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I Love You, But You Don't Love Me Back [19]

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Lindsey's Pov... dun, dun, dun. Lindsey is planning a house party... and how to break Taylor and Gerard's relationship :o **short**

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Lindsey's POV::

Taylor, or whatever that little bitches name is, is destoying my life! First; she takes MY boyfriend away from me! I don't care if Gerard was her best-friend or not. When you're with me, you''re not friends with another girl, espicially her! She's a whore, and I know it. First, she's all over Mikey, and then she went all over Gerard, when we were together! That says whore to me! Yeah, Gerard told me he was the one who kissed her, but I didn't believe him. He was just lying, probably to prevent me from smashing Taylor's face in. She kissed him, I just know it.

She thinks she can boss people around and such. It pisses me off. She thinks she's all that. She really isn't. She's just an ugly slut to me. I really don't know what Gerard sees in her.Yeah, they've been best-friends, for god knows how long, but come on... he deserves alot better and prettier than her!

Like me, for example! I'm so much sexier than her.... hair flip I had to think of a way to get Gerard back....

Yeah, he cheated on me with the slut... but I can forgive and forget... just as long as he breaks up with her and comes back to me...

I need to think of how I'm going to make him break up with her... and fast... hmmm...

I know!

I'll have a house party this week, since the old folks are going away this weekend (Thank god!) Not that I don't love them or something, they just get really annoying. Bossing me around all the time... I don't like that.... but anyways... let me go back onto the topic of breaking Gerard and Taylor up...

I'll throw a house party this week, and invite everyone in the 12th grade. I'll also invite Gerard's baby brother and a few of his 10th grade friends... of course, I'll ask people to bring alcohol and shit to the party.... and when Taylor isn't looking.... I'll slip something into her drink,get her drunk, and then she'll sleep with the closet guy around her... which I think, should be Mikey! Oh yes, Mikey! I will not only just ruin her relationship with Gee, but with Mikey and that Alicia girl as well... perfect!

But... there's a slight problem to all of this and it is..... Gerard and them hate me.... they wouldn't come to the party, even if I invited them....

I can't believe I'm saying this (deep sigh) but, I guess I'll act friendly towards them, and then maybe they'll come to the party.... Oh, I'm so smart! (smirk) I wonder how in the hell I'm still in school... when I should be out of this hell whole...

Anyways...Taylor, you better watch out... I'm about to fuck up your life...again... and this time, you can't stop me. evil laughs Gerard will be all mine... this plan will NOT fail, like the first one did....

~ ~ ~ ~

A/N Dun, dun, dun... lol. Hope you enjoyed :)
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