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Gerard is here - 4

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Addy see's what Gerard is now like.

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I posted this under the wrong story! Its cos I've done it through my phone, and I must of clicked the wrong one haha! Sorry!!


[/~Flashback. 1998, New Jersey~

Frank pushed his way through a group of people as he made his way through the first house party of summer break, and he looked around the packed, dark and smoky room for his group of friends. He eventually found his self in the kitchen of the party, and he pulled a small bottle of vodka from his pocket, and took a big swig of it, before quickly placing it back in his black hoodie. Frank found a bottle of unopened beer on the side, and he picked it up, opening it and downed half of the bottle in a minute. He let out a small burp and then headed through the glass patio door that lead into a big back yard, which had a few people dotted around. He squinted and tried to see if he could spot his friends, and he smiled slightly as he saw his group of friends sitting down at the bottom of the back yard. He quickly made his way down there and frowned as he saw a girl sitting on his friend, Gerard's knee. He inwardly cringed as he found it was his neighbour Adelaine Gallo. He didn't think he could find words that expressed the hate he felt for that girl.

"Yo! Frank, you made it! How was the shift at the store?" Ray asked, and Frank took a seat on the grass next to him, taking a swig of beer and glaring at Gerard and Addy who hadn't even realised he was there yet.

They were sat, Gerard a hand on Addy's knee and the other firmly on her hip, and Addy had a arm around his neck, their face's were close as they were talking to each other.

"It was alright. What's 'she' doing here?" He asked, and Ray could see him glaring up at Addy as her and Gerard now began kissing.

"She always come to parties with us... Why would tonight be any different?" Ray asked, confused.

"Her parent's have gone away, thought she would of gone with them" Frank answered.

"You know, I wish you'd both get on. You two arguing all the time is fucking annoying" Mikey now pipped up, and Frank glared at him.

"She's just a bitch..."

"Oh, Frank your here, I thought I heard the sound of people getting STD's from you as you walked by them" Addy grinned at him, and Gerard let out a little laugh from the crook of her neck, which he was kissing and gently biting.

"Fuck you Addy. Why don't you and Gerard go find a bathroom and finally get it over and done with. Hey, if you loose your virginity you might not be as fucking annoying" Frank said, and he could see Addy sit up slightly in Gerard's lap and then she just smirked at Frank before standing up and pulling a slightly drunk Gerard to his feet. Addy bent down to Frank's level, her mouth was right next to his ear, and he could feel her lips brush against it slightly.

"Hey, at least one of us will be getting some then. And your just pissy cos I won't give it up for you" She whispered, and then stood up and Gerard took her hand before walking off into the house.

"What did she say?" Mikey frowned, opening another beer.

"Fuck all... She's just trying to fuck with me" Frank answered, and looked into the crowd of people, Addy's last words praying on his mind. /)


"A toast to having Frank and Addy back" Frank's mother raised her glass of wine and they all followed, Addy raised her Jack Daniels and lemonade, and avoided Frank's eyes.

"Nice to be back" Frank smiled to them all after they'd taken a drink.

"Yeah, it is" Addy quietly answered.

Their parents had chosen a quiet bar in Newark, it was painted red, and had a vintage theme about it. Addy felt instantly relaxed when she got there.

"What time are you going to meet Gerard?" Frank senior asked Frank.

"No idea. I told him we would be here, but he doesn't have a cell phone, so it's just a matter of seeing if he turns up" Frank answered, and Addy let out a sigh.

Gerard had always enjoyed a drink when they were younger, but then again, all of them had. Addy was aware that Gerard was drinking at home though, after she spent more time with him when they were younger at his house, aw found empty bottles of vodka hidden around his room. She was snapped from her thoughts when she felt a poke in her arm. She looked to her left and found Frank looking at her.

"What?" She snapped.

"Gerard is here" He told her, pointing over to the door of the bar.

Addy looked over and found a long black haired Gerard walk smoothly into the bar. He was drunk. Addy could tell that, but he was doing well to walk in a straight line. He was wearing a black shirt, and a pair of black trousers, and carrying a black jacket. He looked like he'd just got back from a funeral. Next to him, stood a man with straighter longer black hair, and a sleazy grin on his face.

"Whose that with him?" Addy asked, frowning.

"Bert. Heard of the band The Used? We've been touring with them, and they've both got very friendly" Frank said, and then took a long swig of his neat whiskey.

"You both go. It's fine. We can do this another night" Their parents said.

"I'll go and say hi to him, but then I'll come back. I don't want to intrude on Franks night" Addy told them, standing up and smoothing her dress down her curves.

"Frank already told us that you would be staying with him. Catching up and seeing Gerard and the guys. It's fine. We'll see you tomorrow" Her mother smiled, and Addy gave her a forced smile back.

"Okay, well, see you tomorrow" She told them, and looked to Frank for him leading the way. "He looks like he's on drugs, that Bert guy"

"Probably is" Frank mumbled and then they were soon stood behind Gerard and Bert whilst they were ordering at the bar.

"Gerard! You came" Frank smiled, and Gerard turned, smiling widely.

"Frank!" Gerard grinned, and then his eyes fell over Adelaine, his mouth opening slightly. "Addy?" He mumbled.

Addy smiled softly at him and nodded shyly, although she had no idea why she felt so shy. It was only Gerard.

"Hey you" She smiled and Gerard came forward with crashing force and pulled Addy to his body closely.

Addy fell backwards and would of probably fallen if Gerard wasn't holding onto her so tightly. She smiled into the tight embrace, and could smell the alcohol and cigarettes on him.

"What are you doing here? You just left?!" Gerard drunkenly shouted, causing people around the bar to look over.

"Let's go outside for a cig Gee, I'll explain out there" She quietly told him, putting her glass on the bar and looked to Frank. "I'll go outside with him for a bit, explain everything. Will you watch my drink for me?" She asked him and Frank simply nodded before returning to his coversation with Bert, who Addy could tell was mentally undressing her. "Come on Gee" She said, taking his hand and pulling him outside.

Once they were outside, they moved to the side of the bar down a wide allyway and Gerard leant against it, smirking at Addy whilst putting a cig into his mouth.

"Whats happened to you Gerard?" Addy asked quietly, lighting her own cig in her mouth.

"Fuck you on about?" He asked, blowing smoke through his mouth.

"You've changed." She simply told him, moving and leaning on a clean bit of the wall.

"So have you. You look even sexier" Gerard grinned to her, and moved his face close to hers.

Addy put her hand out, and stopped Gerard before he could connect their lips together.

"Come on Addy, for old times sake" He smirked, and Addy grinned.

"You far too drunk for me Gerard. Plus, what we did was in the past. How do you know I'm not seeing anybody?" She told him, and Gerard narrowed his eyes at her.

"Are you seeing anybody?"

"No. I broke up with him a month ago" Addy told him, quickly finishing her cig and throwing it on the floor, Gerard copying her.

"Now come on, we need to go inside, it might be summer but I'm chilly" Addy told him.

Addy and Gerard walked back into the bar, Addy holding Gerard's hand as they walked in. She saw Frank narrow his eyes at her, and then he quickly downed the rest of his jack daniels.

"Whats wrong with you?" She asked, moving next to him and picking up her drink.

"You and Gerard are picking up where you left off then?" Frank said to her, looking at her with a frown.

"No. What makes you think that?" She asked, looking over at Gerard and Bert would were now looking at her.

"Nevermind' Frank now quickly snatched Addy's drink from her hand and downed what was left in it.

"What the fuck do you think your doing?" Addy shouted.

"Bert put some drugs in your drink' Frank set the glass back on the bar and wiped his mouth. 'Your welcome" And with that he walked off.

Bert had put something in her drink? And Frank had drunk it? Was he doing drugs like Gerard as well? Addy turned and looked as Bert now angrily looked down at Frank, and Frank began whispering to him. What exactly was going through Frank's mind?
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