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I'm Coming Back From The Dead, And I'll Take You Home With Me

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coffee, "The Stig" and nightmares.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011/12/09 - Updated: 2012/02/13 - 1493 words

Gerard’s POV
“Yeah, I know. Let’s just see what happens.” I said quickly, realising they were done and heading towards a shop that sold coffee.
“Oh coffee…” I looked to Frank who had a confused expression. “Coffee.” I said again, and he shrugged as we followed the girls inside. I felt terrible. I loved Meg, I still do. But she rejected me. And now she’s trying to get Kirrah and Frank to break up? She must really think we’re evil people. We wouldn’t do that to them, famous or not. But I guess I could understand where she was coming from... Actually no, no I don’t. I don’t know where the fuck she is coming from! One second she is kissing me then next she’s telling me that it’s not going to work! Frank’s worried voice broke me out of my thoughts before they could go any further.
“Gerard...?” Frank asked.
“Oh, um. Yes?” I replied.
“Please...” I murmured, taking a seat next to Bob and listened to him and Ray talk about who The Stig was.
“Isn’t it Michael Shoemaker?” Ray asked.
“No, it’s Ben Collins. He made a biography about him being the Stig when he only had two years left of the contract.” Bob explained.
“I’m sure it’s Michael.” Ray said.
“No it’s Ben.” Bob said.
“Who’s Ben?” Meg came in.
“It’s Michael!” Ray interrupted.
“Gerard?” Meg asked me.
“Yes?” I replied, wincing at how... depressed my voice sounded.
“What are they on about?” She asked me, sounded as if nothing had just happened. It made me a little angry o I just gritted my teeth and eyes together for a couple of seconds before answering her.
“The Stig.” I managed to reply.
“Look, Gerard...” Meg started but I cut her off with a wave of my hand. I didn’t want to hear it. How could she hurt me like that then talk as if we were best friends?
“Don’t worry about it.” I replied through gritted teeth.
Meg’s POV
“Who’s Ben?” I asked, Interested as to what Ray and Bob were arguing over something. Plus I wanted an excuse to talk to Gerard.
“It’s Michael!” Ray interrupted.
“Gerard?” I asked Gerard, nervous as to how he would reply.
“Yes?” He replied depressively, which made me feel even worse for rejecting him.
“What are they on about?” I asked him, trying to make conversation.
“The Stig.” He said.
“Look, Gerard...” I started but he waved me quiet. I just wanted to talk to him! To tell him how much I loved him and how much I want him back, even if I never really had him.
“Don’t worry about it.” He replied through gritted teeth. He went to get up but I placed my hand onto his shoulder and he froze.
“Gerard please! Can we just talk?” I asked him desperately. I never thought not loving him would be this hard.
“You’re the one that wanted this. You’re the one that had some crazy promise to yourself that you weren’t going to go out with me, so I’m doing you a favour.” Gerard replied angrily, stalking away whilst I was trying to get my head around his words. He was right, I did want this. But now, now I wasn’t sure what I wanted anymore...
I couldn’t sleep that night; my dreams were weird and full of Gerard. In one dream it was what happened on the plane, only different. Instead of being all upset when I rejected him, he got majorly angry and his eyes turned red. Then from out of nowhere he pulled out a knife and I was terrified, I thought he was going to kill me. But instead he turned the knife upon himself and repeatedly cut his wrists. I was shaking him trying to make him stop but I couldn’t, he just kept cutting, moving further up his arm. Then I was being shaken. I didn’t understand. We had to help Gerard, why was this person shaking me!?
“Meg!” The person yelled, he sounded a lot like Ray. Ray?
“Help him!” I cried, shaking Gerard more ferociously to no effect.
“Meg! Shut up! Wake up, Meg!” I heard again. But I didn’t understand how I was asleep when this was happening to Gerard?
“Meg! Wake the fuck up!!” Then I bolted up, and smacked heads with Ray.
“Ray?” I asked, confused.
“Yeah?” He grumbled, rubbing his head.
“What are you doing in here?” I asked in shock.
“Um, well. You were kinda screaming your head off. I think the whole hotel heard it. I thought you were being murdered!” He explained to me.
“I’m surprised you didn’t wake yourself up.” Frank added, and I looked to my left to see him by my bed. Everyone was in my room, except Gerard; I sighed. I think even a couple of people from the next apartment were in my room.
“Do I know these people?” I whispered over to Kirrah and she giggled.
“No, they thought we were torturing you horribly and wanted to make sure you were okay.” She explained to me.
“Was I that bad?” I asked incredulously.
“Was she that bad?” Bob asked sarcastically to the person next to him.
“Well, I could only just hear her...” A guy from another apartment joked. I bit my lip guiltily.
“I’m sorry! I had a bit of a bad dream,” I told everyone. “I didn’t mean to wake you up!”
“That’s okay, I guess. Now get some sleep and try not to scream too much please?” Frank asked, ruffling my hair. One by one everyone left, and I fell back, exhausted onto my pillow.
Ray’s POV
I was just in my room enjoying a nice glass of milk and reading a book when I heard screaming coming from Meg, Frank and Kirrah’s apartment next door. It scared the life outta me and my milk went everywhere, my book just missed hitting me on the head and I rushed out of my room. I got onto the hallway outside and the screaming was even louder and I didn’t think that was even possible, if she carries on the whole hotel will hear it! I started banging on the door and a couple of people from nearby apartments have joined me. After a couple of seconds Frank opened the door, with a frightened Kirrah on his arm. They looked scared.
“What’s go-”
“I don’t know. We just woke up, I-I hope she’s okay.” Frank interrupted. I nodded and rushed into her room to find her thrashing about on the bed, her quilt tangled in her legs and tears flowing down her face.
“Meg! Meg! Wake up.” I said soothingly, hoping I wouldn’t need to yell. Everyone crowded her bed. Everyone except Gerard, and I thought he loved her.
“Meg, come on. People are starting to think ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ is reeeal!” I whispered frantically.
“Meg!” I yelled, shaking her.
“Help him!” She yelled back at me.
“What!?” I muttered. “Meg! Shut up! Wake up, Meg!”
She squirmed some more and I shook her aggressively.
“Meg! Wake the fuck up!!” I screamed, and she woke up, smashing her head against mine as she sat up.
“Ouch..” I muttered to myself, rubbing my head. Meg didn’t seem to be effected.
“Ray?” She asked, confused.
“Yeah?” I grumbled, rubbing my head some more.
“What are you doing in here?” She asked in shock.
“Um, well. You were kinda screaming your head off. I think the whole hotel heard it. I thought you were being murdered!” I explained to her.
“I’m surprised you didn’t wake yourself up.” Frank added, she turned her head to where he was. Sighing, I bet she noticed Gerard wasn’t here. Where the knight in shining armour now? Meg whispered something over to Kirrah and she giggled.
“Was I that bad?” She asked incredulously.
“Was she that bad?” Bob asked sarcastically to the person next to him.
“Well, I could only just hear her...” A guy from another apartment joked. I saw her bite her lip guiltily, I found it very cute.
“I’m sorry! I had a bit of a bad dream,” she told us. “I didn’t mean to wake you up!”
“That’s Okay, I guess. Now get some sleep and try not to scream too much please?” Frank asked, ruffling her hair. I smiled and left, leaving her to sleep. As I pulled the covers over my body I realised as tired as I was that I was NEVER going to get some sleep in my milk-soaked sheets. I sighed deeply and grabbed a million blankets from the cupboard before crashing on the coach.
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