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*auditions for the servers are still open since no one wants them.

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  • Auditions :] :) :D :{)

    (#) Apocalyto 2011-12-05 07:50:36 AM

    This seems cool :)

    Part: Server

    Name: Chloe Walsh

    Age: 17 (Or whatever fits)

    Gender: Female

    Personality (try and match the parts :) : Funny, cocky, hyper sometimes, sarcastic, shy around strangers, slight insecurity issues, quiet at times, talkative, but sometimes doesn't talk to anyone at all for ages, kind, motherly to kids, blushes really badly when embarrassed, smart and book worm.

    Weapon (that means like a weapon with fire or any special effects, i picked bow and arrow): Giant black and white hammer (larger then her)

    Outfit: and

    Hooded cape colour(the servers and nobles need it): Black I guess or you can change it

    Looks, split for details

    Hair colour: Light brown

    Hair style: Below the shoulder-length, spiky hair with side fringe that always goes over left eye.

    Eye colour: Blue with brown tinges and sometimes turn pale green.

    Skin tone: Pale with freckles.

    Height: 5’5

    Body size: Average weight,

    Tattoos or piercings or anything else for looks: Nose stud

    Reason you're a noble or a server: After her parents and brother died (I know it’s cliché, but a car accident), she was forced to kill people in order to pay of the debt her parents owed even after their death.

    Voice (soft or rough or something): Soft, quiet and English accent.

    Likes: Pop tarts, cookies, Hell Bunny, Converse, Hello Kitty, Haribos, skateboarding, snow, rain (as long as its not sunny), swimming, anime, manga, iPod, baking, drawing and being around nature.

    Dislikes: Jocks, liars, cheaters, anyone who hurts friends, when people she hates invade personal space and people who label her.

    Fear: The dark.

    Anything else: English

    And can I protect Mikey? :D
    Good luck :)
  • Auditions :] :) :D :{)

    (#) Lenorebear 2011-12-05 11:19:51 AM

    I am Sam Davies in the story and i would like to protect Gerard if that would be ok XX :D
    BTW i will not be offended by anything that happens to me or said to me or i say it is only a bit of fun i love fics and don't mind what you do with my character
    XX :D

  • Auditions :] :) :D :{)

    (#) detonationmouse 2011-12-05 01:07:23 PM

    Thanks for letting me be in this! I can't wait to read it! Oh.. and if I could protect an MCR member, could it be Mikey please? :)
  • Auditions :] :) :D :{)

    (#) detonationmouse 2011-12-05 01:08:46 PM

    . . . I just noticed that Apocalyto asked first. . . nevermind :)

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