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What can I do? For you

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A wonderful slash fiction story of swimming love featuring Fry and the author of this story, Shunsuke.

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[Flashback] Shunsuke is wearing pale light greyish cyan pajamas while lying underneath a very dark cerulean blanket on a dark emerald greenish grey bed with a dark spring greenish grey mattress and sea greenish grey pillow getting used to feelings of loneliness and crying in his moderate olive bedroom. He decides to wake, wake up, and go online. He begins to have a fun loving conversation with a boy that messaged him. They didn’t blow their fuse, just suddenly found their romantic interest. The start of something amazing has begun. [End Of Flashback]

Two boys with brilliant orange hair named シュンスケ 吉村 大貫 (Shunsuke Yoshimura Onuki) and Philip J. Fry are living on a helpless world where they’re not left alone. After the fun week they had, Fry visits Shunsuke again at his home and spend the whole day together. Shunsuke has a question he really wants to ask Fry.

Shunsuke: Fry, can I ask you something?
Fry: What is it?

Shunsuke and Fry are relaxing snuggling close together lying on a light goldish grey couch with greyish sea green and yellowish grey pillows behind their backs in the living room holding hands wearing light grey T-shirts and moderate red/light grey vertical striped boxers.

Shunsuke is afraid of hurt but he will “Get up Stand up” and shout out courtship.

Shunsuke reaches for the “Bring it!” bottle holder on the greyish gold table and pulls out a small pale light greyish chartreuse and dark chartreuse green checkerboard box containing a SPARKLING brilliant lime green “Oriental Diamond” white gold ring. The two HAPPY boys smile and their hearts twinkle instantly. Shunsuke has met the love of his life and wants to be with Fry always.

Shunsuke: Let’s make a pinky finger promise to be together forever. Will you be my husband, Fry?

Fry: Yes, Shunsuke!

Shunsuke and Fry entwine their pinkies. They have a beautiful hug and kiss.

Just like a persecution complex, they are simply running out of patience. The soon-to-be-newlyweds put on their moderate arctic blue pants, light grey socks, and black shoes with white laces and greyish gold soles.

The marriage is completed in less than a day. They blend the future into that night when the unknown wooden moderate blue violet door is opened. They are sitting down floating over the world in space now the size of Japan looking out at the universe among flying shining colourful sparkles and faint halation. They want to confirm that this is not just a random world. Humans are sad as they gaze on intently. They lie down next to each other and fall asleep.

The next morning, Shunsuke and Fry are now in their underpants relaxing snuggling close together on a brilliant red sofa in the moderate gold loft at the estate. The same almost daily amusing satisfying prank routine between them is about to begin. Shunsuke wants to annoy Fry and put him in a headlock. Guilt-ridden, Shunsuke always makes it up to his upset only love with Fry’s favourite punishment for him, harmless embarrassing wedgies.

Shunsuke sneaks up behind Fry, in his very light azure boxers with a greyish phthalo blue waistband, while he’s looking out the window.

Fry: Grrr, Shunsuke!
Shunsuke: Heeheeheeheehee…

Fry frees himself and takes control of Shunsuke’s favourite garment. Fry grabs the light amberish grey back waistband of Shunsuke’s white briefs and yanks up to his shoulder blades 13 times.

Fry: Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Humiliated Shunsuke blushes as he fixes himself.

Shunsuke and Fry hug, kiss, and rub each other's backs, comforting each other. They lie down on the sofa again close together and return to snuggling.

Fry still works at Planet Express, now with Shunsuke on the team. They both arrive at work on Monday morning refreshed and prompt. The usual delivery team, now made up of 4 members, is given the task to deliver bongo percussions to a dark apple green planet called “In all simplicity, that is all its worth”. They land and find themselves in a distorted city. The wind blows gently on them as they get off the ship. The clouds high above were dyed a faint red.

Fry despised the scenery around him. He sighs.

Fry: What's up with this city? It’s totally lacking.
Leela: Here’s the address.

Bender waits at the door for an answer. A 21 year old boy with curly light reddish blonde hair and straight bangs wearing a light brownish grey shirt and dark greyish raspberry pants replies, signs for the package, then closes the door.

Bender: OK, that’s over. Let’s go!

Zapp: Er, no.

Zapp Brannigan unleashes a light brilliant cerise bag full of energy that plans to kidnap the crew. The impulse to run off away dizzy has broken through. The unbearable situation has the crew simply struggling.

Shunsuke: Not if I can help it.

Shunsuke starts to jump straight up in the air at 2 beats per second.

Shunsuke: Jump! Yeah! JUMP JUMP JUMP!

The rest of the crew joins him. Jumping 33 times in total, the bag has reversed its attack to Zapp. The bag captures Zapp and floats off.

Fry, Leela, and Bender: Thank You!
Shunsuke: No problem.

What can they see? With freedom in hand, the crew boards the ship and head back home.
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