and goofing off. Sarcastic and can be quite morbid, good at keeping secrets which is quite surprising to some people, very protective of people but acts likes she doesn’t care most of the time. Always telling jokes, sometimes can hurt people by her do what she wants, when she wants attitude. Tries to see the good side to everything, but not too optimistic that it gets annoying. Swears a lot, often at her brother.. Acts like she hates her brother most of the time, and often hits him, but she really does love him and would do anything for him. The two can often know what the other is thinking and often finish each other’s sentences, which can creep some people out. They are very similar and yet so different at the same time.

    Weapon (that means like a weapon with fire or any special effects, i picked bow and arrow) : erm her brother taught her martial arts and she always keeps a gothic, silver dagger in her left boot at all times.

    That dress, these shoes
    That necklace, these gloves
    These earrings
    hooded cape colour ( the servers and nobles need it): a deep, crimson red.

    Looks, split for details

    Hair colour: black with the tips dyed red. (Her favourite colour)

    Hair style: falls to the middle of her back, quite wild and wavy but not proper curls. Thick side fringe rests just above her left eye.

    Eye colour: she has bright green, almond shaped eyes.

    Skin tone: naturally pale skinned but wears foundation (not the really fake, cakey kind, to make her look even paler)

    height : she is slightly shorter than average height.

    Body size: she is curvy, large breasts and longish slender legs.

    tattoos or piercings or anything else for looks : small, gothic style angel wings on her back, a star on her ankle, a music note on the inside o her wrist and we have all been degraded, we will be the greatest on going down her left arm vertically. Has her nose pierced, her belly button and her ears done-wears these earrings on the left ear and these on the right
    She also has very high cheekbones and a Monroe piercing. Wear little make up apart from white foundation, red, purple, blue or black eyeliner and a bright red-like holly red-lipstick

    Reason you're a noble or a server : erm I don`t really know. Erm maybe a relative like their mum or dad did something bad (like kill sooner or betrayed someone) and they have to do bad things to make up for it, some sort of revenge type thing. I know that sucks, please feel free to change.

    Voice (soft or rough or something) : a soft, peppery voice that rings of authority though. She rarely raises it to yell at someone when she is angry.

    Likes: music-all kinds of rock, some old decent pop music and she actually is rather fond of stuff like Mozart as it helps her relax. She likes art, stories that make you think, proving people wrong, arguing with her brother, being important to someone, feeling loved, pulling pranks and joking around. Dancing, drama(the acting kind), writing and drawing, listening to music, animals and little kids. And the colours red, purple, black and dark blue.

    Dislikes: shitty music, being forced into things, spineless people, seeing people she cares about getting hurt, the colour pink and light blue, really high heeled shoes as she can`t walk in them, embarrassing herself, being told she can’t do something and all the isms.

    Fear: her brother getting hurt, silence, water and fire.

    Anything else: she doesn`t eat meat when she can help it, if she has to she will complain about it a lot.
    Name-Kian Webb
    Part-the other twin.
    Nickname (if you have one):not got one

    Age: is a little older than Jez, by about an hour or so.

    Personality (try and match the parts :) : like his sister he loves pranks and joking around, he also acts like he hates hr and they fight a lot about silly, insignificant and often very childish things, but he does really love her as they are all each other has. Finishes her sentences a lot, just like she does. Is quite protective of her when it comes to fighting (even though he taught her how to fight and she is very good) and stuff like boys. He loves music and listens to it a lot, taught Jez a lot of life skills, pessimistic, a bit of a pervert sometimes. Has done several drugs in the past, but has now quit. Drinks a lot and smokes heavily. Likes making people laugh, swears a lot. Got a good heart but can be a bit of a troublemaker.

    Weapon (that means like a weapon with fire or any special effects, i picked bow and arrow) : erm I dunno he knows martial arts (he taught Jez) erm maybe something like he is able to cause pain just by touching someone? Or something to do with fire or water? I don`t honestly know.

    Outfit: a plain black, severely ripped t shirt, worn under this jacket
    Two spiked wristbands on each wrist, a guitar pick worn on a silver chain round his neck that is tucked into his shirt. Ripped black skinnies and these shoes

    hooded cape colour ( the servers and nobles need it): black

    Looks, split for details

    Hair colour: black with electric blue streaks.

    Hair style: like that but a little tiny bit longer

    Eye colour: one eye is green and the other is blue. He used to hide it with contacts but stopped as it hurt his eyes. Usually outlined with a little black eyeliner.

    Skin tone: very pale, placer than his sister.

    Height : very tall

    body size: very thin, not like a body builder but has some muscles.

    Tattoos or piercings or anything else for looks : very high cheekbones his arms and a lot of his chest are covered in tattoos. Has both ears pierced several times, his tongue is pierced and he has snakebites.

    Reason you're a noble or a server : same as Jez

    Voice (soft or rough or something) : talks quite loudly most of the time, when he is really pissed he goes all quiet though. A kind of rough voice, but not too rough.

    Likes: rock music, art, drawing, animals, sex, cigarettes, alcohol, body art, the colours black, green and blue and classic cars.

    Dislikes: all the isms, stereotypes, being told he can’t do something, being wrong, getting caught doing something he shouldn’t be doing (happens a lot) being told what to do, being looked down on, cruelty to animals and kids, loosing people and shitty music. Oh and people that dress too revealing and have no self respect.

    Fear: Jez getting hurt, heights and becoming addicted again and letting Jez down.

    Anything else: he is bi but is not too open about but will not hide it f directly asked and isn’t too obvious either. He finds blood really interesting but hates seeing guts and is often sick.

    sounds really cool, I`m gonna read either way. Xoxodakota
  • Auditions :] :) :D :{)

    (#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-12-04 09:18:53 AM

    Part: Don't mind whichever you think my character suits best

    Name: Apollonia Corleone (Apollonia is a character in the Godfather)

    Nickname (if you have one): Ap (but she hates it), The Godfather (cause she loves that film), Mafia Queen (cause she loves anything to do with the mafia), Don Corleone (more of a title), Don

    Age: 19 (can change)

    Gender: Female

    Personality (try and match the parts :): Rebel and a badass, hates being told what to do, likes to use big words to confuse people, swears like a drunken sailor, her family is in the Italian mafia so has grown up with violence and drugs, does several drugs herself, smokes like a fucking train, dyslexic so people think she's stupid when she's not, extremely intelligent, likes to tell stories of how she's killed people with a lot of detail, her family is Roman Catholic so she's knows most of the bible like the back of her hand but she is actually agnostic, but a good friend, over protective, paranoid, very VERY tough

    Weapon (that means like a weapon with fire or any special effects, i picked bow and arrow): The grim reapers scythe

    Outfit: Black godfather t shirt, skin-tight black leather trousers, knee high, high heeled black leather boots, black and silver studded belt, black fingerless gloves, most of the time has a lit cigarette in hand, black necklace with 2 crucifixes and a skull, has at least 17 loaded pistols on her at all times, hides about 10 knives in each boot, hides numerous other weapons on her somewhere

    hooded cape colour ( the servers and nobles need it): Black

    Looks, split for details

    Hair colour: Black

    Hair style: Like this -> except without the tiara :3

    Eye colour: Black

    skin tone: Very pale

    height: 5'11 (in heels)

    body size: Anorexic skinny

    tattoos or piercings or anything else for looks: Nose ring, lip ring, 9 piercings in each ear, monroe piercing, eyebrow piercing. "Emosexual and proud" on left wrist, "Badass" on right wrist, "Revenge!" across knuckles, "Bookworm" like Frank's, giant black angel wings covering back with "We are the fallen angels" down the spine in between the two wings, "My legs are dangling off the edge. The bottom of the bottle is my only friend. I think I'll slit my wrists my wrists again, and I'm gone, gone, gone, gone" at the bottom of back near tailbone, "Don't hold me up now. I can stand my own ground. I don't don't need your help now. You will let me down down down" on left thigh, a pistol tucked in a garter on right thigh, The Godfather logo on left hip, the slytherin badge on left shoulder, a guitar on right shoulder, "La Mia Famiglia" over heart (it's Italian for "My Family")

    Reason you're a noble or a server: She was forced to be the Don because of the death of her brother, she only killed people because she had to otherwise she would get killed too

    Voice (soft or rough or something): Cold and harsh

    Likes: Music, horror movies, coffee, cigarettes (Marlboro reds), drugs

    Dislikes: Justin bieber, chavs, slags, homophobes, racism, fascism, war

    Fear: Spiders

    Anything else: She's bi but prefers girls to guys and not afraid to admit it

    Good luck
    Can't wait
    Hope I get picked
    Sorry if it's long I do tend to go on
    If you need to know anything else just tell me

    Rosie :)
  • Auditions :] :) :D :{)

    (#) detonationmouse 2011-12-04 03:37:44 PM

    Part: The childhood friend :)

    Name: Alisha O'Connor

    Nickname (if you have one): Allie

    Age: Whatever works

    Gender: I'm a girl. ..

    Personality: easily scared/surprised, gullible, shy, friendly, book smart but not street smart (I'm confused easily), bubbly, curious, childish

    Weapon: darts with poison on the tips

    Outfit: white converse with little colorful doodles on them, ripped white skinny jeans, dark blue blazer over a white polo, a blue, red, grey tie over the t-shirt, red fingerless gloves

    hooded cape colour): dark cobalt blue

    Looks, split for details

    Hair colour: red (Like Gerard's in D.D., but darker)

    Hair style: purposely messy curls, slightly teased, with a fringe

    Eye colour: dark navy blue lined with smudged eyeliner on bottom (Like Mikey's in the Revenge era)

    skin tone: pale

    height: medium size about 5"4

    body size: petite, slightly curvy but not much

    tattoes or piercings or anything else for looks : snakebites!

    Reason you're a noble or a server: When I was 'alive' I had schizophrenia and it made me believe I had a friend (Timmy) who forced me to do bad things (kill my cat, try and suffocate my one of my older brothers, burn down my house with my family inside). I succeeded in the 1st and 2nd tasks, and was sent to an insane asylum. I felt guilty about everything I had done and made it my goal to help other people like me, or who needed guidance. I don't want any other innocent people to die.
    None of this part is true in real life!!

    Voice (soft or rough or something): kind of musical sounding, soft, kind of quiet, child-like

    Likes: playing drums, painting, cigarettes, horror movies, rock or alternative music, night time, mice, trans ams, the color yellow, learning Gaelic

    Dislikes: homophobes, alcohol. . . I don't really dislike a lot of things

    Fear: my schizophrenia to come back

    anything else: I'm bi
    Dude. . . I like this! Hope you like my audition!
  • Auditions :] :) :D :{)

    (#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2011-12-04 04:23:19 PM

    Sorry for this on the audition for the reason there is a mistake, to avoid any confusion it it suposed to say "kill someone" Sorry agin. Oh and I know my idea is pretty bad, feel free to change it, or anything else for that matter. I`m really looking forward to this, it sounds so cool and interesting. I`m gonna stop rambaling on now
  • Auditions :] :) :D :{)

    (#) XDemolitionLoverX 2011-12-04 05:00:48 PM

    Part: whatever you think fits best/whatever you need

    Name: Ashling Wylde

    Nickname (if you have one): Ash or sometimes Asha, but she prefers Ash

    Age: erm mid to late teens? Whatever fits the story.

    Gender: girl

    Personality (try and match the parts :) : she is either very loud or very quiet, it is not a good sign when she is quiet though it often means she is thinking too much. Regrets easily, finds it hard to make decisions but will follow them through when her mind is made up. Not the most outgoing of people, shy around large groups of people though it doesn`t show too badly. Is hyper when she drinks/eats anything with lots of sugar, not normally a violent person but not afraid to stand up for herself.

    Weapon (that means like a weapon with fire or any special effects, i picked bow and arrow) : a samurai sword or a dagger with poison on it.

    Something similar to this only the skirt part is a fair bit longer and reaches her knees. Wears these shoes
    That necklace and these earrings
    And lots of bracelets like in this picture.

    Hooded cape colour ( the servers and nobles need it): a deep purple-her fave colour
    Looks, split for details

    Hair colour: ahs blonde and dark purple

    Hair style:
    It is dyed like this only the pink is purple

    Eye colour: bright blue

    skin tone: pale and burns easily so she hates the sun

    height : on the short size

    body size: flat chested, well toned legs, a healthy weight-not too fat not too thin.

    Tattoos or piercings or anything else for looks : see above for earrings. She has “find your freedom in the music” going across her shoulder blades, a music note on the back of her neck and her nose pierced.

    Reason you're a noble or a server : I don`t know…erm she was forced into doing bad things by someone she once trusted or loved. You can make it up if you chose me.

    Voice (soft or rough or something) : a low, quiet voice.

    Likes: rock music, animals-wolves are her favourite, love, friends, animie, nightmare before Christmas, Halloween, the colour pink and purple.

    Dislikes: all the isms, drugs, bad music…not much else really, not a big fan of hate.

    Fear: bats and although she is embarrassed about it lighting and thunder storms.

    Anything else: she is bi and a little afraid to admit it, even to those closest to her.
  • Auditions :] :) :D :{)

    (#) midnight_star22 2011-12-04 08:22:58 PM

    Part: the smart and 'secret planner' of the 'noble' friends

    Name: Lexie Hall

    Nickname (if you have one): Lex

    Age: whatever fits

    Gender: Female

    Personality (try and match the parts :): She's very devious and sly but only against her enemies. She's very sarcastic and witty and a bit of a wise ass. She is extremely smart but she doesn't rub it in everyone's faces or correct everything they do unless she doesn't like them. Then she's the biggest bitch on the planet to them

    Weapon (that means like a weapon with fire or any special effects, i picked bow and arrow): A dagger that is very sharp and powerful and it is blue to match her eyes with a gold hilt with sapphires in it.

    Outfit: black skinnies, purple converse, and a rolling stones shirt and her favorite headband around her wrist.

    hooded cape colour ( the servers and nobles need it): emerald green

    Looks, split for details

    Hair colour:

    Hair style: the same as the link above

    Eye colour: sapphire blue to blue grey depending on her mood. sapphire is happy, blue-grey is upset or thinking

    skin tone: fair but tans very easy

    height: 5'8

    body size: quite curvy, and long toned legs from running

    tattoes or piercings or anything else for looks : lip on the left, nose on the right, bella vita down her left side, tiger eyes in the back of her neck, and a tribal star behind her right ear

    Reason you're a noble or a server: She was kidnapped along with two of her friends and they were told that they would have to kill each other in order to escape. Whoever was left standing would let free. She and her friends refused to and they only lasted a week. The man had given them weapons, and one by one her friends turned against her. She had no choice but to kill them...

    Voice (soft or rough or something): Soft and low, kind of musical.

    Likes: books, animals, music, being outside, writing, and drawing

    Dislikes: homophobes, spiders, clowns, and stupid, fak, and ignorant people

    Fear: Spiders and clowns

    Sounds very interesting :D have fun on vacation and I can't wait to read! xoxo-Lex

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