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Chapter One

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Chapter One

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Chapter One
[*Gerards P.O.V

"Gerard!" my Mom called up from downstairs, "Frank's here!"
"Wha-?" I groaned as I opened one eye.
Frank's here?
I glanced over at my clock.
But it's only eight-thirty.
Why didn't the alarm go off?
Holy shit I'm late!
I sat up and jumped out of bed wide awake. I grabbed the shirt I had worn last night and wrestled it over my head, I must've been stamping because I heard my Mom mutter to Frank, "Just go up there Frank, I can hear him stamping, probably listening to his damn headphones".
I heard a giggle and a cheerful reply, "Okay thanks!"
Hmm...I can surly get my skinnies on before he gets here?
I grabbed my favourite pair and started to pull them on but I heard foot steps run up the stairs and straight towards my door. Oh god, my skinnies are only up to my knees.
"Frank don't come in!" I yell but it's too late, he had already threw the door open and crashed straight into me with such force we both fell on the floor- Frank on top of me- with my skinnies down round my ankles.
"Holy cow sorry Gee!" he giggled, "Thought you were changed!"
Damn that giggle was cute.
I felt my face burn red, "Er- that's okay now get off me!"
Before I could push him off and go any redder, we heard a voice call out "Ooooooh, you guys make a good couple you know".
We saw my younger brother Mikey standing in the doorway grinning like devil. Frank rolled off me and giggled some more.
"I know right Mikey, your brothers sexy, how could I help myself?" he said sarcastically before turning to me winking "I'll wait for ya downstairs Gee" and with that he was downstairs.
I was obviously scarlet, but Mikey still didn't say anything, he just smiled and followed Frank down the stairs, informing my mother I clearly wasn't ready.
Franks words spun around my head for ages.
"- your brothers well sexy, how could I help myself?"
Did he mean it?
No of course he didn't. He's straight.
He's going out with that bitch Rosa for Christ sake!
I sighed sadly and finally pulled my skinnies up grabbed my bag full of my art and math stuff and hurried down stairs to receive a smile from Frank that made me want to melt.
"Dude your decent!" he cheered, "Mikey left ten minutes before us, so shall we go?"
"We shall" I said quietly, smiling a little.
And we started to walk. Frank chattering away about Rosa and what Mr Matthews will say this time about his new hair colour (which is a mixture of black and red) and me quietly listening but also loudly wishing in my head to that I could stop the feelings I had for my bet friend.

Franks P.O.V

"What's his problem Frankie?" asked Rosa gesturing towards Gerard who was sitting on his own on the table opposite ours.
"I dunno babe" I replied to her sliding my arm around her shoulder whilst I stared at him.
I was worried, he's my best friend for crying out loud. Yet every time he's near me he's unusually quiet and doesn't say much in class, passes the odd note, but not much. Then he avoids me as much as possible when I'm around Rosa, and when he has to be, he just mutters so low you can't understand anything. Now he's in the canteen sitting on his own, drawing or just staring into space.
"He's weird Frank, I dunno why your friends with him, he's such a loner" she started to say but I ignored her.
"I'll be back Rosa" I said to her, getting up and walking to Gerard.
"Gee?" I said quietly, he looked up and half smiled.
"Hey Frank" he replied.
I sat down next to him and put my hand on his shoulder, "What's up with you man? You used to never be like this, you seem so depressed, what's wrong?"
"Nothing" he said.
"Aw c'mon Gee! I know there is and I will not rest until I find out what the fuck it is!" I cry.
He sighed and looked at me straight in the eye.
"Okay, come round to mine tonight, my parents are out and I think Mikey's going to Rays with Bob, I'll tell you then, though you'll hate me".
I hugged him, "Nah I'll never hate you, your my best friend!"
Thats the truth.
His face lightened up, "Okay!"
"So..." I said quickly turning to look at Rosa, "Come sit with me and Rosa, please?"
He started to look uncomfortable, him and Rosa don't exactly get along.
"Nah..." he started to say but I shut him up.
"PLEASE!?!" I begged.
"Okay then" he said giving in, "But you owe me".
I grinned and rushed back to Rosa, Gerard slowly behind me. As soon as he sat down I caught a glare off Rosa's eyes pointing at him, she then gave a smile- possibly fake.
"Hey Gerard!" she said with a put on cheerful voice, "Had a nice chat with Frank then did we?"
I didn't know why she said it like that but Gerard face turned to shame and he looked at me, eyes begging for back up.
"Indeed we did" I replied winking at her.
"Good!" she said, then she slowly kissed me on the lips.
When we stopped I looked at her, "What was that for?"
"For being mine and mine only" she giggled.
We heard a chair screech and turned to see Gerard about to leave.
"Gee where you going?" I asked.
"Going to art early" he said not looking back, his voice sounded pained as if he was going to cry.
Oh god.
I hope he'll be okay when I see him tonight.
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