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More Than She Bargained For

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Ava had known Frank for a while but then unexpected events forces them together forever.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Fantasy,Horror - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2011-12-10 - Updated: 2011-12-10 - 731 words

I sat in the corner of the smoky bar picking at my nails; the thunderous drone of the music annoying my sensitive eardrums. I gazed around the club and thought to myself Why am I here?!! As the thought barely processed in my mind the lights dimmed and the crowd hushed. A single red spot light flickered on in the middle of the pitch black stage. As the music kicked on, the lights came up slowly revealing the lead singer - his bright red hair further illuminated by the red light, his pale face ablaze with an eerie glow. “Hand in mine into your icy blues…”

A wide grin spread across my full mouth. Standing, I flipped my jet black hair over my shoulder and rushed towards the stage. This was why I was here. A new band had begun touring the scene and I had instantly fallen in love with their sound, their ambiance, their message. It wasn’t just that though, I knew them, making their sudden fame even more significant to me. I felt as if I was special in some way because I knew the band “back in the day.” We had hung out several times down at the coffee shop, in the park, even during jam sessions at Gerard and Mikey’s house. Sadly though, I was just “one of the guys”. Tonight would be the night, I just knew it. Making my way to the left of the stage as the guitarist frantically played his white guitar, I locked my gaze on him. The man I had wanted for so long would finally be mine by the end of tonight. I watched him, hunched over his guitar, focusing on his fingers moving erratically as he produced the most amazing riffs. The action reminded me of how a man likes to look down and watch what’s going on during sex, instead of his partner. He threw his head up, and I couldn’t take his eyes of his neck as he sang into the mic; his jugular protruding caused me to lick my lips as a hunger I had never felt before ignited inside of me. As his hazel eyes locked on to mine, I knew, for certain that tonight was, indeed, the night.

As the music died down and the lead singer, Gerard, thanked the crowd I couldn’t help feel a sense of excitement mixed with anxiety. This was their first big show, and I knew the guys would want to celebrate afterwards. The guys ran off the stage and I pushed through the crowd towards the backstage area. The energy of the crowd had my senses reeling as I finally made it to the door. I straightened myself up, wiped the black and blue fringe off my sweaty forehead and smiled as I knocked on the door. I turned back to the crowd as I waited, watching them slowly dissipate into the night.

Turning back to the door I knocked again, a little less patiently this time. The door was quickly flung open to reveal Frankie. He was sans shirt, his pale skin glistening and his black hair falling down over his right eye. He arched his eyebrow at me as he took in my attire. That night I had chosen to be a little more feminine by replacing my usual combo of sneakers, band tee, and tattered jeans with a short tutu skirt, tight corset and high top converse. My curly hair which was usually up in a wad on the top of my head was now straightened as best as possible, leaving it slightly wavy as it cascaded down my back to my waist. The bright blue streaks I had added just earlier this morning, really set it off I thought. I always wore eyeliner, regardless of my clothing but tonight I had gone all out and even threw on some lip-gloss. I could feel my face flushing slightly as he eyed me up and down, but then again – this is exactly what I wanted right?

I snapped my fingers in front of his face. Mustering all the confidence that I could, I casually walked by him, letting my fingers trail across his sweaty stomach. “Close your mouth Frankie, your prettier with your mouth shut.” I smirked to myself as he followed my instruction and shut the door behind us.
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