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Hoping for the best

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November 24, 2011

It's been 14 days since the party and Lindsey is still pissed at me since the incident. She been getting rides to school form Kitty and Bert. I never knew that Lindsey and Bert were that good of friends. When we had to go back to school, everyone came up to me and congratulated me for winning the game. Everything was going great until Andy came up to me and said that Lindsey slept with Kitty and Bert after I left the house. I still remember when I voiced this to Lindsey and Bert right after Andy told me.


I was practically running to find Lindsey and Bert. I still can't believe what Andy told me, but he might of been drunk like he always is at parties. Maybe he is telling the truth. Remember what the whole school says she is a whore I shook those thoughts away of course she's not a whore, she even said those were rumors and Bert is my best friend... wait, no he's more like my brother, more of a brother to me than Mik-- I mean that faggot, he would never do that to me. I finally found them sitting at the fountain.

"Hey." I said as I got closer to them

"Waz up Bro." Bert said but all Lindsey did was nod She's probably mad but she's going to be pissed when I ask her.

"I need to ask you guys something and I want the truth." I said seriously

"Umm...Okay." Bert said unsurely

"Well Andy told me that you guys slept with each other at the party." I timidly stated

"What the fuck! No we didn't, I can't you believed that faggot, he's jealous of you" Lindsey screamed

"Linds come down and just hear Gerard out" Bert said

"No Lindsey I didn't believe him. I just wanted to hear you say it and don't call Andy a faggot he is my teammate, he was probably worried for me." I said

"Whatever I don't believe you." She scoffed "It seems none of you pay attention how Andy and Ashley are both eye fucking each other when the other isn't looking"


After that conversation Bert and I started paying attention how Andy and Ashley act. That only lasted a day because they quit the football team and following them was Jake, Christan, and Jeremy. Right after they quit they decided to publicly show the school that they're together and didn't give a fuck if we call them names. I think I heard that they are starting a band called Black Male Hides or something.

"Hey Tiger." Lindsey said as she kiss me

"Hey babe. As much as I love you kissing me, why are you doing it? I thought you were still mad at me." I asked

"I was, but I thought to myself that I was acting stupid." she said

I smiled and kissed her and we started walking towards my car. As we were walking we past Bert, who stared at us with a face of confusion and sadness. He probably thought we broke up. Bert hasn't been in a relationship in year, he's probably lonely I should play matchmaker. Mmm...I know, I'll pair him with Kitty since she's single.

"Are you okay Gerard? You completely zoned out." Lindsey questioned

"Yea I'm just hoping for the best, hoping nothing happens."

First off, we are not bashing Black Veil Brides, we love them. We actually took it from a random old man we were walking past in the mall and he was talking to some old woman. He was all like:

Old Man-"My granddaughter listens to a band called 'Black Male Hides'"

Old Woman-"Oh, what a strange band name..."

We held our laughter until we pasted them. lol. Plus we're sorry this chapter is so short!

Title Credit-Cute without the E by Taking Back Sunday.


~GhØst and Pan
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