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Just Look At Me Now (I'm A Fake)

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Frank checked his timetable and realised that he had Art last period. Of course, before he walked into the classroom he knew just who to expect behind the desk; sure enough, the student teacher from that morning stood behind the desk looking slightly less flustered but still visibly nervous. Frank smiled to himself slightly before sitting at the back of the classroom. The rest of the class slowly filed in and sat talking amongst themselves in hushed voices, some stealing glances at the new teacher when they thought he wasn't looking and most of the girls blatantly admiring him from their seats. He was popular already.

'Okay class. Um, I'm Mr Way, I'm a student teacher and I'll be taking you for Art for the next while. So, um... I'm not too sure what to start with so just... draw anything? Something that represents you maybe?' The class nodded and most pupils got to their work, collecting paper and pencils and chatting among themselves as they drew the first thing that came to their heads. Frank collected paper and a pencil, and spent the next 15 minutes staring at the blank page with a small smile on his face.

After a while, as Frank had predicted, Gerard got up from his seat and began to walk slowly round the classroom, surveying each drawings progress and complimenting those who were doing well. He must have made some impact on the class- even those people who normally do no work in Art were trying their best to impress him. Most of their drawings were, as far as Frank could tell, pictures they had drawn and then attatched a meaning or relevance to. No-one could draw something to represent themselves in a single period. People are confusing, and Frank looked at each person as being a puzzle. He couldn't think of anything one thing to represent him, and so he waited until his teacher arrived at his desk.

'Frank?' A voice said softly from above him. 'Why haven't you drawn anything?'
'I'm not sure I understand the assignment, sir.' Frank looked up at the man, cocking his head slightly to one side to show his confusion.
'Well, you just need to draw something you think sums you up. Anything at all, really.' Smiling at Frank, the teacher walked away, evidently thinking he had helped with Frank's 'problem'. Smiling to himself, Frank waited patiently till the bell rang to signal the end of class, leaving his paper and pencil still untouched on his desk. He was out too quickly to see Mr Way pick up his sheet, check both sides for any attempt of a drawing and sigh heavily, a disappointed frown resting on his brow.
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