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Tears Like Rain

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Chapter 3

Tears Like Rain

O soul, be chang'd into little water drops
And fall into the ocean, ne'er be found.
- Christopher Marlowe, 'Doctor Faustus'

Roxas sighed, watching the storm from the window. It seemed like there was never a sunny day here. It was always dark. So...gloomy and depressing. And it never changed. Roxas wished that maybe just once the sun could come out, though it doubted it would happen. He pressed a hand to the window but his gloves made it hard for him to feel. He ripped them off almost angirly and threw them on his bed before turning around again and pressing his now ungloved hands to the window once more. He wanted to feel. Why wouldn't the Organization leader, Xemnus, not want them to be able to feel? Afterall, wasn't he the one that brought them all together so they could complete Kingdom Hearts and become whole beings?

The boy narrowed his eyes, now pressing his face against the window, sitting on his chair. He couldnow hear the rain outside, beating against the dark city.

"What the heck are you doin'?" Axel's voice came, breaking Roxas's concentration. The blonde turned to see the older teen staring at him with a confused look.

"Uh-um. I...was just listening..." he answered softly.

"To what?" Axel said, glancing at the window. "Someone out there?"

"No. I was just listening to the rain. It's...calming...I guess." Roxas turned to look back at the window, pressing his hand against it again and closing his eyes.

Axel grinned and copied him, taking off his gloves and pressing his hands against the cold glass as well. Roxas glanced nervously back at Axel and he tried not to blush. He was silent for a moment before asking, "What do you feel?"

Axel turned to look at him, his green eyes softening. "The window? It feels cold."

Roxas nodded. "Yeah. ...Just like everything else here."

Axel smiled. "Not everything. I'm not cold, am I?"

"Eh, no. Of course not. You''re my best friend, Axel," Roxas answered.

"And you're not cold either," Axel continued. "See?" The older teen gently took hold of the other's hand. "Your hands are warm...just like your heart," he added, his voice saddening.

"But, Axel...we're nobodies. We don't have hearts. We're...we'll all be lost if Kingdom Hearts is never completed. We'll...fade nothing." Roxas turned away from him. There was that feeling again. He felt like he was going to cry once again.

"Don't we have hearts?" Axel said, sounding quite grave. "Who knows. Maybe we do and we just can't feel it. But we know it's there... If we really truly don't have hearts, then how are we able to feel?" He then grinned. "I know you have one."

Roxas froze, biting his lip. He felt another emotion other than sadness. One he had thought he had first felt when he was first starting to trust Axel. But what was this emotion called? And why did Axel make him feel this way. He then smiled at Axel, his eyes shinning. "Thanks, Axel," he replied. He then went over to sit on his bed, his hands still ungloved. He picked up his book and felt the soft pages for the first time with his fingers. Then he began to read in his mind from where he had left off.

Chapter 16. The Sight. Love bade me welcome: yet my soul drew back,
Guilty of dust and sin
-George Herbert, "Love (111)", He read.

Love. Was that it? Was that what Axel made him feel? Roxas sighed, deep in thought. It couldn't be love, could it? Sure, Roxas cared about Axel more than anyone. He was his best friend but nothing more than that, right? Or was there something more?

"Axel," he said, putting The Sight down and looking over at the older teen. "What exactly is the"

"Love?" Axel blinked in surprise, giving him a blank stare before answering, "Love is...affection for another."

"Affection for another," Roxas repeated, thinking. " you love me?"

Axel's eyes widened and he stifled a gasp. "Wah? a friend, I mean!" He stared at the boy, both confused and shocked.

"Oh. So...there's two kinds of love? Like one that's more like a bond of friends and another that's more like two people that are attracted to one another?" Roxas continued to probe Axel.

"Yeah. That's it," Axel replied before looking at him suspiciously. "Why did you want to know though?"

"Uh. W-well, the word was in the book, is all," Roxas stammered, trying to hold back a blush. Again, he wondered just how much he liked Axel.

"What's up with you?" Axel asked, looking rather worried.

"N-...nothing, Axel-san," Roxas answered. "It's just...nevermind." He looked away but Axel sat next to him.

"Tell me. You can't hide things from me. You know that. Now, c'mon, Roxas. What's on your mind, huh?" the red-head replied.

Roxas sighed. It was true. He couldn't hide anything from Axel. Sometimes it seemed like he couldn't hide anything from anyone. The boy was not that good at pretending. "Well...I've been having these...weird thoughts lately...and I don't quite understand them..."

"Oh. I see..." Axel said softly, caressing the side of Roxas's face with his gloved hands. He too wondered how much he liked the other. Roxas stiffened and now he couldn't hold it back no longer. He blushed and he grew still, a nervous, almost embarressed look on the boy's face. "Axel...I..."

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door...and then another.


"Open the damn door!" came an angry female voice. The two instantly realized it was Larxene.

Axel sighed, leaving Roxas's side to go open the door. Roxas's eyes saddened yet he felt a little relieved for the sudden intrusion had caused him to not be able to finish what it was he was going to say. But how long could he keep his mouth shut again before he felt the need to say what was really on his mind?

"What do you want, Larxene?" Axel growled.

"Xemnus wants to talk to that wretched boy so-" She broke off and yelled angirly when Axel grabbed her hood and pulled it over her face. "Stop it!" she hissed, pushing him away rather forcefully.

Axel narrowed his eyes. "Then swear that you'll leave him alone for now on. Can't you find someone else to bully?"

Larxene wrinkled up her nose in disgust. "Don't think so. He's the easiest to pick on out of the whole Organization. Why would I try to pick on anyone else? You know I always pick out the weak ones to bully," she scoffed.

"Don't," Axel said seriously. "Now, what is it Xemnus wants with him?"

"I dunno. He just sent me to fetch the wre-eh...I mean, the boy, and take him to him. He didn't say why," she replied, her eyes sparkling cunningly. "Why? Do you know something I don't know? Did your friend do something bad?"

"No! Roxas...Roxas isn't bad," Axel said, softening his tone as he looked back at the boy who was reading his book again. "And you know that, Larxene," he hissed.

"Yeah, I know," she admitted. "He's the quiet one." Larxene rolled her eyes. "Let's go, Roxas!" she yelled.

Roxas looked up, turning his attention to her and Axel. "Huh?"

"Roxas," Axel began, "Xemnus wants to speak to you."

"Why?" the boy replied. His heart started pounding in his chest and worry started to flood his mind. Why did Xemnus- the leader of the Organization want to see him? He hadn't done anything, had he?

"I don't know," the red-head answered. "But I'm sure you're not in trouble. Heh. That's pretty much impossible. Now, c'mon. I'll come with you," he added, holding out his hand to him.

Roxas was just about to accept his help when he heard Larxene snap "No! You can't go with him."

"Why not?" Axel growled, turning around to glare angirly at her.

"I was ordered to take Roxas to Xemnus; not Roxas and you, too!" she answered, crossing her arms.

Axel was just about to argue but Roxas had already chimed in.

"It's okay, Axel. I'm sure I'll be fine," the boy said gloomily and with this, he followed Larxene out into the hall.

Axel stood there, a wounded look on his face. He hoped Roxas would be alright. Wait... what if Xemnus didn't even want to see Roxas? What if this was just another evil plan Larxene had come up with? Or what if it wasn't and Xemnus did want to see the boy... to execute him or something like that?

Larxene opened a door and pushed Roxas inside the room before leaving him there, shouting it with a loud BANG. Roxas slowly walked forward, his light blue eyes filled with fear. Xemnus stood in front of him, no expression on his face.

" wanted to see me, Xemnus-sama?" he said nervously.

Xemnus nodded. "I need to speak with you Roxas," he said.

Roxas stifled a shiver. Xemnus was so unfeeling. "Y-yes, Xemnus-sama?"

"Come...Chosen One of the keyblade. There is much I need to tell you."

Roxas froze, his eyes opening wide. It was as if time itself had slowed down. His mind was spinning with troubled thoughts. "Chosen One?" he breathed.
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