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Chapter 4

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Squealing girls, identical twins and Jake-assassinators.

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Gerard's POV

"Umm hi?" I said nervously. The leader's pierced lip curled upward and he laughed. Shitshitshit. His voice was rough and deep, and it kinda scared me.
"Hey, don't look so scared, we're not gonna eat ya." He said with another laugh, before putting a tattooed arm around my shoulder. Maybe he wasn't a bully then... But he was still intimidating. He looks like he would be well capable of making a grown man cry.

"Im Matt, this is my girlfriend; Analeigh," I looked over, she smiled and waved before she brushed her long ebony pin straight hair over her shoulder. She was slender, with flawless beige skin, an oval face and dark honey eyes. There was a silver lip ring pierced into her pouty lips. They made a beautiful couple.

"this is Zacky, and his girlfriend Triana," Zacky, like Matt, was pretty buff and had quite a few tattoos. I recognised him from Drama class. He had a black fringe with an undercut at the sides, which were dyed dark purple. He gave me 'the nod' and a cocky grin. Triana had long natural red hair with blue and purple streaks through it. She was around 5'2", and slim. She was really pale, like myself and she had her Septum, bridge of her nose, snake bites, cartilage, eyebrow, and pierced, from what I could see. She opened her mouth to say 'hi' and I saw a tongue bar too. I honestly don't know how people could bear having needles shoved through their skin, but damn, does it look cool.

"and this is Syn and Johnny." Surprise, surprise. Syn was pretty buff too. Johnny looked kinda tiny though, compared to his 3 muscular friends. Syn came over for a bro hug. "Hey man" He said casually, while Johnny just gave 'the nod', like Zacky. "Hey, I'm Gerard." I said to the group of six. "Are you sittin' with us?" Johnny asked. "Yeah, sure." I put my tray down on the table next to Syn and Johnny.

We had all finished our lunch and we were now talking about random things, and just getting to know eachother in general. "You got any plans for after school?" Syn asked, looking down at me with his big chocolate eyes. "Yeah, Ellie to hang out at the mall." I informed him. "Awesome, we'll see you there, then." He said before he, Matt, Zack and Johnny got up from their places at the table. "Gotta go practice, before class starts. See ya later, man." Johnny said acc he walked off, leaving me with Triana and Analeigh.

"Hey Gerard, we're gonna go find the others. They're probably by the big oak tree, you comin'?" Asked Triana. "Eh..." I hesitated, there's so many people, and they all seemed to hang out together. "Please? We want you to meet everyone!" Analeigh pleaded, sticking out her bottom lip, Triana doing the same. How could I say 'no'? They looked adorable! "Fiiine" I mocked annoyance, before following them out of the cafeteria.

"So, is there anyone you have your eye on?" Analeigh asked casually as we walked outside. "No, why would you ask such a question?" I said, my voice raising an octave. The girls exchanged a look of glee before squealing. Shit, they're on to me! I'm such a bad liar... "Who is it!? Do we know her!?" They asked enthusiastically. Awkward...
"I don't realy... exactly... um... Ilikeboys!" I admitted. I waited for them to say something. "Oh sorry, who is he then?" They asked. "You don't care that I'm gay?" I asked in disbelief. (also avoiding the question). "No? Syn is bi, which is technically half gay, and he's our friend...WAIT! ISITSYN!?!" gasped Analeigh.

I never realy thought about him in that way, but he was pretty hot... and I didn't wanna tell them about Frank just yet. "Umm yeah." I lied, looking down and trying to keep my voice at my normal tone. "Awwh," they both cooed. "We're gonna get you two together, I just know he likes you back." Analeigh stated, her voice filled with determination. NOOO! "Ohmygod! Yes, they'd be such a cute couple!" Triana chimed in. It looked like there was no stopping them now.

We reached the tree, and approached the group. The girls sat on the soft grass, I followed suit. It was much warmer now than it was this morning. I recognised Hayley and Cat from earlier. "Hey guys, this is Gerard. He's new here." Triana informed the group. "Welcome to Vengeance University." Said a guy with messy black hair. "Im Ronnie Radke." He stuck his hand out for me to shake. "These guys are Cat, Hayley, Chloe, Ashley, Lindsey," he motioned towards each person and they each waved as he introduced them. "and my girlfriend Kristi." He said proudly, sneaking his arms around her waist and kissing her temple, making her blush and turn to kiss his cheek. She had long brown hair with red tints, and she hard emerald-green eyes. She was about 5'2" and couldn't have been more than 110 lbs.

The twins were freakishly identical. They both had dyed red, spiked hair, flawless ivory skin and sky-blue eyes with brown flecks. Ashley was taller than Chloe, and his hair was shorter, her hair went below her shoulders. Lindsey sat contently beside Ashley. She had long black ponytails, ivory skin and blood-red lips. Her clothes resembled a school uniform. She wore a white shirt, a short, red tartan skirt, white knee-high stockings and black docs. I have to admit, it was pretty awesome.

I heard a racked behind me and turned around to see three of the leather and stud fanatics in a pile on top of eachother on the grass. One of them looked kinda hurt as he picked himself off the ground and brushed himself off. The other two were just rolling around, laughing hysterically. WTF!? I recognised one of them to be Andy. He ran over and dived onto the grass beside Chloe. "CHLOEEEEEEE! I MISSED YOOOOOOOU!" he squealed, before planting a kiss on her cheek. Ashley Purdy and Frankie Corleone walked over and leaned against the oak, rather than sitting with the rest of us. "We came to steal Chloe, before lunch ended." Frankie explained before turning to the insane guy who was still rolling around on the floor. "CHRISTIAN! GET UP! YOULL SCARE THE NEW KID!" She shouted. Ashley Purdy just chuckled. The rest of the group sat with the current group on the grass. "There's a new guy?" a girl asked before she spotted me. "Hi! I'm Sammi! What's your name?" She asked, excited and child-like. "Its Gerard." I replied to her. "Hey Gerard, I'm Jinxx, you must already know Ash, Frankie and Christian" Jinxx chuckled. "and that's Jake." He added, referring to the guy who got pounced on by the maniacs. "HOW COULD YOU FORGET ME JINXX!? SLAP HIM, SAMMI!!" He pretended to cry. Melodramatic much? Thenhe suddenly jumped on me and pinned me to the floor. "Hi, I'm Andy!" He squeaked enthusiastically. "I know" I laughed.

"We should go to class" I announced, before I got up. "Good idea." Frankie agreed. We all got up and parted ways to go to class. Time to find Ellie and Alex

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