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Auditions, anyone?

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Audition for mah story and I will love you FOREVER!

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Hi guys! I know I already have like 6 other stories I should be focusing on, BUUUT I have this really good story idea. SOOOO I need auditions. Sadly I will only get to chose two of you. The story is set in highschool and I can give you the plot BUT I don't want to give too much away so here's the thing 'This was the last straw. They had been mistreated by the people that 'loved' them too many times. They decided to run. So they just kept running, but they didn't know where.' I need two bestfriends. Well hope you guys like it, heres the app:

Name(Full please)-
Nicknames(Which one's you hate and which one's you perfer)-
Who you want to be with (Anyone from FOB, P!ATD, MCR, etc. Ryan's taken sowwy:3)-
Sexual orientation-

Hair color-
Hair style-
Eye color-
Eye shape-
Nose shape-
Lip shape-
Scars, freckles, etc.-
Skin tone-

Why you're running away-
How you act towrds friends-
How you act towards enemies-
Who you would be friends with-
Favorite food-
Least favorite food-
Bad habits-
Anything else-


Name(Full please)- Gabriella Ryder Aliss Sage-Marie Christine Rae
Nicknames(Which one's you hate and which one's you perfer)- Perfers Gabe, Ryder, Gee, Aliss, Chris. Hates the nicknames Gabriel, Sage-Marie, Sage, Marie, Christie, Christine.
Age(13-17)- 14
Personality- Quiet mostly, random, happy, abstract thoughts, questions alot of things,very suspicious of you when she first meets you, sarcastic, dirty-minded.
Who you want to be with (Anyone from FOB, P!ATD, MCR, etc. Ryan's taken sowwy:3)- Ryan.
Sexual orientation- Straight.
Birthday- October 31, 1997.

Hair color- Crimson red.
Hair style- Long, down to her waist, emo fringe from the right side of her head.
Eye color- Grey with specks of blue.
Eye shape- Big, doe like eyes.
Nose shape- Like Gerard Way's.
Lip shape- Like Brendon Urie's.
Tattoos/Piercings- 'Suck my dick' tattooed on her right hip, lip ring, bellybutton ring.
Scars, freckles, etc.- none.
Skin tone- Vampire pale.
Height- 5'3

Family- Her mom, dad, and older brother.
Backstory- She lived in a good home with a loving family until her dad came home drunk one night and killed her mom. She jsut barely got away because her older brother shoved her out of the front door while he stayed back and got killed too.
Why you're running away- Her dad is trying to kill her.
How you act towrds friends- random, happy, loud, sarcastic(in a good way).
How you act towards enemies- suspicious, sneaky, sarcastic(in a bad way), distrustful.
Who you would be friends with- People like her or people who can tolerate her when she gets crazy.
Who would they be enemies with- 2-faced people, stuck up girls, jerks, homophobes.
Likes- the color red, fingerless gloves, beanie hats, apples.
Dislikes- Homophobes, jerks, bitches, when poeple purposely piss her off.
Favorite food- Cookies
Lease favorite food- brocolli
Allergies- Dust
Bad habits- cussing, smoking, biting her lip.
Anything else- She has ADHD.

So audition and you might get picked :3
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