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You'd Better Run Like the Devil

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Kat's back. Shiz starts next chapter. be patient - BUT YOU GOTTA READ THIS OR THE NEXT CHAPTER WONT MAKE SENSE!!

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WELL, WELL, WELL CHAPTER TWO ;D yeah so sorry for not updating sooner but school’s a bitch and… yeah. We had this business day recently and I died. It was that bad. And my tights were itching the bottom of my legs. They were stinging like the mofos they are :/ and Emily turned up in some badass (~ahem~) 19th century looking outfit. It made me laugh (: ANYWAY enough of my rambling, LET’S GO MEET THE WIZARD OF OZ!!

Gerard sat in the kitchen, watching the sun haul itself up painfully slowly into the vast sky. The colours that stained the world’s ceiling mingled and collided with each other in slow motion, like an angel was messing with the computer screen settings on the sky. He sighed and bought his steaming coffee to his lips, sipping the liquid with satisfaction and reverence. Hell, he worshipped coffee. It was the ultimate gift from God, or whatever was up there.

The house was silent except from the occasional malfunctional click emitting from their ancient polka dot coffee maker and Gerard's quiet breathing.

Gerard sat in the kitchen for what seemed hours, only stirring to pour himself more coffee, as he waited for the world to rise from its deep and peaceful slumber.
Suddenly, a harsh beeping sound interrupted the silence, followed by muffled moans and a heavy thump. A sharp scream pierced the air. Gerard sighed and placed his coffee down on the stained wood of the kitchen table. Well, Mikey was awake. Which meant Gerard had to go beat him to the bathroom before he picked himself up off the floor.
He bounded up the stairs, two at a time, fuelled with coffee induced energy. He poked his head around Mikey’s door.
“Oh, hey Mikes. I didn’t know you were up,” he yelled over the persistent ring of the alarm clock. Mikey looked up at his older brother, an expression of bewilderment plastered across his face.
“Sparkles?” he asked innocently. Gerard facepalmed himself, harder than intended.
“Ah Mikey… when will you ever learn…unicorns don’t exist…” he sighed, turning out of the room. As soon as he left Mikey’s company, he bent over, clutching his throbbing nose, silently screaming a string of violent curses at his brain’s disability at judging force.

He staggered into the bathroom and pulled the bolt across, locking himself into the yellowing and unclean bathroom.
He pulled the mirror cabinet open to hide his reflection from his lifeless eyes. He pulled a brush roughly through his explosive mop of black hair and brushed his teeth quickly and thoroughly until him gums began to bleed. He winced as the chemicals of the toothpaste seeped into his veins through the open skin. He slurped a mouthful of freezing water and spat out the discoloured rusty liquid onto the cracked porcelain of the ancient sink, reeling at the sting it left in his mouth. He left the toothpaste searing the roof of his mouth as he pushed his cupped hands under the faucet. He watched as the icy liquid leaked over the edge of the makeshift basin, cascading like diamonds, smashing into a thousand pieces before splashing it over his weary face. He screwed up his face, clamping his eyes shut to protect them from the violent sting of the water, snorting to push the spray out of his nostrils. He shook his head and blinked a few times, the dull sting tugging on the corners of his bloodshot eyes.
Gerard pulled the cupboard door shut and forced himself to look at his defeated face. His skin was pale and slightly taut over his cheekbones, contrasting heavily with the angry purple bags under his once captivating hazel eyes. His nose looked wonky. He tilted his head to the side slightly beginning to frown before turning his head to another angle to see if that made his nose look right. His hair fell over his face and ticked the side of his nose. He sneezed violently making his eyes water. He shook his head wearily, frowning deeply to himself before applying heavy black eyeliner to disguise the ugly blotches under his eyes. He sighed heavily before turning to walk out of the bathroom.


Breakfast that morning was decidedly quiet. Donna sat on the worn out sofa in the living room, hunched over a cold cup of coffee, staring dejectedly into nothingness, her long, unkempt hair curtaining her tortured face. Elena was out that morning so Gerard and Mikey had to make do with Froot Loops and coffee. They sat silently at the ancient and decaying oak table, looking nowhere but their food. At last, Mikey broke the silence by sighing loudly and clattering his spoon heavily into his empty bowl. Donna flinched slightly from her position on the couch but didn’t even move, let alone look up when he walked over to her and lightly kissed the top of her head. Mikey sniffed and wiped a stray tear from the side of his thin face. He trudged up the stairs slowly, muttering to Gerard to hurry up in a crushed monotone. Wordlessly, Gerard followed his brother up the stairs, averting his eyes from the hopeless figure of his mother in the next room.


The two brothers trudged to school, tall, skinny figures hunched side by side in the cold November morning. Tendrils of steam twirled into the clear air above them, twisting in time with their even breathing. They didn’t speak or look at each other until they reached the wrought iron gates of hell. Or as the teachers call it, Bellville High. Mikey looked over the frames of his black and white glasses, scanning the parking lot for, searching for the beat up frame of Colby’s ancient Ford. He let out a low whistle as his eyes fell on the sleek black body of a shiny new Mustang.

“Oh my fucking jebus…” he breathed, coming to a halt just inside the tall gates. Gerard looked back at his brother inquisitively.

“Eh… Mikey what’s got ya’?” Seeing Mikey’s lustful stare he turned round slowly and his hands fell limp at his sides. Gerard’s mouth dropped slightly as he took a long, drawn-out breath with longing.

The sleek Mustang stuck out a couple of miles from where it sat among the second and third hand cars clustered around it. The parking lot was unusually silent. The driver door clicked open and the soft murmuring that haunted the concrete stretch immediately died away as everyone turned expectantly to see who the owner was.

A tall girl with freakishly pale skin and long, burning fire engine red hair stepped confidently onto the cold tarmac. She was clad entirely in black leathers and denims and stood with a menacing air. She slammed the door of her car shut, smirking at the crowd of awed onlookers which mainly consisted of guys. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small rectangular packet. She pulled out a cigarette and lit it up. She took a long drag and leant against the side of the car, blowing clouds of smoke into the freezing air and swiftly locked her car.
She slipped her cigs, lighter and car keys into her pocket and stared amused over the vanishing sea of faces as the people on the edge snuck awkwardly away, casting longing glances over their shoulders.

The Way brothers started forwards uncertainly to take a closer look at the car. The red head glanced their way and beamed widely, shrugging off the side of the car and stamping out her cancer stick on the hard floor. Realisation crashed on them as they recognised her familiar features. Their faces lit up, igniting like sparks as they began to rush forwards.
“KAT! OH MY- FUCKIN HELL!!” “OHMYGOD KAT!!” they screamed running towards her. She pushed her way through the crowds. People fell away as she drew near, fearing her bold character. Kat ran towards her cousins and they met with a huge collision, laughing and jumping around like idiots.

“Wow Gee. I gotta say. I’mma lovin’ ya hair,” she drawled in a slow Chicago/New Jersey accent. Gerard just grinned at her. “And Mikes? Since when d’ya become a four-eyes?” she grinned playfully, her hazel eyes sparkling with mischief.
“Bitch, shut up,” laughed Mikey, punching her arm jokingly.
“How ya’ been? I can see you’re doin’ well for yourself,” Gerard smirked, gesturing to her ride.
“Ya’ know… the ‘Stang kinda gives it away right?” she winked, grinning. They laughed comfortably, catching up on random things in the slowly emptying parking lot.

“Meh guys… I don’t really wanna be a killjoy, ‘cos this is fun and stuff, but being late on ya’ first day won’t look to good,” frowned Mikey.
“Always the older and more responsible one,” Kat chuckled, rolling her eyes despairingly. Regardless, they began to amble towards the plain grey building, filing through the peeling cherry pained doors. Kat wrinkled her nose in disgust at the familiar stench of sweat, sweltering plastic and gone-off meat that wafted through the stuffy corridors.
“Eww… stinks in this shithole,” she muttered.
“Be glad you ain’t been here for the past four years,” replied Gerard darkly. Kat glanced at him and could swear a shadow crossed his expression. Seeing his cousin’s worried expression, Gerard turned his head away, grinding his jaw. Kat shrugged but made a mental note to interrogate him about his high school career at a later date.

“So… where do we go from here?”asked Kat, slipping her fingerless leather gloved hands through the belt loops of her skinny black jeans.
“The office, I guess,” shrugged Mikey. The Way brothers started forwards again, more wary now they were squashed among the bodies of other people bustling their ways to classes, quite eager to give the two misfits a sharp push. Kat stood between them, head held high, apprising the crowds of faces that filled the corridors. Occasionally, a face would turn into a dark smirk at the scrawny boys walking by her, but seeing the menacing girl striding between them, they looked swiftly away, suddenly remembering they accidentally forgot something from their locker and turning quickly back. They slowed outside yet another fading cherry painted door. It had one word printed across it in white paint: SCHOOL OFFICE. Gerard pushed open the door and they piled into the warm space of the waiting area. A middle aged woman with greying hair pulled into a tight bun looked up at the incomers. Her stern eyes bore into Kat’s for a moment. She stood up and her face broke into a wide smile.

“Well, well, well… if it ain’t li’l Kitty,” she grinned chuckling to herself, walking round the side of her high desk and pulling Kat into a hug.
“Y’haven’t changed much Mrs Brown,” smiled Kat, squeezing her shoulders gently.
“I guess not. Kindergarten weren’t that long ago were it? And judgin’ by the looks’o ya’ I’m guessin’ you ain’t Kitty no more.”
“Nah, they call me Kat now.”
“You were quite the Kat in kindergarten. You an’ Gerard are the reason I got grey hair,” she smirked. “Anyways, I really gotta let you guys out now. Y’know Mr Anderson hates ya guts Mikes.”
“Sure,” laughed Mikey rolling his eyes. “See ya ‘round Clare.”
“Yeah. Now ya better behave ya’self Kitts, cos I’ll get the Big Man on ya trail,” she chuckled handing Kat her timetable
“Whatever,” sighed Kat, scanning her new timetable. Gerard snatched it out of her hands and grinned triumphantly.
“Fuck yeah we got the same lessons,” he yelled punching the air. “Thanks Clare,” he grinned.
“Anytime Gerard. Now GO!! All o ya,” she screamed, pushing them playfully out of the office back into the surging mass of sweaty bodies, shutting the door firmly behind them. She chuckled to herself as she sat back behind her desk.
“She means trouble,” Clare murmured to her computer screen. She sighed and continued on with her work.
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