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chapter 4

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could I? should I?

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I know Jali (blood-stained-bandit) said I wouldn't be writing for a while because of a certain... incident, but I need to get my feelings, however dark they may be, out into something, so this story is going to be a little bit dark, at least for a while... this chapter is a little short, but they might get longer as it goes on, I'm probably just going to concentrate on this story for a while, I don't want the other's to be dark and depressing, tell me if you want mr to stop until I don't feel so bad so that this story isn't as sad... this chapter was already half written, so it's not as bad as the others will be.

A sharp stinging pain ripped across my face. She had gotten much stronger in the years I had been away.
“I-I- I’m sorry!” I whimpered, more from sadness and the regret of leaving them than from the pain of her blow, she may have become stronger, but I was still far stronger than her and most other vampires.
“Sorry?!” she screeched, her expression radiating anger and fury, “You disappeared for over one hundred years, letting us all think you were dead! And all you can say is that you are sorry?”
“I- I couldn’t do it anymore, I needed a break,” I whispered, feeling ashamed of what I had done and my own weakness for not being able to handle my problems. I hung my head low. I knew what I did was wrong, I should have at least told Michael, but I couldn’t stand being around people anymore… Not after what the human’s did to my Stephan…
“You should have told us! Or at least Mikey!” she yelled, obviously still quite angry with me.
“Mikey?” I asked, confused as to whom that was.
“Your brother! Michael!” she explained angrily. Oh.
“Oh… Look I know I should have told you, I should have told him, hell, I should have told someone and I know I don’t deserve it, b-but could you please forgive me? I need your help,” I whimpered sadly.
“No, you don’t deserve it, Mikey only just got over the loss of you, he was depressed for eighty years! But he’s happy now, if you really love him, you’ll stay away, let him think you are dead, it would be better for him if you were,” she hissed.

She wanted me to stay away? To give up my little brother? But he was the only thing I had left. But maybe she was right, maybe I couldn’t make up for my mistakes, maybe he was better off without me, maybe everyone was. Without a word, I turned quickly on my heel and walked out of the school, head hung low to try and hide my shame.


What was this place? Large glass doors slid open when I walked near them, was it some kind of dark magic? More of those bright, noiseless lights shone throughout this strange place. Girls in hardly any clothing stared and giggled at me before rushing off into stores full of scanty clothes.

I needed to get new clothes before I did anything else, I walked into a dimly lit store which sold mainly black clothes and picked out a few pairs of dark pants which were labelled ‘skinny jeans’ and a few leather jackets and shirts, I went into a small change room to discard of my old clothes and change into these new ones, fashion had changed a lot since I had left, but I had no money to buy them, so using the speed, strength and stealth I had gained over my long lifetime, I darted out of the shop unnoticed.

I walked around the strange place for a little over an hour, still getting strange looks because of my long, messy hair. After stealing a small knife I walked into a room they had labelled as the toilets. A woman screamed. My eye’s widened. Oops, I ran back out. Wrong toilet… note to self, remember to check the sign on the door before entering… going into the women’s bathroom is not a good idea…

After going into the right bathroom, I checked this time; I took out the blade and began to cut my hair into a short choppy style that I had seen many men wearing in this strange new place. I looked into the mirror. This new look suited me, I thought to myself as I walked out of the bathroom

What was I going to do now? Where would I go? Would I stay away from my brother like Elizabeth asked me to? Could I?
No. I needed Michael, or as he was now called, Mikey. I couldn’t stay away from him any longer… and the boy was there… that deliciously beautiful boy, Frank, I would have him. He would be mine. Whatever the cost.

yeah so, tell me what you thought?
-Sarah xx
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