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Chapter 37: EPILOGUE

by Alorkin 25 Reviews

The long awaited epilogue. Let's hope I got everyone.

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Crossover,Drama - Characters: Harry,Hermione - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2011/12/07 - Updated: 2011/12/07 - 12690 words - Complete



    (#) lala2313 2012-06-25 05:03:30 PM

    Excellent chapter/fic. 10,000/10

    Author's response

    10,000/10…WOW! I don’t’ think I’ve ever gotten that high a score before.


    (#) Mistress_of_Potions 2012-06-25 07:33:01 PM

    This story would have been worth waiting for even if it had taken twice as long. Wonderful character developmen t and plotlines.

    There are only two things with which I don't really agree. One: the almost canonization of Ron Weasley after his death. Although, since I have never lost someone I love to war, I could be missing the emotional connection and am not properly evaluating how "survivor's guilt" would affect those left behind. Especially Harry's guilt at being unable to save his first friend.

    Two: the epilogue. I thought the story was good as it was and the epilogue unneccessary.

    Author's response

    Hello, Mistress.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed my tale. It was a long and difficult journey, tying together all the little threads I’d created…and as you’ve said, developing the main characters. Something that She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named never did.

    Let’s deal with the two things.
    First: Yeah, Ron was kinda sainted, but people need heroes…especially in the aftermath of such a psychologically devastating war as Voldemoert had waged. Given Harry’s personality, I can see him doing that. Ron was his first friend his own age, and as you said, there is an emotional connection. While he did something stupid, Ron, became that hero. Just like Dudley, qwhenhetold the Queen he didn’t do it because he was brave. He lost his temper, think Marissa was dead. I’ve met a few Medal Of Honor Winners and each of them told me they survived doing something stupid because they were very lucky. I don’t hold the MoH, but I do have two Purple Hearts and I feel the same way. If I hadn’t been so gung-ho, I might not have been hurt. While it’s true, the last thing I can see Harry doing was saying; “Ron died because he was stupid."
    I don’t think that would have gone over well.

    You’re right. There would be survivor’s guilt, primarily because none of them are true soldiers. They’d been trained in as realistic a manner as I could arrange, but with a few exceptions, they’d never been blooded, and that usually causes problems. In many ways, Harry’s arrangements were because he felt guilty that he couldn’t save Ron.

    Next: The epilogue sorta wrote itself and you would not believe how much cutting I had to do to get it as short as it was.

    Thanks for the thoughtful words.


    (#) mwinter 2012-06-25 09:21:00 PM

    Thank you for the great story. Awaiting your next great one.

    Author's response

    Thanks, mwinter.

    I’m working on several, so the first one I feel is ready, wil be the first one posted.

    There’s also thhe RL demon beating my head in. (Grins)


    (#) ladysavay 2012-06-26 12:20:28 AM

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. You are a very gifted and intelligent writer, and I'd be more than thrilled to read whatever you decide to write next.

    I just have to ask. Who is Robert? I mean, you had both Neville and Harry name one o f thier children Robert. so he must mean something to you. Care to share?

    Author's response

    Hello, Ladysavay,

    Thank you for your kind words. I’m happy you enjoyed the journey. I have some thigns to arrange before I can begine to post on anything like a regular schedule but when I do, you’ll be (among) the first to know.

    There are two Roberts actually, the first was a good friend of mine while I was a teenager. He died of AIDS in the late 80’s.

    The second was a buddy of mine while I was with the Marine Corps. He had the oddest sense of humor. He was killed in Lebanon in ‘83, the same day I was hit in Beirut, in fact. I mentioned him in my authors notes for chapter 37. A few months later, I helped his wife deliver their baby.


    (#) DarkShura 2012-06-26 03:13:00 AM

    The great story. Thanks for writing.

    Author's response

    I’m glad you liked it.


    (#) sargentaaron2004 2012-06-26 04:13:59 PM

    Wow, I was certainly suprised to see an email saying "Jedi Potter"...

    Such a great end to a great story.

    Not read any of this story since your last update... but i remember nearly all of it so vividly, whether by your amazing story writing or lucky coincidence, I'm glad that the previous chapter always seemed vivid enough for the next to stay in context.

    Kind Regards Aaron. - Reader of your stories for over 5 years.

    PS: I do hope that is is not your last story, as I would love to read more from you. Your stories are always detailed and lengthy. Giving the ready time to relax and let the world you create absorb them.

    Author's response

    Hey, Sarge!

    The surprise was unintended. I corrected my notes in chapter 36, I’d written ‘Can’t Have it Both Ways’ was written by Seel’vor, where it was actually written by Robst. Both excellent writers. Anyway, I corrected it but didn’t think a correction after the story was finished would rate a ‘new chapter’ alert. Sorry.

    I am tickled pink and at the same time, humbled beyod belief that a story of mine has touched so many readers in such a fashion. (Like Wow, Scoob!)

    Five years. It doesn’t seem that long. I reckon you and Cateagle are my two longest running readers. (GORSH!)

    (Ps) Have no fear, this is by no means my last story. When I have the RL demon under control, I’ll get back to posting my longer fics…and I have always believed that details were what make the story. (Of course, Melville did carry it a bit far.) One of my pet peeves is a story with 500-1,000 chapters and months between postings. I like something I can get my teeth into.

    In the meanwhile, I’ll be posting some shorts from time to time.

    That said, I did post a few new ones over the past month. ‘Defiance’ which is my answer to the Marriage laew Challenge, ‘Voldemort in Hell’ (I think…I many have renamed it) pure crack, and Adultury, which is smut, thinly overlain by a plot. Give ‘em a go.

    Until Next time…


    (#) Robin42069 2012-07-20 04:57:06 PM

    this has been a great story i only found it after it was finished but i loved it theres alot of real life in it and not so fairy tail which i love.i like that its somewhat based in real life as in not everything ends will a happily ever after theres some rough patches it makes it more real to me or maybe i should say it makes it more plausible to thanks for the fantastic story

    Author's response

    Hello, Robin,

    This was two and a half years of research, writing editing and posting, with several personal events, tragedies and memories, thrown in for flavour. A perfect Harry I will never write, because I believe flaws are what make a character interesting. And life is never a truly smooth road, thus the rough spots. All in all, it was a pleasure to write and I truly appreciate that you enjoyed it.


    (#) dragonheck 2013-01-05 11:48:49 PM

    I was truly moved even though i have read this story in the year 2013 this story has moved and brought to tears more than once and i appluad you and your dedication even through the daeth of your beta which i must say was sad to hear and that such a thing normally destroys most good writers even though Rowling original story was good your story a simple 36 chapters told a more compelling and heartwrenching story this will be 1 of a very (i have found 2 stories before this out of several million i have read (i tend to have free time)) select few that i will actually print and create a physical copy of to perserver even if this site disappears even though i wish this story could be printed and spread worldwide i know that is unfourtanately the curse of fanfiction goood stories can never be publicly distrubted without the original authors express and written approval so as i sadly end this review and close this chapter of my reader career (not actual career of course that would be silly) i bid adue and "May the Force be With You"

    Author's response


    I’m most touched that you so enjoyed my story. Even after I finished writing JEDI POTTER, I still get reviews of those who have just discovered and enjoyed reading. My sister was dear to me, but I knew she would insist I finish the story. (Not to mention she’d find a way to haunt me if I were to give up on this.)

    There are many excellent FF writers, some of my favorites being Robst, Seel’vor, (though he hasn’t written in some time), BobMin (who are a husband/wife team) Clell65619, Kinsfire, Old Crow (from whom I have swiped a few characters) Loralee, Paladeus, Radaslab, Rohata, Shadrac, Silverfawkes, Pixel and Stephanie Forever, P.S.Tibbons, and Reptillia28. All have produced excellent stories, from humour to drama, romance, and tragedy, and each has brought something new to the world Rowling gave us. I think all of them deserve a look.

    That you’ve made a physical copy for future reading is even more complementary…especially given that I know how many pages there are!

    Your statement on perseverance is as the Brits say; spot on. Without that one trait, we would be bereft of many, many excellent stories. JEDI POTTER took over two years to research, write, edit and post. It was in fact, one of the hardest, and at the same time, most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

    I’m not so concerned about actually printing my works, because I borrowed the ‘verse from JKR, but fanfic writers get our reward in a different form of currency. That currency is reviews. You’d be amazed at how good you feel to read what other people think of your imagination.

    Now, that you’ve had your first taste of fanfiction, I suggest you try your hand at writing. Think on a way to improve or adapt the Potterverse to your own words. It needn’t be ornate; in fact, I’d recommend it be simple, but it will be a gauge of your writing ability and I think the more you do it, the better you get at it. I’ve posted twenty something stories before I began JEDI POTTER, each being of differing complexity and genre, and I am currently working on more. Those readers who like my works (and some who don’t) tell me, and each review I get helps to improve my writing. I think it’ a nice reward…and the government has no way to tax it. (Snicker!)

    By the way, all the Star Trek and Star Wars novels were written by people who started out as fanfiction authors.

    I’m looking forward to your first posting.


    (#) MonCappy 2013-04-22 04:26:06 AM

    I like how you ended this story. While I am saddened that Harry died relatively young, his abuse from the Dursleys had consequences so his death at that age makes sense. Still, at least that last 40 plus years of his life were very happy ones.

    This was a well written story overall and I very much enjoyed it. I also liked the final fates for Snape and Dumbledore.

    Author's response

    Hey MonCappy.

    I’m handling both these reviews as one.

    Alas, my sister passed on Sept 1, of 10. In many ways she was responsible for her own death, in that she didn’t talke care of herself. She allowed herself to become and remain morbidly obese and I believe that was the prime contributing factor.

    I will miss her for as long as I live.

    Harry: I wrote both outcomes, but in the end, I decided it was better to have hm meet the frce in the Jedi manner. On a personal note, I both lived this kind of abuse and due to my time in the military being a fearless idiot, I’ve had seventy three broken bones, at least four concussions, two torn rotator cuffs and more scars than I’d like to admit. I’m probably going to die before I hit seventy. On the other hand, I did a survey a few years ago, and with the exception of being an astronaut, I’ve done everything I wanted to do as a kid. (Did a lot of things I didn’t want to, too!)

    Snape/Dumbledore: I couldn’t imagine more appropriate fates for either of them.


    (#) Jonn_Wolfe 2013-06-23 09:31:59 PM

    At first, wasn't sure about this. However, the more I read, the more I realized just how good the interactions and characterizations were. As it was, I was drawn in and read the entire thing in one go. That said, Epilogues which show how the heroes die depresses me. So, I'm a bit maudlin at the moment. Overall, I'd say this is a real winner. Major kudos.

    Author's response

    Hello, John Wolfe.

    Thank you! I am…humbled that despite your initial reaction, you continued to read. I’ve always felt the interactions between characters, the characters themselves and the little details involved, are what makle a story interesting.

    ~As it was, I was drawn in and read the entire thing in one go.~ I do hope you got some sleep! To this point, you’ve read some 54,000 words. Don’t put your health or your job at risk for this story. It should still be there tomorrow.

    You need not worry about becoming depressed at the end of this story. There will be no epilogue hero deaths here. The bad guys on the other hand…


    Until next week,


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