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My Heart Is The Worst Kind Of Weapon

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Everyone meets minus Andy. Read on to find out what happens!

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I sat on the front porch steps of my aunt's house and checked the time on my phone. 3:06 - he was late. I watched as the snow danced down from the clouds, slowly landing all over my face which I made sure was the only exposed area of skin for me today. It snowed just like Pete said it would and I wasn't really into being frozen.
I heard a door slam from the house next door, this time not Pete's. I was staring in the face of a girl with pitch black dark pixie cut hair, airbrushed porcelain skin, petite figure, piercings here and there; typical rebellious teenager. Her dark auburn eyes pierced through me just as Pete's black hummer pulled into my driveway. She rolled her eyes at the car, pulled the hood of her jacket over her head and scurried down the street angrily. I stumbled as I got up and smiled at the car. The driver's door opened and Pete climbed out and ran over to me, scooped me up into his arms and hugged me tight. I tried to contain the big smile I felt paint itself across my lips, but it wasn't working. I bit my lip and stared into his big brown eyes for a moment before he broke the silence.
"You look nice. Ready to go?"
He smiled a big toothy smile. I nodded and he led me to the passenger's side. I climbed in and he closed the door behind me. I quickly smoothed down my hat hair that was hiding behind my grey Banana Republic beanie and smoothed on some chap stick while he moved to the other side of the car. Why was he making me act all girly? I don't remember ever caring about how I looked with any other guy. But then again, I didn't have much to compare it to since my only boyfriend was in sixth grade and he dumped me because I wouldn't give him my lunch money. Those were the days.

Pete revved the engine and smiled at me before peeling out of the driveway.
"I almost forgot, my mom made us some special Wentz Hot Chocolate... as she calls it."
He cleared his throat as a reaction to what I assume was him realizing how dorky he sounded and reached into the cup holder to hand me a big mug of warm hot chocolate with whip topping and even a sprinkle of cinnamon on top - the whole shebang. It was really sweet. Nobody had ever treated me this way before, it was nice...
I shooed the thought away. This is how it usually went: I'd be really close with a guy and start to have feelings for them and right when I realized I was attached, my pride got in the way. I was always trying to be independent, and it worked out well so far. I guess it would be nice to be with someone for once, but I'd probably never know. I was getting ahead of myself. Maybe he just wanted to be friends, we barely even knew each other anyway. Yeah...friends...

"This is Patrick's house. Joe is there too so we don't have to make another stop."
I jumped at the sudden sound of Pete's voice interrupting my thought. I nodded and looked back out the window.
"I'm glad you came by the way... I promise it'll be fun."
We smiled at each other as two boys opened the door, playfully yelling and pushing each other. Pete turned around and joined in their romping momentarily before everything calmed down. I just sat there awkwardly.
"Guys chill out! This is Alissa. She's my new neighbor-"
"Temporarily." I impulsively chimed in. Pete looked hurt at my comment. I immediately regretted making him have that look. I hoped to never see it again, or at least not to cause it.
"Hey I'm Joe. Where are you from?" He was a taller boy with a thin face, thick brown curly hair, a big nose and big dark blue eyes that reminded me he was waiting for my answer.
"North Carolina."
"Did you like it there?"
"Nah, it sucked."
They all laughed loudly at a joke that I wasn't in on.
"I can assure you its no better here."
The second boy chimed in this time. He was chubby with porcelain skin, medium blonde hair, and murky green eyes. He had side burns than ran down to the bottom of his chin, which I wouldn't think would typically look good, but he worked them.
"Aaaaand we're here."
Everyone started piling out of the car except Pete. He gave me that sad confused look again.
"What did I do earlier?"
"Nothing I just get weird sometimes... I'm sorry, Pete."
"It's okay I just don't want to upset you or anything..."
"You didn't! I don't know why I snapped like that. Maybe the Wentz family cocoa gave me a sugar rush."
Me smirked at me and put his gloved hand over mine and squeezed.
"Sometimes I think you give me one..."
We gazed into each other's eyes before a snowball hitting the windsheild interrupted the moment. We both looked up and laughed at Joe running away from the car.
"I'll race you to the hill-" Joe screamed.
Pete laughed loud. I released his hand.
He unbuckled his belt and slammed the door and ran to my door. He pulled me out of the SUV and threw me over his shoulder.
Could this day get any more cliche?
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