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Part 3 of 4

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The offspring finished their set, I was now super excited to see thirty seconds to mars! The balcony was more crowded now, but me and Megan were ‘hanging’ over the edge. I missed all of The Deftones set and most of The Offsprings too in the stupid interview but luckily the song I did catch I knew. Me and Megan were literally jumping up and down with excitement and then the lights went down and we could see Jared, Shannon and Tomo walking on the stage. They started playing and the entire balcony, including me and Megan, went nuts. Even though I’d not really listened to many 30 seconds to mars songs, I knew most the of ones they played and sang every word I knew. Jarod jumped into the crowd and had his shirt ripped off and then got a kid in a tiger suit on stage. It was the cutest thing ever. And then it finished.
My Chemical Romance were coming on next, I was so excited and happy to see them play. I looked out into the crowd, there was thousands of people there. All watching them, I was so proud.
This is the moment I meant when talking to the interviewer, right now I am a normal fan seeing my favourite band play their biggest gig yet.
The show was fucking brilliant. And BRIAN FUCKING MAY CAME ON STAGE AND THEY DID WE WILL ROCK YOU. Gerard kept that one quiet. To finish off a brilliant perfect day and performance, they played Welcome To The Black Parade and me and Megan both cried. Infact we both cried so much that we didn’t stop when we went to meet the guys back at the box room when they had gotten off stage.
I bumped into a hot sweaty figure, still in absolute tears and almost fell over,
“Oh hey sorry are you – EMILY! Why are you crying?” Gerard shouted, squeezing me into a hug,
“It was perfect.”
I pulled away from the hug and smiled at Gerard, still crying. I leaned in and kissed him, even though I knew there was several camera’s taking a picture of our kiss I didn’t care, it was perfect and there was nobody else in the planet that mattered apart from Gerard. We stopped kissing and then ran away from the camera’s to the box room.
“That was brilliant guys well done!” I said to them all, crashed out on the couch, I then went and gave each of them a hug, so did Megan. She also had her picture taken with them and me, now was the hardest part of the day. Saying goodbye to her, luckily for us both Meddy had to wisk her away to the car ride home pretty quickly so we didn’t really have time to cry or be sad. We were both so happy.
The guys had some stuff to do getting changed and stuff, I waited in the bus, when they were done they all climbed into the bus too. They all looked really tired. I was already ready for bed in my own bunker, Gerard came in to see me,
“You okay baby?” he asked,
“Yes” I leaned and kissed him again, “perfect”
“You want me to stay with you tonight or not?”
“It’s up to you”
“I’ll go get changed then, back in a second”
I moved over and made space for Gerard and waited for him to climb in, as always I fell asleep in Gerard’s arms.

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