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Not giving any hints this time...Oh I'm cruel

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Here ya go guys! We're really nearing the end and I'm so excited! Hope you guys enjoy , R&R it please? xoxo Love you guys!

Gerard’s POV
We played another great show tonight, this time Emily stayed backstage, she wanted to be in the crowd again but I didn’t like the idea of it and Meddy agreed with me, she still looked like she had a good time.
I get into the tour bus and unfortunately we have no time to even say good bye to Blink-182 so no time to meet any more fans, I talk to Meddy to see if there is any chance of getting a signing at Reading but turns out I’m too late.
I know Emily isn’t going to sleep tonight, we had a talk today and she said the only way the dreams stop is if she doesn’t sleep for a night or two, I’m going to try my hardest to stay up with her even though she says I need to sleep for Reading.
Frank talked to me today as well, it was another private chat in the rec room,
“Dude I gotta make sure something” he started,
“And that is…?” I sighed and brushed my hand through my hair,
“You really like her?”
“Yeah man. I mean. Like, she makes me feel so…different and passionate about the music and the fans. I dunno how to describe it Frank but I do like her.”
He smiled, “ classic Gee, another question I gotta ask” he paused, “You gonna keep it a secret?”
I look at him, I hadn’t really thought about it, I guess everybody would find out there was no point in trying to hide it but I don’t know what Meddy will say,
“I don’t know” I paused, “Emily doesn’t want too, she says secrets never work…I don’t know what the fans and press will say”
Frank sighs, “Dude, the real fans will support you every step of the way, you know that”
“Yeah I know. Blog or concert?”
“I’ll talk to Emily, but it will all probably be out by tomorrow night.” I sighed, “never out of drama am I?”
Frank just punched me in the arm and then hugged me, “part of the business dude. Part of the business”
I remember wakling out of the rec room feeling somewhat better, but now fear had kicked in, what if I fucked everything up for the band? I could ruin everything.
“Emily we need to talk” I mumbled as I sat up from the couch, she looked up at me worried but came and sat next to me, I put my arm around her and hugged her, “What do you want to do?”
“About what?” she asked worriedly,
“Us. Keep us a secret, or tell everyone”
“It’s up to you Gee, it effects you the most”
I laughed, “But it’s our decision”
She snuggled into me, “I don’t want it to be a secret, I want to show everybody how much I care about you and how special you make me feel, but I don’t want to cause you lots of trouble.” She paused
“Good. How we going to tell people?”
She looked at me shocked, clearly not the answer she was hoping for, “What?”
“Isn’t Meddy going to be angry”
“You have GOT to stop worrying, I’m with you, I like being with you and I want to be with you for a very long time. I want to show you the world and I want the world to know that you mean so much to me” I paused, she began to smile but I could see in her eye’s she was doubting me, “I mean that Emily. I really do”
She paused and thought for a minute, “I think we should make a video”
“A video?” I asked confused,
“Yeah, for the website…I’m not so great at being the centre of attention and I am good with computer stuff and I just think it’d be cool because you could like tell everyone and then talk to the fans, give them something to talk and think about, like reassure them that you still love us…”
“They think I don’t love them?”
“No sometimes we just think that you’re sort of…pissed off with us” Emily flicks her fringe down to hide herself,
“Video it is then…Does the laptop have a webcam?”
“Yeah it does let’s do it now while the guys are still awake!”
Emily jumps up and runs to the laptop, and I follow behind her. This is going to be exciting.
Emily’s POV
I quickly set up the webcam and try to make it as best quality as I can, and I sit Gerard in front of it, hit record and jump out of the way, I give him a thumbs up to show him that he can speak now.
“Hey guys! It’s Gee here from My Chemical Romance and I just wanted to make a quick video for you guys and explain a few things. First of all, thank you for all the kind messages and support you guys have given me since the divorce, please don’t give her hate over twitter or any other site because these things happen, and look I’m fine!” Gerard pulled a cheesy grin at the camera, “Now another thing, there has been a lot of gossip as to whether or not I am with somebody new. I’m going to put a stop to these rumours now. I have found somebody new, and she is younger than me, but she makes me happy. Age is only a number right guys.” Gerard looks at me and smiles “Come over here” he asks me,
“No.” I laugh,
“Please?” Gerard begs into the camera, “I want to show you off the whole wide world”
“Gee…” I moan but he stands up and grabs me over to him and sits me on his lap,
“Isn’t she beautiful?” Gerard beams up at me, “ I think you guys are really gonna like her”
Despite the fact I’m incredibly embarrassed, I can’t stop smiling and I feel so amazing that Gerard wants to tell the whole world about me. He just told the whole world I was beautiful.
“Can I go now?” I ask, laughing, I think Gerard thinks I am joking because he just carries on with his video,
“We’re on the bus going to the airport now and heading over the UK to headline Reading Festival! We’re so excited, how many of you guys are comin?” I jump off of Gerard’s lap and rub his hair as I move back to my seat, “Anyway…See you later killjoys, never give up. I’m out”
And then Gerard turns the laptop to me and I stop recording, we then watch the video back together and I can’t help but laugh at how cute he is,
“We best show Meddy first and get the heads up from the guys” I suggest,
Gerard sighs, “Good idea”
I send Gerard to go and get the guys while I edit the video, it doesn’t take long as I all I have to do is cut out the end and the beginning.
We plug the laptop into the TV and the guys watch the video, they all seem to think it’s okay, Ray looks really excited about playing Reading and after Meddy gives us the go ahead, I help Gerard upload the video to the site and the bands youtube channel.
I can’t believe my relationship status has just been broadcast all over the world. Fuck. I forgot to tell Megan.
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