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Dark Dreams

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"This night Walk the dead In a solitary style and crash the cemetery gates"- MCR, Cemetery Drive

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I was walking alone along a foggy path. I had my arms wrapped around myself. I had the strange haunting feeling that I was being watched. In the distance, a figure began to appear; I walked closer to them.
"Lina?" I heard him say. I walked faster to him until I could see him perfectly.
"Come here," he held out his hand for me. I took it quickly. It was cold and dark; there was no moon or stars, just gray clouds hovering above us. "Gerard, I'm scared." he wrapped his arm around me and began walking us forward without saying anything.
We were getting closer to what looked like a large gate.
"A cemetery?" I asked, having a queasy feeling appear deep inside of me.
"Don't worry," he laughed, "there's nothing that will hurt you here." He squeezed my shoulder with his hand.
"Okay," I tried to swallow down my fears. I knew nothing would hurt me while he was with me; but I still didn't like the idea of going to a cemetery in the middle of the night. Though Gerard still led us there with an innocent smile on his face.
We went past the gate. Tombstones were in every direction. Over the dead trees I could see where the dark clouds had parted to show a full moon. I felt Gerard's hand slip away and I immediately turned for him.
His body had morphed and looked like it was in the process of decaying, though blood was everywhere. His eyes were in a straight stare.
"This was where you were buried." He sounded like he was crying. "Why did you do it, Lina?"
I saw a figure in the corner and I looked to find another half-decayed body, also covered with blood. She had long black hair and a black ball gown on. Though the ball gown had been unevenly cut off around her ankles, showing(exposing?) black ballet shoes on her feet. She walked like she hadn't moved her legs in years; tossing from one side to the other as she made her way to Gerard.
"Gerard," she croaked and Gerard held out a hand for her. She took it as more decaying bodies began to come up from the ground. Some grabbed at my feet, others pulled at my clothes. I screamed for Gerard to help me, but it was as if he couldn't even hear me. He kept staring into the girl's vacant eye sockets with the same innocent smile.
"Gerard," I gasped. I was being pulled into a grave and the light from the moon slowly disappeared. I could still feel their bony hands on me, pulling me deeper into the ground. The farther we went down, the less I could breathe.
I jolted up, gasping for breath. I looked around, still paranoid I could possibly still be in my dream. Everything was silent, except for my heavy breathing. The rain was almost silently falling now. I wished my dad would decide to be nosy and barge in, I was scared to move, I was scared to turn my back. All I could see in my mind were the disgusting decaying bodies that pulled me into the ground. The panic and the lack of air was all too real. I knew it was just a dream, but I was terrified. I was afraid they were going to actually come after me.
I felt like a child, being this scared from a dream, but something about it was…strange. It strangely felt like it was more than a dream.
All I had to do was walk into the hall way and then there was the door out. From there I could go across to the hall to my parent’s room. I decided to do just that, though I almost fell numerous times from running so fast.
I knocked on my parents door like a wild maniac, I was about to lose my mind, I needed some one's sane company.
My dad opened the door with a freaked out expression, then looking normal when he saw that it was me. "Hey champ!" his warm smiled helped calm me down. “Your mom and I were just about to come get you. We're going out for dinner."
"Great. I'm ready." I said too quickly. I just wanted to get out of this place. My dad raised an eye brow and looked at me, "you do realize you're in your pajamas, right?"
I looked down to my PJ pants with the fluffy, happy bunnies on them. "Ohh...right...I was wondering if mom could help me pick out an outfit."
"Alani," my dad called, turning back to their room.
"Yes?" I heard her say faintly.
"Evi wants you to pick out an outfit for her."
"Tell her I'll wear anything she wants me to." I added, just to ensure that she would go in my room with me.
"She'll wear anything you want her to!" he called in a confused voice.
My mom appeared in seconds, "anything?"
"Anything." I felt regret before I even said it.
This time it was purple. She stuck me in the satin dress I had to wear for her co-worker's wedding. It was skin tight until right above my hips, and then in puffed out with ruffles. She also stuck me in a pair of her silver heels, though thankfully they were short. I felt like I should have been going to last night's party rather than just a restaurant.
The rest of the place was filled with regular-looking Italian people, making me, yet again, feeling like a freak. A woman sat us down to a table away from everyone. She asked us for drinks and then left.
So far in Italy I only drank water, wine, and coffee. That was all I knew how to say. They had Diet Coke here, right? Yeah they had Diet Coke. Would I just say "Diet Coke," in plain English? I didn't want to chance making myself look like a complete idiot, but I also didn't want to ask my mom. I was still incredibly angry at her for acting like a complete butt all the time. I have problems, yes, but one day when she's old and on the verge of death any day she will have problems... And she expects me not to just drop her into some nursing home? (Sorry Mom, but right now, that's where you're headed.) Yet again, I didn't want to spend this night in silence; with this dream still in my mind, I was willing to do anything to focus on something else.
"Hey, mom?"
"Hm?" she said, not taking her eyes off the menu.
"Diet Coke in Italy is just...Diet Coke, right?"
"I don't know, Evelina, I don't drink soft drinks."
"...Okay, just asking." Gr.
"So Dad, have you liked Italy so far?" I asked, starting a conversation with Dad that I hoped would last the rest of the time we were at the restaurant. I wanted to make Mom feel hated and ignored, like she always made me feel.
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