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New Home

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Let's see if Jennifer and Gerard get along!

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How did this happen? They interviewed me not that long ago and now I'm part of there family. Mama mia."Gerard, be a dear and put Jen's things in the car,"said Donna."Yes mother,"he said.While he was putting my things in the car, I was saying bye to Mary."Time to leave,"said Donna.I looked back and said "Okay,bye"."Bye,"said Mary. I walked to the car.Minus well try to be nice to the guy."Thanks Gerard for putting my stuff in the car,"I said. "You're welcome Jennifer," he said."It's Jen,"I said."Whatever,"he said.

Really? I'm fucken trying to be nice to the kid and he's over acting to be a fucken jerk. Too can play that game motherfucker. Too can play that game.We drove for what seemed to be 30 minutes and we finally stopped in front of a red, two story house.Red, me likey."Welcome to your new home," said Mikey."I like the color,"I said."Yeah, Gerard pick the color,"said Donna.Why am I not surpised?We got out the car, took out my bags, and walked in.I was shocked how beautiful the house looked."Gerard,help Jen take her bags to her room,"said Donna."Why me?,"he asked."Because you're the oldest and she doesn't know where the room is," she said.He groaned as he was grabing my bags.We both walked upstairs and walked in the last room to the left.I saw a huge window,so I went to it and looked outside.I saw a cemetery two blocks away.

That's creepy, but cool.I'ma get to see some ghost tonight hehe.I turned around, only to bump into Gerard.He pinned me up against the window and said" We need to set down some rules"."What the fuck?, get the fuck away from me,"I tried to get away from him, but he grabed my arms and pinned them in the window too."I'm in charge around her"Yeah when your mom's not here"So you will do as I say, just because you where adopted doesn't mean you get special treatment, do you understand?,"he asked. I managed to gt away from his grip.I pushed him on the bed and pinned him the same way.

"No, I don't understand, nd guess what, there is a new sherriff in town named Jen, and you are no one to tell me what to do, do you understand?,"I asked.He pushed me off him and got on top of me." That's what you think you little bitch,"he said."What's going on here?,"asked Donna as she was coming in."Nothing just having a tickle war, I won," he said proudly."You may won the battle , but the war isn't over," I said."It's so nice that the two of you are getting along so well, I'll go now," she said.He got off me and I jumped to my feet."Nice talking to you,"he said walking out.
Wow, he just missed with the wrong girl.I went out my room and saw him walking down the hallway. That's when I got a brilliant idea. I started running down towards him. Before he had time to turn around, I pushed him in a room and yelled "TAG YOU'RE IT!", He got up faster than I expected, so I started running downstairs with him right behind me."DONNA, HELP ME!,"I yelled, hiding behind her."YOU'RE DEAD!,"yelled Gerard."WOAH,WOAH,WOAH, WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?,"she asked."We're,uh..,playing t..tag, yeah, we're playing tag,"he said."Then why is she hiding behind me?," she asked."Be..because I didnt't want him to get me,"I said nervously."Aren't you a little to old to be playing tag?," she asked."What?, no, the child inside me never dies, plus you're never too old for tag, inless you know... you can't even stand,"I said scratching my head."Okay, it's time for dinner," she said. "Yay, what you make?,"I asked.

"Uh, lasagna," she said."Yum,"said Gerard." Go to the dinning table," she said."Okay," he said." Do you need any help?,"I asked." Uh, can you take the garlic bread to the table?,"she asked."Yeah, sure,"I said grabing the garlic bread and setting it on the table." You can sit there next to Mikey," she said."Okay,"I said.Good thing I'm not sitting next to Gerard. That fucken bastard.After dinner, we sat in the living room and talked.I looked at the picture next to me."Who's this?,"I asked, looking at the man in the picture."That's my husband, he died a few years ago in a car acceident,"she said sadly."I'm sorry,"I said,feeling bad for her."No, no ,it's fine, I love him and everything, but he was never a good husband," she said."Why's that?,"I asked."He,uh,..he was a hitter, you know,"she said."Yeah, I know what you mean, some men are so into themselfs, they think they can do whatever they want,"I said.

"EXACTLY,finally someone understands me,"sha said."That's the beauty about being a girl,"I said."Now I know why mom wanted to adopt a girl, gossip," said Mikey."True that," said Gerard, giving Mikey a high five."Oh, quite you two,"she said. We all laughed.It's nice having a family conversation again."So, what happened to your parents Jen?,"asked Mikey."Uh..,that's uh,.. that's something i don't feel comfortable talking about,"I said sadly, trying to hold back the tears."It's fine, you don't have to if you don't want to,"he said."Well off to bed kiddos,"said Donna."Aw,already?," asked Gerard."Yes, now go ," she said.We all went to our rooms and I waited for them to fall asleep.

"Time to leave," I whispered to myself. I grabed my bags and quietly opened my door.I have to be quiet as a mouse.I walked slowly down the hall. When I made it to the stairs, it took me 2 minutes to walk down all those stairs quietly. I walked to the door. I grabed the handle and..."Where do you think you're going?," someone behind me asked.FUCK,FUCK,FUCK!
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